~ Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder, A Review ~

August 16, 2009

I purchased this colorless face powder months ago based on the recommendation of another Makeup Artist. She noticed I used a fairly expensive brand ( MAC ) and suggested this product as not only a comparable alternative, but a more affordable one. For the large 3 ounce container and the price tag of only $7.oo USD, I was happy to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed was that the container has a twist top with a shaker…which is very convenient and keeps me from having an open jar laying around ( I am a bit of a germaphobe) or a jar that could spill if bumped into. It also allows me to use ONLY what I need and not waste product.

Another thing that appealed to me is that this is a Ben Nye product. As some of you may know, BEN NYE  is an industry leader in theatrical makeup, so if it is good enough to stand up to stage performances under hot lights, stage sweat and teary eyed performances, then I can only assume it will hold up for brides, portraits and everyday situations as well…

I assumed right.

As with all new products, I always test them on myself a few times. In this case, I fell in love with it the first time I tried it and have used it with EVERY makeup application on myself since. No, really…I LOVE this product. Very little product will go a long way with BEN NYE. I personally use the SIGMA 150  or MAC 150 brush to lightly dust over my final looks. For those who do not wear foundation and only desire a light powder to reduce a bit of shine, a kabuki will work well for you.

It goes on so softly and doesn’t leave a white sheen like some set powders do. It has a silky feel, no color, no smell and leaves behind no traces of existence other than a wonderfully set final look that lasts ALL day long;) Perfect for those who want to set makeup without adding additional coverage or an unnatural sheen/cast that many powders seem to give off. 

Not much else to say when it comes to a colorless set powder, but I would happily recommend this product to anyone. It does the job, does it well, and does it for a very friendly asking price. Once again, BEN NYE has won my heart and didn’t break the bank to do so;) Buy it here:

Neutral Set Translucent

Kristine Marie


8 Responses to “~ Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder, A Review ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    i really wanna buy this or the other powder you mentioned (banana visage)… do they help achieve full coverage? there a foundation you recommend to pair them with ?

    • KristineMarie Says:

      These can be used with any foundation and I wouldn’t recommend them for any additional coverage. The Banana Visage is great for a warmer finish, but these are setting powders and no really meant for more coverage. The cost and versatility of being able to be used on any skin tone and the shine free qualities are golden though;) I have used them with many foundations and never had a problem;)

      • I Lopez Says:

        would using cake foundation and say the banana visage poudre be ok then right?

        i am actually wearing colorstay foundation and an msf natural. but i’m willing to look for cheaper stuff, especially if it’s ben nye:) i’m also not used to loose powders (have always been fearful of the mess they make and looking to white, lol )

        thanks 🙂

    • KristineMarie Says:

      NOT a bad question at all. While opinions may differ on the “best” set, I find that is based on experience. As for me, I see no real difference in my Ben Nye Vs/ My Mac Prep & Prime or silica based powders save for the Ben Nye is sweatproof and cheaper. I have used on every skin tone and never has an issue with it causing ghost face or whiteness. It sets even the boldest colors beautifully without changing them. If you like, I can send you a small sample. Let me know by sending me your info over at MUG so you don’t have to post it here in public;)

      For me, It more comes down to budget when I see no major differences. As long as they do the same basic things, that is where I am at, but if someone feels they need a silica base, then I urge them to make their heart sing;)

      Im never shocked when I see MUAs using Ben Nye and reviewing it with all stars. I know for me, once I tried it..I was hooked too;)

      There is no wrong decision when dealing with the better known of the industry’s setting powders;)

  2. KristineMarie Says:

    Ben Nyes products work perfectly with one another, or anything else for that matter. Loose powder is great because it enables you to use only what you need and tap off excess without wasting it rather than swiping a brush into another product. I transfer my powders into smaller jars to keep in my kit and make it easier to travel with as well.

  3. Iris L Says:

    hi Kristine… i still had a kind of dumb question sorry. i was wondering if the 2 powders i asked you about above are those silica powders or are they different? i don’t know if i’ve understand wrong but i’m hearing those are the best for hellping smooth fine lines and setting foundation… is this so ?

    also, of those 2 would either would be ok for my skincolor? i am medium dark… kinda a similiar color to maybe salma hayek or jessica alba. yellow undertones kinda how you described in one of your last posts for eva mendez. thanks:)

  4. rea Says:

    does it break you out?

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