College girls are a busy group. Between a new school, new social activities, plenty of adjustments and  family commitments… All this activity doesn’t leave a ton of time to fuss over how they look much less a lot of leftover cash to buy expensive makeup. Here are a few ideas to speed up that “off and running” beauty routine for college girls or anyone who just wants to save money or simplify on busy days…

Here is a routine to achieve a quick, affordable daytime look using only 5 products and it can be done in about 5 minutes. Add more if you have the time, but here are some key basics:

TINTED MOISTURIZER:  Seconds to apply and just enough coverage for daytime activities. Use your clean hands for maximum blending and time efficiency. Cover Girl, BOOTS NO 7 and Neutrogena all have a range of tinted moisturizers easily found in drugstores. Find your shade and get going!

TINTED LIP BALM:  Just enough color to give you some life but not enough to keep anyone from taking you seriously. All lips need moisture and it’s easy to keep handy in your bag for touch ups when you need it. NIVEA, NEUTROGENA and BURTS BEES all come to mind. Find them any/everywhere!

KOHL EYE LINER PENCIL:  Choose brown or navy – Neutral enough to be *neutral” but not overpowering like black. (Save black for nights on the town.) Even the green would work great for daytime eye definition. Simply line upper lash line and smudge with a damp Q-tip to give eyes some shape ( and a subtle , daytime smokey look) and your face some overall balance. RIMMEL Soft Kohl liners are available almost anywhere, affordable and easily smudge-able.

MASCARA:  A simple, inexpensive mascara like Maybelline FULL n SOFT will give you just enough definition without the flakey, crispy lashes of some mascaras. One coat will do the trick. It does exactly as promised – makes lashes full and yet, still soft. Guess where you can get it…

Product Image Maybelline Full N' Soft Waterproof - Very Black

BRONZER:  A little bronzer goes a long way so don’t abuse it. You want a sun-kissed look, not a sun-abused one. Use a fluffy powder brush ( tap of excess) and place in areas the sun would naturally hit – your cheeks, chin and forehead. If you are concerned that it may seem ” too much”, try just applying it sparingly to the outer edges of your face and blend well.  NYX makes an affordable bronzer you can find in most drugstores.

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Above and beyond anything, skin care is the most important part of any makeup routine so be sure to wash well at night and stay consistent with removing all traces of makeup before going to bed. Plenty of sleep, water and nutritious food don’t hurt, but we all know how hard that is on a busy college schedule so do the best you can.


~ Bronze Beauty ~

March 20, 2010

Bronzer. A simple way to give yourself a sun-kissed glow without the risks of sun and tanning beds. But, how do you choose the right bronzer and how do you apply it properly? Well, it is easier than you think.

First, you have to choose the right formula. Bronzers come in creams, cream-to-powder, liquids, gels, powders ( pressed, loose and baked) and even mousse formulations. If you have dry skin, one of the more emollient types will be best and if your skin is oily or normal, then a powder will do just fine.

Now that you know the formula you need, it is time to choose a color. Yes, bronzers come in many colors with different undertones ( peach, pink, yellow, gold, orange, copper,  etc…) For light skin tones, pink or peach based bronzers work best. Olive skin tones are best flattered in copper undertones and on dark skin – deep shades with gold tones are gorgeous.  Try not to go more than 2 shades darker than your own skin color. Shades that are way too dark will leave you looking like you have dirt on your face instead of that summer glow.

Nexy, you can decide which finish you prefer. Matte or Shimmer. I enjoy both, depending on what I am using it for. If contouring my face, I use a matte shade and if just using it to give myself a glow, I use a shimmer. It really is up to you. 

Now, regardless of what formula you choose, you will want a fluffy brush ( not too large) to apply it with. When using powder , be sure to tap off excess before touching your face. You want to look sun-kissed , not sun-slapped. The biggest mistake with bronzer is using too much. We have all seen it. Not pretty;(  

If using an emollient formula, touch the product lightly ( to avoid picking up too much) and then touch on the back of your hand to see how much product is coming off the brush, and apply when the amount is comfortable for you. 

Bronzer is generally applied to the four main areas of your face that would naturally get the most sun exposure – your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. The first place you lay your brush down is going to get the most product, and for most of us, that would be the cheeks. 

Lightly touch down on the cheeks, then the forehead, nose and then the chin. Once you have a bit of bronzer in each area, go back to the cheeks and begin to blend. Blend your bronzer WELL and if more product is needed, add more. If you add too much, apply translucent powder to tone it down. 

While bronzer looks amazing and healthy on it’s own, adding a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks for a bit of dimension and blending it all together can make the look more complete and polished. 

Many beauty brands make bronzers. Some affordable options are PHYSICIANS FORMULA and NYC found at drugstores and  on the higher end NARS and CHANEL have lovely options as well.  My current favorite is “LAGUNA” by NARS which is a brown undertone with a subtle shimmer perfect for daytime and everyday wear.Bronzing Powder

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I had been curious about the Too-Faced Lash Injection mascara for some time, but to be honest I am not one to splurge on mascara since I replace mine quite often. I would say my biggest splurge on mascara has been the RIMMEL Sexy Curves mascara and even that is less than 10 USD. 

I got this mascara as a gift from my daughter for my birthday in November along with some other things I will review later. I hated to see her spend her money on me, but I was anxious to try out my new mascara right away and I was most pleased. So, here are the basics:

What: Mascara available in black and dark brown

Purpose: To lengthen and volumize eyelashes

Packaging: Standard mascara tube  with an amazing ( and thick) wand applicator

Consistency: Thick 

Where:, and TOO FACED

Cost: $19.50 USD

Application: Easy. Place wand at base of lashes and wiggle slightly to coat and separate lashes evenly

Result: Long wearing with no flaking, added volume and slight length and held curl of lashes all day.

Tips: Apply eyeliner and curl lashes first. After removing wand from tube, tap the tip on a tissue to remove excess product to reduce clumping at the corners. Apply to lash tips only for a natural look and apply 2 or more coats for a full, false lash look. If you prefer, a mascara guard can help prevent mistakes or transfers;)

Thoughts: I hate the price but love the effect. Will I repurchase? Eh…not sure, but it’s been 3 months and mine is going strong for now…

Recommendations: If you are a mascara lover, this is a must have. A good oil-based remover will be needed as this is waterproof and budge-proof otherwise;)

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Julia is a easygoing girl with a flair for , well, anything! She is open minded, loves to experiment with her look and most of all,  she loves to have fun…

When I told her she would look stunning in a modern pin-up look ( similar to that of Katy Perry) she was excited and happy to let me have my way. I am so glad she did! While they are two completely different women, we could certainly borrow the inspiration of Katy from her makeup style and give Julia a new twist to an already gorgeous face.

Here is the inspiration, the lovely Katy Perry herself:


And this is my lovely Julia donning her new look:

To get this look…

I applied a light layer of Face Atelier Foundation and set with powder. 

A bright pink blusher on the apples of cheeks

Filled in brows completely with a medium brown shadow

Primed eyes and applied a white eye shadow to the entire lid and a light brown in the crease and the same light brown gently through the lower lash line.

A  black gel eyeliner was applied with a dramatic wing at the outer corners.

False lashes were then applied and finished with 2 coats of black mascara.

Lips were penciled in completely with a hot pink lip liner

Lips were then coated in a hot pink lipstick and finished with clear gloss. 

The result? Fun, flirty and modern!

You can also change up the look by adding a vibrant orange lip color, coral blush and/or  a double winged liner.  

So, like other Celebrity Inspired Looks, it is possible to take elements that work for you and still maintain your own unique flair. Julia pulled it off, and in a stunning and confident way;) 

~Here is another look inspired by celebrity Carrie Underwood~

and many thanks to Julia for being open minded to the idea, a super assistant on a busy photo shoot and a fun model with great confidence and a positive attitude. 

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~ Smokey Look ~

January 27, 2010

Shannon is a stunning blonde  and bride-to-be with amazing features but didn’t seem to be aware of just how lovely she was. When she gave me free reign to design her look for her photo shoot I was excited and there was only one look I could think of…the smokey eye.

Shannon has fair skin, amazing blue eyes and beautifully shaped lips. For her focus,  I felt the contrast of dark colors around the eyes would bring a depth to the look while still maintaining a classic elegance.

Here is Shannon with her completed look and beautiful veil accessory. 

For Shannons look, I started with a medium coverage foundation and set with powder. Then I filled in her natural brow shape using a medium brown shadow. Next, I primed her eyes and gave her a smokey look using dark browns and golds and topped it off with a pair of Andrea false lashes in #53 on the outer corners. Finally, a  hint of blush and a neutral lip color completed the look. 

Her final look is sultry and sensual and still exudes a certain softness.

…and to Shannon for being such a wonderful woman to work with and allowing me to be a part of her special day!

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January 22, 2010

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I get asked all the time ” What makeup do I need?” from everyday women who are confused about all the items available these days. And truthfully, it really depends on you.  For some of us, everyday makeup starts with a foundation and ends with lipstick and for others, a bit of concealer and some tinted lip balm does the trick.

I figured the easiest way to answer this question was to explain what I have in my day-to-day personal kit, and I would suggest just choosing items that you feel you need and will use. Also feel free to submit questions in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer or make suggestions;)

(Please note this does note contain skin/lip care items nor primers.)

So, here is what it is my makeup bag…

Foundation, Concealer, Powder, and Blusher or Bronzer ( or both for some), 

Eyeshadow Quad ( a pallet of 4 colors for everyday – 3 neutrals and one pop of color and one of my shades also doubles as a brow powder) Eyeliner pencil (Black or Brown) and Mascara

Lipliner ( flesh toned matches everything!) and  Lipcolor

And the final result usually looks something like this (minus the flash):

Now, if you find using disposable applicators is not giving you the results you want, quality brushes are a great investment and some brushes can be used for multiple things. For example – I use the same angled brush to fill in my brows as I use for my eyeliner. At a minimum, these are the brushes I use for a full makeup routine – A powder/blush brush, eyeliner/brow brush, eyeshadow shader brush, and eye blender brush. I have found brushes in drugstores that I love just as much as brushes I have from high end retailers, so just know there are affordable options. Feel free to comment for questions about brushes, and note I will be updating with some brush recommendations/reviews very soon;)

Also, some must have tools for me include – Tweezers, a good sharpener for eye and lip pencils and an eyelash curler. And finally, you can never have too much/many disposable wedges, Qtips, brush cleaner spray ( Sephora makes a great one), makeup remover and hand sanitizer. 

You can build your collection from there based on personal tastes and budget, but for me, these are my basics for a full makeup routine. Feel free to comment and share yours!



~ Sweet Santa Baby Look ~

December 24, 2009

An adorable shot from a recent Modern Cheesecake styled photo shoot. Image has been cropped to display the makeup only portion. This was a traditional makeup application ( no airbrushing) and we used a variety of quality brands to create a soft and gentle enhancement to the already beautiful skin and amazing features of the model.

Some info about the makeup:

The skin was done with a Cream Matte foundation, first blended by hand, then buffed with a dense kabuki styled brush to a beautiful finish. The overall color scheme was mostly neutral using warm pinks (cheeks and lips) and browns (eyes)  while also defining eyes with a deep black liner and gently smudging it to soften the look, while false lashes were added to create a bit of volume to her existing lashline.  Eyebrows will very lightly filled in with a powder for a more natural effect.  Gentle highlighting was done on the top of the cheekbones and overall, the result is a clean beauty look  suitable for a multitude of occasions to include an Classic Bridal or Special Occasion look.

Product lines used included Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, Coastal Scents, Ardell Lashes and MAC cosmetics. SIGMA brushes were also used to create this look. 

*If you want to learn how to do this look, or have this look applied for a special occasion, please comment below for more info on my affordable services and convenient scheduling. Group discounts are available.


** Model – Spritz, Photographer – Beach Photo

This  model really wanted some nice shots for her personal portfolio, and even while given creative control over her makeup design, I couldn’t help but think of a soft look to compliment her youthful, “Girl Next Door” appearance. I really wanted to preserve that innocence in the photos, even if they did get a little racy;) The makeup is a traditional application ( not airbrushed) and the result? Well … as you can see, our model is absolutely radiant and beautiful! 

The overall result certainly brings about a sense of the Cheescake/Pinup style…a little naughty and a lot of nice! 

This is what I would define as clean and classic beauty makeup. This look would also be perfect for a Bridal Look.

To create this look, I used a variety of products including Ben Nye, Makeup Forever, MAC, Coastal Scents and Ardell. 

If you need makeup applied for photos or any special occasion , or want to achieve this look yourself, please comment below for more information. I offer application services at your location and custom makeup lessons. Rates are affordable, scheduling is flexible and group discounts are available. 

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