WHAT: BEN NYE matte foundation. Endless array of shades to choose from. 

(As a reference, I am a CE-3 Light Beige in Ben Nye Matte, An NC25 in MAC, Medium Beige in Revlon Colorstay for combo/oily skin, and a MUFE Mat Velvet+ in 35)

PACKAGING:  .5 ounces in a screw-top jar with see through lid


WHERE:  http://www.theatricalmakeupsupplies.com or wherever BEN NYE products are sold

HOW MUCH: $9.00

PURPOSE: To provide a full range of coverage ( depending on application method) for evening skin tone

APPLICATION: Easy. Apply with fingers, sponge, beauty blender, kabuki or foundation brush. Any application method can be used and coverage will vary depending on which you choose.

MY THOUGHTS: I haven’t found a BEN NYE product to disappoint me yet, and this was no different. Amazing pigmentation, goes on evenly and covers flawlessly. Perfect for photo shoots!  A versatile  and amazingly affordable “must have”  for everyday, special days and makeup artist kits. 

RESULT: I have used almost every method of application and find this to be amazing every time.  My preferred method is blending in with fingers first and buffing with a dense synthetic brush for the flawless finish. A little goes a long way and over a face primer, it goes even further.

ADVICE: This is a true matte foundation and sets that way. Wait for a few minutes after application to determine if you still need to set with powder. For sheerer coverage, blend with damp sponge. Medium coverage is best when using a standard foundation brush and for full coverage, blend in with fingers and buff with kabuki. Layer if needed.

*For makeup artists, I do highly suggest this range. Because the multiple containers can be a pain, I suggest depotting the cream foundation into a foundation pallet or craft box with small individual compartments for easy access and kit storage. The lightest and darkest of each range should be sufficient to mix for all skin tones. For photo shoots, I find the BEN NYE set powders are a perfect match for this. Neutral Set and Banana Visage will offer a perfect set from the lightest to the darkest of skintones with no adverse reaction to flash photos.

**For MAX Factor Pan Stick lovers , this is an affordable cream option with amazing coverage, but different packaging. 


I have been deceived…but in the BEST way! You see, foundations are a tricky thing. I mean, with so many companies, formulas, colors, types, consistencies…it can be mind boggling to decide on the best option. This is exponentially more difficult for a Makeup Artist who requires something that would suit a wide variety of faces. FACE ATELIERS strong reputation in the cosmetic industry certainly seemed encouraging, but when my products arrived and I opened them , well, despite the rave reviews I must admit I became skeptical.

You see, in my experience, cream style or thicker liquid foundations are usually the best in terms of coverage and versatility in coverage…so, when I saw the super thin consistency of the FACE ATELIER I was certain that the coverage would leave something to be desired…

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and have never been happier to say “I was wrong.”  🙂

Porcelain Ultra Foundation - FOU1

So, here are the basics:

WHAT: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation available in 10 color shades, and with 2 additional formulas to lighten or darken 

PACKAGING:  Pump top bottle (1 ounce)

CONSISTENCY: Thin liquid 

WHERE:  www.faceatelier.com (link below)


PURPOSE: To create a smooth and even skintone as a base for all other makeup applications

APPLICATION: Easy. Standard liquid foundation that can be applied with fingers, damp sponge, buffed in with a brush or any other way you prefer to put on your foundation. It blends easily with any application style. I have personally tried them all!

RESULT: A glowing, long lasting finish that seemed to leave me looking fresh and radiant while doing an amazing job of evening my skin tone. Sheer to full coverage is possible based on application method.

MY THOUGHTS: I simply love the effect and ease of this foundation. The oil-free, non-comedogenic formula is very deceiving as it is watery thin..but it performs amazingly in terms of coverage. This silicone based product glides effortlessly over skin and leaves a radiant and youthful finish. A little goes a long way making the price tag very understandable and acceptable (to me) as the quality and performance of the foundation is essential to a beautiful finished look. Good for all skin types, but especially nice for dry, problem, mature and sensitive skins. 

OTHER: The matching is easy with the option of ordering samples first for only $1.oo. Once matched, you can also purchase a darkener (O+) or lightener (O-) to adjust and completely customize the color of your foundation if your skin shade varies through the seasonal changes (ie darker in summer and lighter in winter).  You can blend it with your daily moisturizer for the perfect tinted coverage or apply direct for a fuller coverage. This formula is buildable which offers you control over your result without caking and the silicone base makes flaking a non-issue once set. Face Atelier also makes a concealer and setting powder that work perfectly with the foundations to create that flawless finish. Best of all, it is sans SPF so it photographs beautifully making it ideal for any Makeup Artist Kit. It is no wonder that FACE ATELIER was the official makeup sponsor for Madonna’s 2006 Confessions Tour. 

Helpful Tips:

For a sheer coverage you can blend with a damp cosmetic sponge.

Medium coverage is best achieved using your clean fingers or a foundation brush to blend.

For a full or heavier coverage, buff on with a dense kabuki style brush one layer at a time until you reach the desired coverage. (For myself, I applied only one layer and then a touch more in the T-Zone for a full coverage look. Again, it doesn’t take much product to really see a difference.)

For those who desire a matte finish, simply blot skin with a clean tissue after application and then set with a translucent powder. 

This product is SPF free, so if wearing day-to-day, use a moisturizer or primer with SPF.

* To check out the website and order  some samples , visit the  website by clicking here:  FACE ATELIER   

I hope this has been helpful and feel free to check back for updates and before/after photos using this product.


I picked up this product after serious scouring for the final solution for my dark , dark circles that always seem to bring down my look – even when my mood is bright. (Thanks Mom for the dark circle gene!)

So, here are the basics:

WHAT: Kat Von D Tattoo Cover. Available in 8 shades. Waterproof, Transfer Resistant Multi-tasking concealer. Concealer brush sold separately. 

PACKAGING:  Squeeze tube with screw on top in a Kat Von D decorated box.

CONSISTENCY: Rich and Creamy  liquid

WHERE:  Sephora.com


PURPOSE: To conceal skin flaws such as redness, blemishes, discolorations and even tattoos.

APPLICATION: Easy. I squeezed a *tiny* bit onto my clean ring-finger tip and patted in until blended. Goes on even and no heavy feeling. 

MY THOUGHTS: I was debating the product based on the cost, but felt I could return it if it didn’t perform as promised. Surely, if this was meant to cover a tattoo, then it should be able to deal with my dark, dark undereye circles, right? 

RESULT: Within a half hour of purchase I was sporting some seriously normal looking eyes. I looked younger, the man of the house noticed and I felt good.  That’s a triple bonus purchase! Highly pigmented and lasted. No settling into creases or fine lines. I’m satisfied!

ADVICE: This is a rich formula with a high degree of pigmentation so be sure to choose the right shade for you. Prepare with a good moisturizer in the eye area or any other area you plan to apply it. Allow moisturizer to settle in. Remember – use a very tiny amount to start. Add more if needed. Set with powder.

*Just for you skeptics out there, I thought evidence would be best, soooo, here is the reality on an actual tattoo:























No editing whatsoever. This is the real deal….


So simply! Just a tiny, tiny bit of concealer pressed in and lightly blended out. I mean, tiny bit. Think the point on a pencil tiny. Let dry for a few seconds, and repeat. Lightly press with translucent powder and that was all there was to it. My tattoo=GONE and Im sure my Mother will be ecstatic when she sees!

Now, the  Dark Circle test. Be warned the initial site could cause nightmares….(no makeup on!)




























Great coverage, matte finish minimal product needed and lasted and lasted…..IMPRESSING!

*Just as a reference, I am a MAC NC25, a MUFE Mat Velvet 35 and a KAT VON D Medium concealer. Your shade may vary.

So, with that, I am off to work on some other things and I hope this was helpful to anyone looking into the quality of the KAT VON D concealers and in my opinion a great addition to any MUA kit.


For a few years now, I have heard little tidbits about the product line of Sally Hansen by Carmindy Products. For those unaware, Carmindy is the makeup artist on TLC’s hit show “What NOT To Wear”. She is known for her signature simplicity and eye catching mini-makeovers.

I did quite a bit of internet research, and even picked up a copy of Carmindy’s Book “The 5 Minute Face” (sold in Bookstores for $16.99 USD) in an effort to learn more about Carmindy, her approach and her products.

the 5-minute face


Armed with intrigue and a $2.00 coupon (found in the book) I headed off to my local CVS in search of a few of her products to try. I had a small list of the things I was most interested in and hoped for a Buy one, Get one FREE sale the whole way to the store. 

* Keep in mind this is only a few products as Carmindy’s line has a full range of items. You can find them at CVS and ULTA. 

Well, no BOGO offers, but a small display offered more $2.00 coupons for her products so I plucked a few and began my choosing. I being a true makeup junkie had these items swatched before I made it out of the parking lot and was wearing a full face of Carmindy product within a half hour of getting home. I tell myself it’s ok because it is my job;)

Here is what I picked out and  a quick take on what I think of them so far…


It has a silicone feel much like the Smashbox primers but with a healthy does of shimmer. If Smashbox Photofinish primer and MAC Strobe cream had a baby, this would be the result. It did the job and kept the makeup on all day and into evening. Impressing  and affordable for about 10 dollars. Small size bottle at just under 1/2 ounce, but convenient and a nice pump top with cap. Now, I prefer a matte look so I won’t be repurchasing, but for those who enjoy the dewy glowy look, this is for you.



*Infused with goodies for your skin (vitamins and chamomile) this is a light/medium (buildable) coverage foundation. Best applied to the back of your hand first and then picked up and spread about the face with a dampened cosmetic sponge. Gives a more natural looking coverage but nothing substantial. Great for those who don’t care for the thickness of liquid foundations, or for a summer solution. Limited shades. I liked trying it out and may keep some on hand for clients who like this option, but personally, I am loving fuller coverage this season.


*Creamy concealer that easily blends away discolorations and blemishes. When used with primer, it stayed put and evened things out before I applied the spray foundation. Nicely packaged  in a small see-through container and convenient for any makeup bag for touch ups if needed. Highly recommend to those who don’t wear much makeup, but want to conceal some areas with a product that is easy to work with and natural looking in it’s result.


Mistake-proof pallet comes with an insert that clearly defines which shades are to be used where. (Lid, Contour (crease) and Highlight.)  Shades are pigmented fairly well for daywear, buildable for evenings and have just enough sheen (not shimmer) to be versatile for women of all ages. Quite a few color combinations for almost every liking/skin tone. I accidentally picked up the wrong one, but I am eyeing the Amethyst colors that I originally wanted for my next drugstore adventure…


*My pick of the litter on this group! I love the non-sticky formulation and I do use a lip primer with this to promote longer wear. The shine is beautiful and the the feel is creamy and moisturizing. Many shades to choose from ( I love Pretty Pink!)  and a nice brush tip for even application. Great to have in the daily makeup bag or evening clutch and one heck of an affordable option to MAC lipglosses at twice the price. I plan to purchase every color, and maybe backups too! Now added to my PERSONAL FAVORITES list! ( See link on right of page for more information—>)


*Is the name a little confusing to you too?  Well,  I didn’t notice any increases luminosity in my face but then I picked this up in the *neutralizer* since they didn’t have my shade in stock. Maybe thats the x-factor. Anyway, it seemed to go on colorless and set the face well. I used it for touch ups later in the day and no complaints.  When applied  on my daughter  it reduced her redness amazingly. Affordable compact to keep handy and performed well without distorting the color of my makeup or being too powdery looking. A handful of shades ranging from light to dark are available.


*Not normally a daily wearer of cream blush, I was pleasantly surprised as how creamy and sheer this really was. Blended in so fast and easy and looked ridiculously natural. Greater even still as a base for powder blushers to promote really long wear. Love that it doesn’t slide off my combo/oily skin and would suspect it is even better on dry skins. Just a hint goes far, so this little number is more than worth the small asking price. I even plan to pick up a few more of the colors they offer for my kit;)

I am quite impressed and feel like I will be making some of these items not only part of my personal kit, but part of my professional one as well. I love to have options that offer a natural look at an affordable price. For those just starting out or seasoned makeup vets that want some great little options give these a try. Paraben free, cute and compact packaging and affordable. Stock up!

* I will be offering some of the above sampled items (along with items from other lines) for sale soon. Subscribe for updated by clicking the last link on the right side of this blog page—->

I am curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for other products I may enjoy from this line. If so, send me a note or comment below.

I hope this has been helpful and thanks for stopping by!


I love MAC. It’s no secret. I am not limited to MAC products though. I do exercise options in the cosmetic/skin care realm whenever possible to stay updated and open minded on the many things available, but some products I do prefer. MAC wipes are one of those items.

Available at MAC stores and counters everywhere, MAC Wipes are $18 USD for a pack of 45 and $26 USD for a bluk pack of 100. I purchase the latter due to consumption and cost efficiency. 

I use these wipes on myself as well as clients to cleanse, tone and hydrate on the go , all in one easy step. These cloths are larger than most and what I most love is that they do not dry out. They are saturated but not messy and effective enough to handle some of the toughest jobs including long wearing makeup and waterproof mascaras. Sometimes, I keep a few in my bag on summer days as a quick refresher. I love this product!

The packaging is simple as you see above. The center top lifts up and snaps back down to seal the moisture in. No cheap sticky seal here. Infused with Vitamin E, these nourishing wipes feel cool and slick in use and afterward leave no offensive medicinal smell, residue or sticky feeling like some wipes I have used in the past.

Best of all, one wipe usually does the trick, so in terms of cost efficiency, I feel like I am getting a better deal. With many other brands I am using 2 – 3 of their wipes making it the same cost overall, but less hassle with MAC.

It’s no wonder that a company designed for Makeup Artists would take the steps to make sure they also had the best makeup removers. Efficient, luxurious and a splurge I feel is totally worth it. 

While makeup remover wipes are NO SUBSTITUTE for face washing, toning and moisturizing…these handy little numbers are great  on the go, in a bind or before and after makeup applications. 

For those looking for more cost efficient options, please subscribe and keep an eye out for upcoming FAVORITES and REVIEWS where I will update further on other products I use and enjoy!

Kristine Marie



US $26.00

Yes, another MAC foundation review…

This convenient stick foundation is in a twist up applicator making it handy and easy for application and touching up on the go. It offers a medium coverage that I find easily buildable and its creamy formulation makes it a smooth application on any skin type.

I didn’t find it to be heavy even with a full face application. For sheerer looks, use a damp sponge or brush to blend. For those desiring even less coverage , just apply as a concealer to spots, press in with warm fingers and go.

For those who like a natural contour look, I suggest using the EVE PEARL Method of applying 2 different shades and blending them out before setting them. This will give definition at the base of your makeup application making for a subtle, natural looking contour that won’t rub off or fade throughout the day.

If you desire a matte finish, set with a colorless powder such as BEN NYE (see review in the sidebar) and for those who enjoy a more dewy finish, let it set on it’s own.

Not greasy, not drying, this foundation can be used year round in the proper shades and still deliver a consistent look. I feel it has brought about a balance to my skin when it wears makeup unlike some foundations that seem to dry my skin over time or make it feel oily with continued use. Day after day, this foundation just delivers reliable lasting coverage, a light feel and leaves my skin soft even after removal.

It is 9 grams and retails for $29.50 USD Available in 15 shades.

This product is quite genius to offer convenience and a formulation that works on most skin types in one easy product. Versatile and a great addition to any personal makeup bag or professional makeup artist’s kit.

Now one of my Favorites!

Kristine Marie

I purchased this colorless face powder months ago based on the recommendation of another Makeup Artist. She noticed I used a fairly expensive brand ( MAC ) and suggested this product as not only a comparable alternative, but a more affordable one. For the large 3 ounce container and the price tag of only $7.oo USD, I was happy to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed was that the container has a twist top with a shaker…which is very convenient and keeps me from having an open jar laying around ( I am a bit of a germaphobe) or a jar that could spill if bumped into. It also allows me to use ONLY what I need and not waste product.

Another thing that appealed to me is that this is a Ben Nye product. As some of you may know, BEN NYE  is an industry leader in theatrical makeup, so if it is good enough to stand up to stage performances under hot lights, stage sweat and teary eyed performances, then I can only assume it will hold up for brides, portraits and everyday situations as well…

I assumed right.

As with all new products, I always test them on myself a few times. In this case, I fell in love with it the first time I tried it and have used it with EVERY makeup application on myself since. No, really…I LOVE this product. Very little product will go a long way with BEN NYE. I personally use the SIGMA 150  or MAC 150 brush to lightly dust over my final looks. For those who do not wear foundation and only desire a light powder to reduce a bit of shine, a kabuki will work well for you.

It goes on so softly and doesn’t leave a white sheen like some set powders do. It has a silky feel, no color, no smell and leaves behind no traces of existence other than a wonderfully set final look that lasts ALL day long;) Perfect for those who want to set makeup without adding additional coverage or an unnatural sheen/cast that many powders seem to give off. 

Not much else to say when it comes to a colorless set powder, but I would happily recommend this product to anyone. It does the job, does it well, and does it for a very friendly asking price. Once again, BEN NYE has won my heart and didn’t break the bank to do so;) Buy it here:

Neutral Set Translucent

Kristine Marie

~ MAC FIX +, A Review ~

July 13, 2009


Ahh, the debate of MAC Fix + …

Some call it glorified water and others (like me!) have completely fallen in love with this product. Here is my myriad of reasons…

1. It is a perfect refresher spray on No makeup days. Yes. On the 7th day, even I rest the makeup and let it all (my skin anyway) hang out and breathe! 😉 After a gentle morning cleansing, a few spritzes sets me until afternoon;) On warm summer days or dry winter days, I touch up with a few spritzes at lunch, and always, ALWAYS at bedtime;)

2. What a wonderful way to treat the “Too much sun” situation. Now, while I NEVER burn ( good genes!) I have fair skinned children who do, and this works wonders at cooling the irritated skin and providing a bit of sunburn relief;) The Vitamin E and Cucumber soothe and promote healing. Yay!

3. It is a perfect setting spray for makeup. I use it on my own face and 99.9% of clients. It makes makeup last longer , look more natural and takes that powdered look down. Everyone seems to enjoy the properties, the results and yes…the scent! Inexplicable, but heavenly all the same…

4. A wonderful after-shave spray for us ladies and our sensitive legs and yes..even the boys;) A simple easy post-shave step for men that isn’t overpowering nor does it burn. Very soothing and comforting;) Who doesn’t love that idea?

5. Soothes bug bites, minor skin irriations, etc. Healing properties of Vitamin E and soothing cucumber and other extracts make this a very easy and all purpose way to ease the discomforts of everyday skin issues.

6. Acts as a toner AND moisturizer. Yes. It does BOTH without the goop of several products. A locking cap makes it travel well too;) Bonus!

7. Did I mention how yummy this SMELLS!?

8. I spritz a bit of this on my foundation brushes when I want to sheer out a look and make the skin come through. Perfect for summer skin looks when you don’t want to drown the skin in product;)

9. Dampen brushes with this before applying shadows for a more vibrant color packed with healthy skin stuffs:) Adds staying power as well, and minimizes fallout. Also use for powder shadows to create a more natural liner look. 

10. I use this spray for everything. Literally. I was eating BBQ for lunch the other day, and dampened my hands down afterward and with a quick swipe of a napkin, my hands were non-sticky and clean. Love it. 

Call me a victim of marketing. Call me whatever you like, but call me happy with a bottle of Fix + in sight;) The only thing I am NOT happy with is the price hike in the last year, but even for as much as I use it, it seems to last a long while and for myself, and my clients…it’s worth it!

NOW retails for $17 USD at MAC stores and counters. Experiment and enjoy!

Kristine Marie

While at the drugstore a couple of weeks ago, I was ringing up a quick purchase at the beauty counter when the sales associate pointed out a sale on Rimmels SEXY CURVES Mascara. It was if she was psychic since I was just thinking I needed a new personal mascara and had been debating recent reviews before deciding on one. Well, the last minute “it’s on sale” approach worked and I bought two. One regular (pictured) and the waterproof version for my daughter ( in a teal package). After all, in terms of drugstore makeup, Rimmel does offer some great stuff;)

The next day I packed up to go out of town and took my new find with me and used it while I was away. From the very first coat applied, I was in love. The slender applicator with 3 curves, the formula, the length, definition, volume and curl….wow. Was it possible that a drugstore mascara could actually DO everything it said it would? 

Well, I’d have to wait alllll day to find out..

And at the end of the day, it was still there. No flakes and no smears. My lashes still looked as long, thick and perfect as they did when I applied the SEXY CURVES in the morning. I was astonished. 

I have also found that it works well when I wear false eyelashes too. It really seems to bind them to my natural lashes and not clump up making everything blend in seamlessly. With or without false lashes, never once did I feel like my lashes were heavy or weighed down. Big plus!

Sidenote: Please note that while it seems like not much product is on the wand, it IS there and DOES deliver. Do NOT “pump” your mascara in and out of the tube trying to load it up. Not only does that introduce bacteria into your mascara, but will dry it out. Just move the wand toward the sides, pull out gently as it will take off excess product and apply from lash root to tip SLOWLY for best results. 

When my daughter (she is 17) and I connected by phone, the first thing she said was “Hey Mom. I LOVE my new mascara!”

Ha. I guess “How is your trip going?” was too much to hope for in light of this new wonderful cosmetic discovery….

Anyway, she noticed all the same things I did, and also noted that it was easy to remove considering hers was waterproof. She applied a gentle eye makeup remover to a cotton round, held it over her closed eye for about 15 seconds, and then swiped it right off. 

For my regular version, a simple makeup remover wipe did the trick.

So, about SEXY Curves..

It has a long slender wand with 3 curves that really seem to pull those lashes out for coating. While I am not sure of how it all works, I can say the applicator seemed to do an excellent job of really defining and coating each lash for a very defined look. I was batting my eyelashes all day and tickled pink at how little I paid for this simple cosmetic staple.

Frankly, I knew at that moment I am a serious junkie to have been so pleased. I mean, come on. Mascara. Seriously.

But, I will confidently say I would recommend this to anyone. It is now my holy grail in mascara.  It is available in many locations ( Ulta, Target, Walgreens. etc) and is affordable (on average about $6 USD)  If mascaras were men, I would marry mine;) I am sure my husband would understand…


Check back often for my latest finds, faves, looks and reviews!

Kristine Marie

I have tried every foundation in existence. Well, maybe not EVERY one, but my bank statements sure think so…

From high end  (Bobbi Brown and Chanel) to low end, and every one in between, I have never found one that quite balanced out  in terms of economics, coverage, and quality the way my PAN STICK  does. I first used it when I was in High School, and for all the years gone by and changes in my skin, it still works beautifully today.

Quite fairly priced in the $5-$9 bracket, this creamy stick foundation is STILL one of my favorites.  As a color comparison, I am a MAC NC-25 in Studio Tech Cream. My Pan Stick shade is Medium Beige and easily rivals my MAC in cost, convenience and effectiveness. 

The Pan Stick foundation can be applied directly (if it is your personal one) or with a standard flat foundation brush (such as the MAC 190) for clients. Depending on the coverage you want, you can opt to use a damp cosmetic sponge or beauty blender if you want to sheer it out a bit for lighter coverage.

Applying it with a very dense kabuki will offer an airbrush finish that I desire on special days or for photos. It is also buildable and sets to a matte finish. I don’t even use a setting powder with this foundation as I don’t really need to except when I need it to last all day or into the night, or again, for photos. I set mine with Mineral Veil in these instances.

The convenience of carrying this stick means less fuss when I travel,  and ease in application ( I apply mine direct ) and is easy to carry around for touch ups. For Makeup Artists, this is great in place of liquids that lose shelf life faster. Pan Sticks can be easily sanitized with alcohol also, whereas liquids can develop bacterias;(

I have used this product for YEARS with great results and consistency. Depending on the amount of sun I get exposed to, I often go back and forth between shades, but since they offer quite a few, I have never been left without an option. 

As far as coverage, this is one of the best foundations I have ever used. I use it straight from the stick and finger blend for max coverage and sheer it out with a damp sponge in summer  when I want to show more of my skin and freckles;) The choice is yours. I have never found it to be heavy or clogging, nor settle into lines. 

Please keep in mind that even those with oily skin SHOULD always use a moisturizer before applying foundations to prevent flaking, caking and assist in smoother application. A primer if essential if you are worried about settling into fine lines or just want your makeup to go one more evenly and last longer.

For those looking for a really great concealer to go with a favorite tinted moisturizer, this could be a great option. The quantity for the price is unbeatable.

For those still on the search for their holy grail foundation, or those who just like to try new things, check your local retailers ( I get mine at ULTA) and try it out while you can. Industry sources say MAX FACTOR is moving overseas and it may be hard to find after 2010;(

UPDATE: Click here for  possible alternatives to the Max Factor Panstick

Hope this helps and good luck on the road to your flawless finish;)

Kristine Marie