Just a quick peek at a recent photo shoot with Eric Fadden Photography in Virginia Beach. The model, Christy, was looking for something fun and feminine for her model comp card. Here is a quick video of some of my favorites from the session.

Model Photo Shoot.


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I had been curious about the Too-Faced Lash Injection mascara for some time, but to be honest I am not one to splurge on mascara since I replace mine quite often. I would say my biggest splurge on mascara has been the RIMMEL Sexy Curves mascara and even that is less than 10 USD. 

I got this mascara as a gift from my daughter for my birthday in November along with some other things I will review later. I hated to see her spend her money on me, but I was anxious to try out my new mascara right away and I was most pleased. So, here are the basics:

What: Mascara available in black and dark brown

Purpose: To lengthen and volumize eyelashes

Packaging: Standard mascara tube  with an amazing ( and thick) wand applicator

Consistency: Thick 

Where: Sephora.com, Ulta.com and TOO FACED

Cost: $19.50 USD

Application: Easy. Place wand at base of lashes and wiggle slightly to coat and separate lashes evenly

Result: Long wearing with no flaking, added volume and slight length and held curl of lashes all day.

Tips: Apply eyeliner and curl lashes first. After removing wand from tube, tap the tip on a tissue to remove excess product to reduce clumping at the corners. Apply to lash tips only for a natural look and apply 2 or more coats for a full, false lash look. If you prefer, a mascara guard can help prevent mistakes or transfers;)

Thoughts: I hate the price but love the effect. Will I repurchase? Eh…not sure, but it’s been 3 months and mine is going strong for now…

Recommendations: If you are a mascara lover, this is a must have. A good oil-based remover will be needed as this is waterproof and budge-proof otherwise;)

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~ Tait Boudoir, A Review ~

February 5, 2010

Had the opportunity to work with the ever talented Erica of TAIT BOUDOIR before the close of 2009. Here you will see some of the images from that collaboration. 

Now, I must admit I have always adored  her classic and elegant approach to this style of photography and the images she captures. I have been a TAIT fan for some time now even having saved her site into my bookmarks to stay updated…but upon actually meeting Erica,  I was impressed with her friendly manner , her well organized setup and most of all her client relationships/interactions.

Allow me to explain…

Erica is a soft spoken woman of genuine good nature. She is personable, but yet, doesn’t overpersonalize the situation. She is detail orientated, an excellent listener and is utterly devoted to her clients comfort and concerns.

She is the photographer for the woman who would never do BOUDOIR. Even for the most apprehensive of women, Ericas harmonious blend of friendliness and professionalism  makes it all ok.

She has a welcoming demeanor, but knows how to take charge and put her expertise to work in such a way that is non challenging. She just knows her “stuff.”  Her clients seemed to appreciate this direct approach leaving them confident in her hands, and lens.

Where many photographers overshoot and spend countless hours editing later, Erica really has the patience and skill to make the shot right the first time utilizing her talent and the clients comfort  to let the image be created…which not only brings forth a beautiful image, but leaves  a sense that you can see more inside the woman she photographs. Erica can summon the inner beauty right to the surface making it visible to all eyes lucky enough to see her results…

She takes great care to respect the space and privacy between wardrobe changes as well as respecting individual boundaries and comfort levels. Truly , everyone is different in Ericas eyes and their sessions uniquely catered to such. She will be the first to remind you to be comfortable, but never pushes beyond what is willing for the woman with her. She can work in your zone…not push you to work into hers. 

I appreciated and was honored to have this opportunity with such a well known mark in the Boudoir Photography Realm. I have been a fan of TAIT BOUDOIR and Ericas images for some time now, so I readily admit I was a bit starstruck when I realized exactly WHO had just hired me. I hope I didn’t scare her with my impressive “Rain-Man” like knowledge of her galleries and website copy. I told my mother I would have licked her shoes if she would have only asked me. Ha! 

( No, I’m not kidding. Ask my Mom!)

But seriously, I was happy to engage Erica into some chat and idea sharing and she seemed interested in expounding upon her personal style , but  still maintaining the integrity of the image she is so incredibly well known for. Change is good but adding a new feel to an existing powerhouse of perfection is just so exciting.

Erica’s concerns in regard to expansion while preserving the original concept are understandable, and after meeting with her I have no doubt these additions will be as spectacular as her original sophisticated style. I cannot wait to see her future updates and what new creations she brings to the lens.

I look forward to any opportunities to work with Erica again and have been honored to have been a part of such a leader in signature BOUDOIR portraiture.  Her clients were a plus as the ladies were very relaxed and enjoyable to work with and I have no doubt at all it was due to the well formed relationship developed by Erica during the consideration and scheduling process. 

TAIT is returning to Norfolk this month…see the HERE for more information and note there is a CONTEST for a FREE session. Be sure to enter for your chance to win;)

and be sure to check out more from the world of  Erica Tait here…


So, what are you waiting for?


Benefit Cosmetics are not only know for their great quality, but for the colorful and fun packaging. Born in 1976 ( great year by the way since I was born in ’76….) of the creativity of 2 small town twin sisters, it is widely recognized as one of the most popular and distinct cosmetic lines of today. With signature items such as Bene-tint, Eye Bright ( a CARMINDY favorite), Coralista  and Lemon-Aid, you simply can’t ignore the uniqueness of this great brand… 

Now, onto the review!

creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner

What: Eyeshadow/eyeliner in a wide variety of colors

Purpose: To be used as an eyeshadow/eyeliner or as a base for other eye products

Packaging: Glass Jar with screw top, (.16oz)  

Consistency: Smooth and Creamy

Where: Sephora.com, Benefitcosmetics.com or anywhere Benefit cosmetics are sold

Cost: $19 USD

Application: Easy. Use clean fingertips or brush to blend onto eyelid.

Result: Well, it didn’t crease and did a superior job on making my eyeshadow budgeproof;)

Tips: Spread evenly for best results. A little goes a LONG way with the super creamy formula. These are also buildable and blendable , so create your own color combinations and have some fun!

Thoughts: I like these SO much better than MAC paint pots….just had to say it. Ok, now I feel better…

Recommendations: These wonderful little gems are on the “buh bye” list as Benefit Cosmetics ( and at a GREAT price!) so if you like what you see here, better get some while you can at BENEFIT COSMETICS. A steal now for $9.50 USD!!! And save your jars – A cleaned and sanitized jar can make a perfect sized and very stylish pillbox.

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Kristine Marie