~ Bridal Makeup, Flawless Foundation ~

September 23, 2009

In this Part Two of Bridal makeup tips, I will give tips & tricks on creating a flawless foundation for those who are braving the mission of self makeup on the Big Day. Please view my post on Bridal Skin Care tips as a starting point:


After all, no amount of makeup in the world will compare with healthy radiant skin;) Ok, here we go….

Know your skin type:

The first step in choosing a foundation is knowing your skin type. Is your skin very dry and flaky? Is is very oily with a lot of shine? Is is a little of both in certain areas?Sensitive/acne prone?  Is it just fine and dandy aka normal? Knowing the type of skin you have is essential to choosing the right formulation of foundation for that special day.

Know your undertones:

You have heard the terms “Cool” and “warm” used in describing skin tones, right? Well, if you aren’t sure what undertone you have , take a look at your wrists. Yes! Your wrists. If the veins appear to be Blue and you have other factors such as being likely to burn in the sun and pinkish color in your face or chest area..then likely you are a “cool”. If your veins are more Green and you have good luck in the sun ( tan well) and have more hints of yellow or peach in your skin , it is most likely you are a “warm”.

See full size image

Pink or yellow undertones?

Know what you want:

It is essential to determine what kind of coverage you will want for your wedding day. While most automatically think a full coverage is a no-brainer, it simply is not necessary for many. Full coverage foundations can often feel heavy and cover the true radiance of your natural skin. In doing this, you look less like yourself, and more like someone who is simply covering up with makeup. Unless you need a full coverage foundation for excessive skin damages or flaws, consider a medium , lighter coverage or sheer coverage foundation.  Skin is in!

You will also need to consider if you want  cream or liquid, or powder.

* I STRONGLY suggest a cream or liquid foundation for long wear and a natural look.

Also consider the “finish” you desire. Finishes vary from Matte ( no shine at all) to Dewy ( think morning dew!).

Getting the perfect match:

Armed with this information, I would HIGHLY suggest going to a makeup counter to be “matched” for a foundation for your wedding day. It is certainly easier than spending hours in drugstores trying to guess, and a heap of dollars in products that you later find don’t really work. There is nothing worse than bridal photos of a beautiful woman with a face that is clearly an unnatural color, texture or doesn’t match the skin on her neck and body at all.

Counter intelligence

At the counter:

Tell the advisor matching you what you want  (sans SPF if possible as SPF tends to have negative effects on flash photography) and also get a concealer (if needed) to compliment the foundation. Try it on and go outside in the natural daylight to make sure it blends seamlessly. Department store lighting can be deceiving.

*Options vary, but Estee Lauder, MAC and Clinique offer excellent foundations in a variety of colors, coverages and finishes.

Before applying foundation:

After cleansing, pat dry gently and apply moisturizer all over the face in upward strokes. If needed, apply an eye cream as well for extra hydration in that area. Then apply a lip balm. Allow about 10 minutes for your moisturizer to really set into skin. Avoid products with SPF as the properties in them can cause an adverse effect with flash photography.

Next, you will want to apply a good skin primer to your skin as it will give your foundation a good base to hang onto providing smoother application and longer wear. Apply a dot to forehead, cheeks and chin and blend well.

* Among industry favorites are primers such as Photofinish by SMASHBOX and Mac Prep & Prime


Now, apply your foundation. You can use whatever method you like best. Foundation brush, cosmetic sponge, stippling brush, kabuki brush, fingers, blender sponge…whatever works best for you.

*I prefer a large stippling brush ( also known as a skunk brush due to the 2 tone colors of black and white bristles) as it offers a lovely airbrush effect to liquid foundations. For cream foundations, a kabuki style brush offers a lovely finish.

Next, apply your concealer. Do not overapply. Simply press in with your fingertips to areas of concern and pat lightly to blend. Use a light sweep of powder on an eyeshadow blending brush to gently set the concealer. Do not powder the rest of your face yet….

*Using the fingertips is great because the warmth of your skin will warm the product making blending seamless. A light powder is essential to make concealer last. I prefer BENEFITS powderflauge or MAC Prep+Prime powder for this.

I hope these tips prove helpful and I will be following up with Part 3 in this series very soon. It will address blush, setting powder, filling in brows and highlighting. Stay tuned;)



4 Responses to “~ Bridal Makeup, Flawless Foundation ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    Hi Kristine! This is great advice. you are so knowledgable in makeup wow.I really enjoyed reading this post:) thanks for sharing 🙂 iris

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Thank you. You come visit anytime and feel free to send in your own reviews and experiences. We would love to hear;)

  2. Gate Latch Says:

    skin care should be supported with a good rest and of course very good nutritional supplements :;.

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