Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

I first bought MAC Studio Fix Fluid about 2 years ago. I was in search of a change in my beauty regimen and wanting the best foundation I could find. I had recently turned 30 and my skin was going through changes and I felt I needed to change my base foundation as well. All sources led me to MAC Cosmetics.

I purchased the Studio Fix Fluid in an NC 25 and on the recommendation of the makeup artist there also purchased the MAC 190 foundation brush for application. I quickly learned that I much rather preferred the MAC 187 brush to stipple on this foundation for a more airbrushed look without the streaks of the 190. More on brushes later…

It performed well, though by Spring,  it was feeling a bit heavier than I wanted it to be. To remedy this, I began applying it differently – first dotting a bit onto my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then blending it outward with a dampened cosmetic sponge for a sheerer look and a lighter feel. It made a world of difference. I set it with a MAC mineralized skinfinish in Medium for long wear and it seemed to do the trick.

At my age though, I do find that after a few hours, this foundation seems to settle into the fine lines I have acquired since turning 30. Using a good primer such as SMASHBOX photo finish Primer seems to ease this effect on me.

All in all, I do like the versatility in coverage as well as the many ways this can be applied from fingers to various brushes, sponges and beauty blenders. How it is applied can determine the effect you are going for be it full coverage or sheer. I always get compliments when wearing this foundation and it does provide a nice even coverage for which to apply other products. 

For those looking to stay minimal on makeups look and feel though, this may not be right for you. Perhaps a tinted moisturizer would be best if you don’t have much to conceal or have younger skin. 

At $26 USD for one fluid ounce though, I have found alternatives that work just as well as the MAC Studio Fix for beginners or those on a budget.

For example – REVLON Colorstay Foundation (liquid) retails for about one third of the cost, comes in 2 formulations ( one for dry skin, the other for oily/combo skin) and is more accessible in terms of finances and locations (Ulta,Drugstores etc) . It also comes in a wider variety of colors for the best color match possible. 

So, good luck and stay tuned for more reviews on foundations and more!

Kristine Marie


Studio Tech




I bought the MAC studio tech cream foundation a few months ago before a series of travel since I hate risking liquid foundations in my luggage. I also just wanted to try something new ( as always! ).

Studio Tech is a cream based foundation made from water, emollients and powder which is said to dry to a matte finish. While creamier than anything else I have used (think softened butter) , it has done a beautiful job of giving me light/medium coverage with more of a natural feel. It is also buildable for those who enjoy a fuller coverage.

It is best applied by using fingers, a foundation brush, a beauty blender or a cosmetic sponge. For sheerest coverage and feel, dampen the brushes/sponges before blending. I set mine with the invisible set powder by MAC on days where I don’t need additional coverage and on days where I want a hint more, I use the MAC mineralized skinfinish in Natural (medium).  Now, some would say no setting powder is necessary as this foundation is intended to dry to a powdery finish, but for myself, I prefer to set it for longer wear.

I have found this to be at the top of my foundation list and a convenient alternative to liquids. I also enjoy the lighter feel and the creamy texture that really seems to blend IN with my skin, not lay on top of it. On days where I am rushing out the door and have no time for full makeup, I dot on a bit under my eyes as a concealer and blend it lightly with a MAC 224 brush and it works wonders.

On a recent vacation to Orlando, Florida, the temperatures were pretty warm and the MAC Studio Tech was put to the test.  I spent a full day at a theme park and while set with a powder, it performed well to my surprise.

The downside for me is that I found that I didn’t get much use overall. The container looks and feels deceiving as I “hit pan” within 2 weeks of consistent use, and I do not apply it heavily. Also worth noting.

So, if you have the money to spend, enjoy MAC products and want to try something new this could be an option for you. You can find it at MAC locations, or online at  Each pan contains 10g/0.35 US oz  for $29 USD, and it comes in a wide array of shades.

For beginners or those on a budget, MAX FACTOR Pan Stick may be a good alternative. It retails for less than $10 USD, but availability is limited and so is the range of shades available. See my review on MAX FACTOR Pan Stick for more information.

Stay tuned for more reviews and updates and thanks for visiting.

Kristine Marie
US $29.00

This look was done today for a 56 year young model who complained of oily skin, redness, some deep lines and large pores. We began with some talk about basic skin care and then prepped the face with Nuetrogena oil-free moisturizer  and prepped the lips with Everyday Minerals lip balm in lavender. We waited about 10 minutes before applying anything else to give the products a chance to really set in.

Since the model does not usually wear makeup , we used this time to talk about everything from how to choose foundation and the different types (gel, cream, powder, liquid) as well as the purpose of primers, how to choose the best colors and choosing a feature to focus the look around. In this case, we chose the eyes and opted for a balanced everyday look.




























Smashbox Photofinish Primer

MAX FACTOR Panstik foundation in IVORY


NARS bronzer in LAGUNA for contour in cheek area

NARS blusher in ORGASM


TWO FACED shadow insurance eye primer

MAC Shadow Pallet (Intriguing Scarlet)

Lid- GENTLE HEAT, Crease in WARM SUEDE, Outer V in REAL DRAMA, Browbone highlight in SWEET JOY

Brows – NYX eyeshadow Pallet in TSo3 using a combo of TAUPE/DARK BROWN

JORDANA easyliner for eyes in BLACK w/ MAC shadow in GRAND ENTRANCE to set

BOBBI BROWN Everything Mascara


JORDANA Easyliner for lips in TAWNY

MAC lipstick in VIVA GLAM IV

MAC lipgloss in BABIED


The final result was an even skin tone, and a very safe everyday look for someone not used to wearing makeup and something she could easily do herself. 

Kristine Marie


If you are interested in a FREE personal makeup lesson/makeover to be shown on this blog, please leave an email in the comments section so I may contact you with more information.

Appointments are done at your convenience,  at your location, and cost nothing for basic application and tutorial. You will get to choose one free product from the “extra makeup” bag as well and will also receive a free 5 x 7 of your final look. Those under the age of 18 will need parental permission.

Please note that ALL FREE MAKEOVER MODELS must sign a release allowing the before/after photos to be shown in this blog and/or any other advertising I do for my makeup artistry. Paid sessions are not required to sign a release.

I have tried every foundation in existence. Well, maybe not EVERY one, but my bank statements sure think so…

From high end  (Bobbi Brown and Chanel) to low end, and every one in between, I have never found one that quite balanced out  in terms of economics, coverage, and quality the way my PAN STICK  does. I first used it when I was in High School, and for all the years gone by and changes in my skin, it still works beautifully today.

Quite fairly priced in the $5-$9 bracket, this creamy stick foundation is STILL one of my favorites.  As a color comparison, I am a MAC NC-25 in Studio Tech Cream. My Pan Stick shade is Medium Beige and easily rivals my MAC in cost, convenience and effectiveness. 

The Pan Stick foundation can be applied directly (if it is your personal one) or with a standard flat foundation brush (such as the MAC 190) for clients. Depending on the coverage you want, you can opt to use a damp cosmetic sponge or beauty blender if you want to sheer it out a bit for lighter coverage.

Applying it with a very dense kabuki will offer an airbrush finish that I desire on special days or for photos. It is also buildable and sets to a matte finish. I don’t even use a setting powder with this foundation as I don’t really need to except when I need it to last all day or into the night, or again, for photos. I set mine with Mineral Veil in these instances.

The convenience of carrying this stick means less fuss when I travel,  and ease in application ( I apply mine direct ) and is easy to carry around for touch ups. For Makeup Artists, this is great in place of liquids that lose shelf life faster. Pan Sticks can be easily sanitized with alcohol also, whereas liquids can develop bacterias;(

I have used this product for YEARS with great results and consistency. Depending on the amount of sun I get exposed to, I often go back and forth between shades, but since they offer quite a few, I have never been left without an option. 

As far as coverage, this is one of the best foundations I have ever used. I use it straight from the stick and finger blend for max coverage and sheer it out with a damp sponge in summer  when I want to show more of my skin and freckles;) The choice is yours. I have never found it to be heavy or clogging, nor settle into lines. 

Please keep in mind that even those with oily skin SHOULD always use a moisturizer before applying foundations to prevent flaking, caking and assist in smoother application. A primer if essential if you are worried about settling into fine lines or just want your makeup to go one more evenly and last longer.

For those looking for a really great concealer to go with a favorite tinted moisturizer, this could be a great option. The quantity for the price is unbeatable.

For those still on the search for their holy grail foundation, or those who just like to try new things, check your local retailers ( I get mine at ULTA) and try it out while you can. Industry sources say MAX FACTOR is moving overseas and it may be hard to find after 2010;(

UPDATE: Click here for  possible alternatives to the Max Factor Panstick

Hope this helps and good luck on the road to your flawless finish;)

Kristine Marie

~ Prom Look ~

June 21, 2009

This was a look created for a 17 year old wanting a dramatic kick in her look for Prom. The main colors chosen were to bring out the most of her hazel green eyes and still pulling in with the color and shimmer of her olive dress.

The model also complained of acne,  scarring, uneven texture and redness in the cheeks (see BEFORE photos) , but the final look left many wondering if she ever had skin issues at all. While she opted for a more dramatic eye than usual, it balanced well with the elegance of the ballgown style dress and extremely long hair. As always, we began with a cleansed, moisturized face…













































Smashbox Primer


MAC STUDIO SCULPT Foundation in NC 15

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil

MAC Blush in TENDERLING on cheeks



MAC Lip Conditioner 

MAC Lipgloss in VIVA GLAM IV



Urban Decay Shadows in SHAKEDOWN on Lid, PROTEST on outer V, and MAYHEM in the crease. GRIFTER was used as highlight on browbone by model request.

Urban Decay 24/7 Black eyeliner  in ZERO on top lid as liner

For eyeliner under the eye, ABSINTHE by Urban Decay and MAYHEM were used.


A spritz or two of MAC FIX + , and she was still ready before her date;)


Kristine Marie