~ Max Factor Pan Stick, A Review ~

June 22, 2009

I have tried every foundation in existence. Well, maybe not EVERY one, but my bank statements sure think so…

From high end  (Bobbi Brown and Chanel) to low end, and every one in between, I have never found one that quite balanced out  in terms of economics, coverage, and quality the way my PAN STICK  does. I first used it when I was in High School, and for all the years gone by and changes in my skin, it still works beautifully today.

Quite fairly priced in the $5-$9 bracket, this creamy stick foundation is STILL one of my favorites.  As a color comparison, I am a MAC NC-25 in Studio Tech Cream. My Pan Stick shade is Medium Beige and easily rivals my MAC in cost, convenience and effectiveness. 

The Pan Stick foundation can be applied directly (if it is your personal one) or with a standard flat foundation brush (such as the MAC 190) for clients. Depending on the coverage you want, you can opt to use a damp cosmetic sponge or beauty blender if you want to sheer it out a bit for lighter coverage.

Applying it with a very dense kabuki will offer an airbrush finish that I desire on special days or for photos. It is also buildable and sets to a matte finish. I don’t even use a setting powder with this foundation as I don’t really need to except when I need it to last all day or into the night, or again, for photos. I set mine with Mineral Veil in these instances.

The convenience of carrying this stick means less fuss when I travel,  and ease in application ( I apply mine direct ) and is easy to carry around for touch ups. For Makeup Artists, this is great in place of liquids that lose shelf life faster. Pan Sticks can be easily sanitized with alcohol also, whereas liquids can develop bacterias;(

I have used this product for YEARS with great results and consistency. Depending on the amount of sun I get exposed to, I often go back and forth between shades, but since they offer quite a few, I have never been left without an option. 

As far as coverage, this is one of the best foundations I have ever used. I use it straight from the stick and finger blend for max coverage and sheer it out with a damp sponge in summer  when I want to show more of my skin and freckles;) The choice is yours. I have never found it to be heavy or clogging, nor settle into lines. 

Please keep in mind that even those with oily skin SHOULD always use a moisturizer before applying foundations to prevent flaking, caking and assist in smoother application. A primer if essential if you are worried about settling into fine lines or just want your makeup to go one more evenly and last longer.

For those looking for a really great concealer to go with a favorite tinted moisturizer, this could be a great option. The quantity for the price is unbeatable.

For those still on the search for their holy grail foundation, or those who just like to try new things, check your local retailers ( I get mine at ULTA) and try it out while you can. Industry sources say MAX FACTOR is moving overseas and it may be hard to find after 2010;(

UPDATE: Click here for  possible alternatives to the Max Factor Panstick

Hope this helps and good luck on the road to your flawless finish;)

Kristine Marie


8 Responses to “~ Max Factor Pan Stick, A Review ~”

  1. Rebel Says:

    It is getting harder for me to find the Max Factor panstick makeup. Are they discontinuing it?

  2. i lopez Says:

    Sounds like a GREAT product . I was thinking of trying Almay’s TLC foundation or Maybelline’s 24/7 foundation but I think I’ll try this instead:)

    btw, what do people mean when they say an “airbrushed” look ?

    thanks for sharing:)

  3. KristineMarie Says:

    It is a nice way of saying “flawless” result;) That’s all;)

    Keep in mind, color range is limited on the pan sticks. Darker skin tones can look into IMAN foundation sticks. They , too, are divine;)

  4. Sue Says:

    It was very nice of you to provide this most useful info re: alternatives to the Max Factor Pan Stik that so many love.

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Well, thank you;) I am hoping we can still get it , but figured it is always good to have options, just in case;) I wish all were as affordable as the Pansticks, but I will say that many are amazing quality and worth the price when you value the base of all your other makeup efforts;)


  5. Monique Says:

    Ahh… I too began using pan stick in high school and twenty two years later, nothing compares to it. I have been a doing makeup since the late eighties and I will certainly miss this product. I have already bought out three local walmarts, and I cannot believe I won’t be able to just run and pick this stuff up as it has never ever failed me or my clients. Iman is indeed better for summer skin or darker shades, but you get less product than pan stick and it is a few dollars more. Anything else that comes close in appearance and performance costs four to five times more than pan stick. Sigh… You would think cover girl would see this as an opportunity to capture business. I hope someone saves us. Maybe we can still order online or something.
    I’m hopeful

  6. Barbara Says:

    drugstore.com has max factor I just bought two sticks YAY!!

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