There are as many ways to personalize your vanity as there are makeup items. Here are some ideas for all price ranges on how to make your makeup table organized, functional or just plain “pretty.”

Budget Junkies:

I highly recommend small storage systems like  STERILITE. They are affordable, stackable and you can separate your items for easy access and organization. These can be found online as well as many stores such as Target, Wal-mart, and Dollar General/Family Dollar stores.

Sterilite Sterilite ClearView 3-Drawer Organizer - Set of 2

* TIP – shelf liner can also be cut to size and placed in the drawers to keep items from sliding around so much;)

WIRE or MESH PENCIL HOLDERS are the perfect solution for the practical makeup lover who likes to display her brushes, eyeliner pencils, mascaras,  lipliners or even nail files for quick assessment and easy access. These handy items can be found in most dollar stores or office supply stores.

* TIP – The matching letter holders can be used to hold the large eyeshadow/blush/concealer palettes similar to what you may find at Coastal Scents.


For you ladies who really want to create a pampered look on your makeup table, consider bathroom accessories to help you achieve the look. Yes!  BATHROOM ACCESSORIES 😉 Tumblers are great for holding q-tips and makeup brushes, eye/lip pencils and so much more. Toothbrush holders are great for brushes and liner pencils as well;) Mix or match for the perfect fit on your table.

Don’t forget the tissue holder, lotion dispenser ( nice for lotion, makeup remover, or antibacterial gel) and even the soapdish is a nice place to mix foundations, place false lashes you don’t want to lose or put your rings & earrings on after a long day. After all that, the wastebasket is a perfect addition to keep close by for used makeup wipes and disposable items.

You can find great deals on individual items at stores like TJ MAXX, AJ WRIGHT, MARSHALLS or sets at BED and BATH stores. So many styles and colors to choose from!

Calista Bath Ensemble

* TIP – if you use several lotion dispensers for different items, but sure to put a small sticker/label on the bottom so you don’t get antibacterial gel mixed up with eye makeup remover…OUCH! 😉


Black ( or any color HAND TOWELS) are great for keeping on your table. First, they keep the table clean and second they are excellent for using to spot clean brushes between uses. Black or dark toned towels show less gunk but just keep in mind, makeup WILL stain these towels so buy some JUST FOR THE MAKEUP TABLE;) No using the guest towels!  You can find these anywhere depending on style and budget, and sometimes several in a pack. A couple should do just fine as one can be on the table when one is being washed.

* TIP – Be sure to wash towels every couple of days to keep dust, dirt, and bacteria from building up and causing your skin grief.

FLATWARE TRAYS are easy kept in the open or placed in drawers and offer a quick view and easy access to most any type of item from single shadows to liner pencils. So much variety  ( basket, mesh, plastic, etc) and found nearly anywhere.

KitchenAid KAT893ER Expandable Flatware Tray Red

* TIP – this style (below) is excellent for holding skin care items like moisturizer bottles, toners, makeup remover, makeup sanitizing spray etc & make sure to wash these out every so often to keep dirt from building up in corners.

4 Compartment Cutlery Caddy

Finally, VOTIVE HOLDERS  are wonderful for keeping tweezers, nail clippers, eyelash glue, eye primer tubes, lip balm tube, mini-scissors or any other little small items you may have that often seem to have no place and get lost on a makeup table. Finally, an easy way to keep them visible! Votive holders can be as simple/cheap or lavish and stylish as you like. You can find them anywhere from super stylish ones at PIER ONE IMPORTS to more practical ones at Target stores. Prices vary. You can even create a personalized one with appliques ( found at craft stores)  and clear votive holders.

Hope you found these tips useful and please feel free to share some of your best organizing ideas!

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If you are a beauty product fanatic and always buying more than you should with each new season, here are some ways to save a few bucks and stretch the dollars you spent in the fall/winter. Using your current products and a few minutes of your time, you can create fresh spring/summer looks without spending a dime;)

Product Image Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15

FOUNDATION: For those who wear a full coverage foundation in winter, and buy a whole new foundation for summer…save those dollars! By simply mixing your daily facial moisturizer with SPF and a hint of your full coverage foundation, you have now created a perfectly matched tinted moisturizer that is sun-safe and saves money. Mix in a small jar and take on vacation to lighten your makeup bag;)

LIPGLOSS/BLUSH: Save on the blushes and glosses by purchasing a pigment (found at MAC, Urban Decay, Barry M ) you can mix to create new products. A hint of pigment when mixed with an inexpensive clear gloss and you can create a perfect lip color. A tap of pigment on the apple of your cheeks and blended well is all you need to give cheeks a pop of color. Use rosy and coral shades for a fresh spring look, or go for bronze/peach for a healthy summer glow. You can also add the pigment to a light moisturizer for an easily blendable cream blush shade. Mix different pigments to create new and unique colors to suit your style fancy;) Pinks and Bronzes make beautiful blends.

MAC Gold Mode Pigment

TIP! Keep pigment and glosses in small 3g or 5g jars ( you can purchase these at and pack them in your vacation bag to save space;)

Shine Eraser

POWDER: Just grab some blotting sheets to keep handy if you are worried about oily breakthroughs. You can purchase a 50 pack from ELF ( for only $1 USD. With your tinted moisturizer doing it’s magic, let your skin shine through and save money. Dewy skin creates a radiant and youthful look perfect for the warmer seasons, so ditch the powder, Skin is in!

NAIL POLISH:  Just keep a clear polish handy and mix with a hint of your pigments, you can customize the perfect seasonal shade. (For those with delicate nails, put a hint of pigment in a clear nail strengthener)

EYELINER/BROW PENCILS: Skip the harsh liners. Simply dampen your eyeliner brush with a bit of visine (yeah, use it to wake up those tired eyes too!) and dip into your favorite dark shadow for perfect definition to your peepers. Use brush dry with dark brown shadow to lightly fill in eyebrows. A hint of bronze shadow in the brow arch is also nice to add some MMMPH to your summer look;)

BODY LOTION: add a touch of pigment in a Vanilla, Bronze or Peach color to your body lotion to create the ultimate summer shimmer. Add a few drops of essential oil ( lavendar or citrus) if you want to add a scentual touch to your seasonal beauty routine;)

Enjoy these tips and enjoy the upcoming Spring/Summer Seasons!

Kristine Marie



These are some images from another collaboration with photographer ERIC FADDEN of Virginia Beach, VA.

Stefanie and Jeff are  excited, expectant parents of a little girl ( to be named Savannah) and chose Eric ( who also shot their wedding) to capture yet another milestone in their lives.  These are the moments you want to cherish forever and with these images I am sure Stefanie, Jeff and little Savannah will do just that.

While my primary purpose was lovely Stefanies makeup and hair, Eric was open to letting me try my creative hand with some styling and posing options. I had a great time with everyone involved in this beautiful project and thankful to be a part of it. Thanks to Stefanie, Jeff, Eric and the rubber duck family;)

Be sure to check out Erics update on this project for more photos and information on his services and stay tuned for more updates and announcements on future projects and specials!



Just a quick peek at a recent photo shoot with Eric Fadden Photography in Virginia Beach. The model, Christy, was looking for something fun and feminine for her model comp card. Here is a quick video of some of my favorites from the session.

Model Photo Shoot.


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~ Tait Boudoir, A Review ~

February 5, 2010

Had the opportunity to work with the ever talented Erica of TAIT BOUDOIR before the close of 2009. Here you will see some of the images from that collaboration. 

Now, I must admit I have always adored  her classic and elegant approach to this style of photography and the images she captures. I have been a TAIT fan for some time now even having saved her site into my bookmarks to stay updated…but upon actually meeting Erica,  I was impressed with her friendly manner , her well organized setup and most of all her client relationships/interactions.

Allow me to explain…

Erica is a soft spoken woman of genuine good nature. She is personable, but yet, doesn’t overpersonalize the situation. She is detail orientated, an excellent listener and is utterly devoted to her clients comfort and concerns.

She is the photographer for the woman who would never do BOUDOIR. Even for the most apprehensive of women, Ericas harmonious blend of friendliness and professionalism  makes it all ok.

She has a welcoming demeanor, but knows how to take charge and put her expertise to work in such a way that is non challenging. She just knows her “stuff.”  Her clients seemed to appreciate this direct approach leaving them confident in her hands, and lens.

Where many photographers overshoot and spend countless hours editing later, Erica really has the patience and skill to make the shot right the first time utilizing her talent and the clients comfort  to let the image be created…which not only brings forth a beautiful image, but leaves  a sense that you can see more inside the woman she photographs. Erica can summon the inner beauty right to the surface making it visible to all eyes lucky enough to see her results…

She takes great care to respect the space and privacy between wardrobe changes as well as respecting individual boundaries and comfort levels. Truly , everyone is different in Ericas eyes and their sessions uniquely catered to such. She will be the first to remind you to be comfortable, but never pushes beyond what is willing for the woman with her. She can work in your zone…not push you to work into hers. 

I appreciated and was honored to have this opportunity with such a well known mark in the Boudoir Photography Realm. I have been a fan of TAIT BOUDOIR and Ericas images for some time now, so I readily admit I was a bit starstruck when I realized exactly WHO had just hired me. I hope I didn’t scare her with my impressive “Rain-Man” like knowledge of her galleries and website copy. I told my mother I would have licked her shoes if she would have only asked me. Ha! 

( No, I’m not kidding. Ask my Mom!)

But seriously, I was happy to engage Erica into some chat and idea sharing and she seemed interested in expounding upon her personal style , but  still maintaining the integrity of the image she is so incredibly well known for. Change is good but adding a new feel to an existing powerhouse of perfection is just so exciting.

Erica’s concerns in regard to expansion while preserving the original concept are understandable, and after meeting with her I have no doubt these additions will be as spectacular as her original sophisticated style. I cannot wait to see her future updates and what new creations she brings to the lens.

I look forward to any opportunities to work with Erica again and have been honored to have been a part of such a leader in signature BOUDOIR portraiture.  Her clients were a plus as the ladies were very relaxed and enjoyable to work with and I have no doubt at all it was due to the well formed relationship developed by Erica during the consideration and scheduling process. 

TAIT is returning to Norfolk this month…see the HERE for more information and note there is a CONTEST for a FREE session. Be sure to enter for your chance to win;)

and be sure to check out more from the world of  Erica Tait here…


So, what are you waiting for?


Not all long wearing Lip colors are created equal. Not only that, we all have different body chemistry, so what works for some, may not work for all. Here are a few tips to maximize your results when wearing a long lasting lip product. 

1. First, exfoliate your lips by rubbing them with a damp washcloth, using the bristles of your toothbrush when brushing teeth or using a lip scrub. Be gentle! You can do this the night before or the morning of. Again, be gentle so as not to irritate your sensitive lips. Doing this step with allow for a smoother application of your product and even distribution of color and avoid flaking and rough looking lips.

2. Then Moisturize your lips and let that set in for about 5 minutes. This will lessen the drying effect of the product. I prefer LAVENDER MINT Lip Balm by EVERYDAY MINERALS found on their website at: ( . You can use any moisturizer or balm you prefer.

3. Apply a lipliner in a longwear or waterproof formula. When I need to be absolutely certain my color won’t budge, I use URBAN DECAY Lipliner in OZONE and fill in my lips completely. This serves as my base. You can also use a lip primer or combination of the two products. This is not a step I would advise daily because of the drying, but on special occasions it is a must. 

4. Last, apply the long wear lip product evenly and do not rub your lips together. Allow it to set. About a minute should be fine. Top off with a seal or gloss as needed/desired.

 Now, getting used to the *feel* of a product like this takes some time. You may notice a tightening effect or feel the desire to redistribute your color by rubbing your lips together…don’t. If you need more color, apply it, but do not try to redistribute. It will end up looking a muted mess. NOT pretty;(

Try these simple steps to a budgeproof pout for everyday or special days and stop by again soon for more tips and tricks to make the most of your products and your features;)

Kristine Marie

This is the first post in the BRIDAL MAKEUP TIPS series. In this post, we will focus on preparing your skin for that special day and making sure it is ready to be made up to your prettiest version of you. Whether you decide to brave your makeup yourself or hire a makeup artist to secure the investment in those photos that will last forever, well cared for skin is essential to getting the most of our your special look. 


Be sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water in the months before your wedding. Yes, it really does make a difference. Water hydrates skin, flushes toxins from your body, aids in digestion and helps keep body systems moving in the right direction. Don’t overlook this crucial step to healthy skin. 

Get plenty of rest and consider a vitamin supplement. Rest and nutrition are keys to keeping your body at it’s best, and in turn, your hair, nails and  skin as well. You not only want to look good, but FEEL good too. Vitamins will help make you feel more energized and make up for things your body may be lacking during such stressful times and sleep is essential to keeping the body rested  and reducing stress breakouts. 

Limit caffeine, alcohol and stress as MUCH as much as possible. Find your zen. Nothing is ever perfect , but following basic rules of skincare and common sense will surely make it close enough.

Establishing the above listed habits now will make it easier to continue them after and be the healthy, happy woman he chose to marry in the first place;)


Now is not the time to go experimenting with new skincare products or procedures. Doing so days before a wedding could result in irritation, redness and breakouts. Plan to have any serious skincare procedures done at least 4-8 weeks before your wedding to give skin a chance to calm down and adjust to any new products you may have chosen. Special circumstances aside, daily care and once weekly exfoliation should keep your skin fresh, deeply cleansed and clear. 

Brow grooming should be done 3-5 days before the wedding. This will allow time for the redness to dissipate and if needed, only a few hairs will need to be plucked. Other than that, the shaping and clean look will make the most of your features and makeup so don’t forget this step. The same applies for lip waxing. Do so 3- 5 days before the wedding.

If you like a sun kissed glow, try using a skin moisturizer that offers a gradual increase in color. You want to look naturally sunkissed, not sun abused. Best to begin this about 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

The night before your wedding, wash face well, lightly exfoliate (lips too!) , rinse well and pat dry. Apply a drying lotion (Mario Badescu makes an excellent one) to any pimples you may have. Follow up with a lip balm a good moisturizer and get plenty of rest.

In the morning, rinse face well with warm water  and follow up with a very cold washcloth to tighten large pores and wake up your face. Follow up with your regular moisturizer. Avoid one with a high SPF as SPF products tend to have an adverse effect of flash photography. Allow it to settle in well before applying anything else. If you get a pimple, DO NOT pop it. It is easier to cover the bump than to cover the redness that will surely come with having an open sore on your face.  If you are having your makeup done by a Makeup Artist, please consult them on how to prepare.


There is never a guarantee with our bodies and skin, but these simple steps should keep most issues at bay and allow you to be your best on your wedding day;) And the end result is when you LOOK better on the outside, you FEEL better on the inside on your wedding day, and EVERYday.

Best of luck and congratulations!

Kristine Marie


If you need suggestions in the Hampton Roads area for a Day Spa specializing in TOTAL BODY CARE (Skin, Nails, Hair, Brows, Waxing) or a Dermatologist – please let me know. I am happy to assist you with quality options.

Part two in this series is here:

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May 17, 2009

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