~ Easy Autumn Makeup Look ~

October 31, 2009

Here is an easy look inspired by the Autumn Season where the Greens of Summer are still evident, yet the Golds of Fall are slowly easing their way in…

To begin, you will want to have a clean, well moisturized face. Yes, even us ladies with oily skin NEED moisture to keep our skin soft and fresh during the dry season.


1. Start with your favorite foundation and concealer. 

2. Prime eyelids with your favorite eye primer.

3. Using a gold shadow, pat it in just under the browbone, into the inner corner of eye and sweep the lower lashline as well.

4. Using a light-medium green shadow, sweep it all over the lid, and into the crease. 

5. Using a black or deep brown shadow, place in the outer V blend well into the crease for a soft look.

6. Line eyes close to lashline with a black or brown pencil of your choice.

7. Put on a light coat of black or brown mascara.

8. A light dusting of pink or peach blush to add some color to the face.

9. Coat lips with a moisturizing lipcolor in pink or peach

10. Set your T zone with a light dusting of powder

The result ? A simple,  wearable look with a hint of color that anyone can do. 

Want to upgrade this look? That’s easy too. Just add two steps…

For an Evening look – Extend the liner out a bit on the upper lashline for a cat-eye effect and add some shiny clear gloss.

For a Party look – Add a green or gold glitter liner to the top lashline and a put on a touch of berry colored lipgloss.

* You can also add false lashes or strengthen the brow for a more defined look. In keeping with the intended daytime look and seasonal trend, I kept a full natural brow for this look and did not use false lashes. Feel free to glam it up any way you desire!




This mineral eyeshadow pallet comprised of 12 shadows is something I have been checking out for awhile. The delay in my getting it ( and the others SLEEK offers) is that it is a UK based brand that isn’t sold in the United States. SUPERDRUG  is one location in the UK that sells it, and others can randomly be found being re-sold on the internet through EBAY, Private sellers and other beauty related companies. Please be careful who you choose to purchase from and research the validity of your seller.

Note: While SLEEK offers a few palettes in it’s regular collection, a few are limited edition and only released on ocassion and because of the great quality and low low cost they do go quickly.


I did happen upon a UK based internet seller and while the process was a bit more complicated that I preferred and quite slow, I did finally get my CURIOUS palette this past week. My MODERN PINUP LOOK was created using this palette, so you can check it out in the “LOOKS” section in the right sidebar if you are interested.————->

So, what do I think? Well, I love it. The palette itself is tiny…about 7″ by 3″ ( rough estimate ) and the pigmentation is very good. While some of the colors are a bit powdery, I am keeping in mind that these are mineral based and that does tend to be the case with most. And for the price ( about 8USD )They do blend well and the packaging is convenient ( size) and there is a large mirror so you can touch up on the go if you are that kind of girl;) All for the cost of HALF a pan of MAC eyeshadow;)

Here are some photos:



As you can see, the colors are very vibrant and while the shadows are often associated with being popular amongst Women of Colour, they are usable and wearable for everyone. No doubt though, that Women of Colour will get a great color payoff from this brand opposed to most.

Here is another pic:

This photo is in direct light with a flash so while it does look more vibrant in person, the lighting does dull the vibrancy a bit. Sorry about that folks.  I realize I do  need to upgrade the camera.


So, I hope this helps anyone who was “Curious” about the SLEEK CURIOUS palette and yes I do think this would be an awesome addition to any Makeup Artist Kit or Personal Kit for those who enjoy color.

I am still on the lookout for more of these as I would like to get the ORIGINAL, STORM, & CHAOS palettes as well as the other limited edition ones to include the SAFARI and the ACID palettes, so keep me updated if you find a quality seller at a reasonable price. Enjoy folks and visit often for updates!


~ Pretty in Pink ~

October 22, 2009

I wanted a fun yet wearable look to promote Breast Cancer Support and Awareness so this is what I ended up with. This can also be used as a soft Bridal Look. Product list below. For more updates and ideas please subscribe by clicking the icon on the lower right of this page;)




MUFE Mat Velvet in #35

Loreal True Match Concealer in Light

MAC Studio Fix NC30/Ben Nye Neutral Set powders ( mixed) 

Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush by NARS



Carmindy Fast Fix Eye Base

NYX Jumbo Pencil In MILK on Lid

MAC e/s in Jest all over lid up to brow, and lower lashline

MAC e/s in DaBling on lid and middle 1/3 of lower lashline

MAYBELLINE e/s in burgundy   (from #40, Designer Chocolates quad) in crease

Carmindy e/s in  deep plum (from Amethyst trio) on the outer V, lower 1/3 of lashline

Carmindy e/s in  pale pink simmer (from Amethyst trio)on the inner corner and as a highlight

BEN NYE white liner pencil in lower waterline and inner corner of eyes (make bigger/brighter!)

Brows touched up with MAC e/s in CORK ( don’t overload brows on daytime looks!)

Sexy Curves mascara in black by Rimmel



Lips lined in Baby Dreams pencil from Jordana

Lipcolor 521A Wet n Wild

Gloss by Carmindy  in Pretty Pink

* All Sigma Cosmetic Brushes were used in application

I think Pinks and Purples are flattering on everyone when the right colors are chosen. They lift the face and add a bright, youthful look even on the dreary days. You can deepen the colors, add a sparkling glitter liner and play the look out to your hearts content! Now, be a doll and create your own special look, add a pink scarf and show your support for Breast Cancer awareness:)


~ Modern Pinup Makeup ~

October 17, 2009

This look was done by request. It is my idea of a Classic Vintage Makeup with a Modern Twist, though not so “Modern” that is couldn’t be wearable.  An updated “Pin-Up” girl makeup if you will.


*Please note –  I did not apply a liquid foundation for this look, though it would be standard to create a matte canvas for the full effect to really be appreciated. This very raw application and amateur photos (Taken by my adorable 6 year old son!) are just to show some ideas for anyone interested in trying a new look, or updating a classic look for a current event. I am thinking maybe even a Rockabilly/Alternative Wedding. Please enjoy the photos. I apologize that my SLEEK Pallete does not offer color names. Any similar colors you have should do just fine.


MAC Paint in BARE CANVAS (blended with clean fingertip)

SLEEK e/s in a cream/white on lid, inner corner and browbone (w/ a MAC 239 shader brush)

MAC Cork in the crease ( w/ a MAC 222 brush)

SLEEK e/s in Bronze on the outer V ( w/ a MAC 217 brush) 

MAC fluidline in BLACKTRACK to create the top and bottom lines and ‘wings’

Brow Powder in Medium Brown to fill in Brows

Andrea Modlash #53, black applied with DUO lash adhesive

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Black  ( 2 coats)


Here are some close up shots of the eyes…


With the eyes open, the double wing liner is barely noticeable so the look seems more traditional…


From this angle or any side angle, the double wing (top and bottom corners) now  becomes the focal point of the look…


And here you can see the traditional red lip was traded for a more modern, yet muted orange color for a very wearable look…



To Complete the Look:

Apply a full coverage foundation and lightly set with a translucent powder.

A light dusting of Pale Peach Blush so as not to overtake the Dramatic eyes.

A hint of highlight throughout the face (nose, cheekbones, cupids bow, forehead…)

A touch of gold powder in the center of the lower lip to bring out the lip

and the look is now complete. *Modern Glam*  in under 20 minutes. This is a fun and easy look for a night out, or IN;) You can toned down the look with a thinner layer of eyeliner and a lighter application of eyeshadow or play it up to your heart’s content. Experiment and flirt with  the look that is right and fun for you!!  Try Pink blush and Pink Lip, or a colored liquid liner for another twist. Oh, and don’t forget a flower in your hair to really set it off. You can find some right here in the ACCESSORIES post in the sidebar on the right of the page——–>



~ Wedding Day Makeup Look ~

October 17, 2009

The wedding was a stunning outdoor event along the Oceanside that began just as the late afternoon sun began to come down from the sky…


The beautiful bride opted for a traditional wedding makeup look with a touch of red on the lips to compliment the lovely wine colored dresses of the bridal party. With her great skin and fabulous features, it was hard to make her look any more beautiful, but I gave it my best effort.

And so we began…



( Look at this glowing skin and excited grin…Isn’t love wonderful? )



A Note From The Bride:

Hello Kristine,

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful make up job you gave me at my wedding. I had a TON of compliments!!! Thanks again for making me feel sooooo beautiful on my special day!!!



You are so very welcome Nicole.

May you and your lucky Groom live Happily Ever after!

~ KristineMarie ~

For those just starting out as a Freelance Makeup Artist, here are a few tips that will help you get off to a great start. As always, please check with your local Business Licensing office for requirements for your profession before making any decisions or investment.

1. Your name is your business name. As a freelance artist, I always suggest using your real name ( I used KristineMarie) or something close (Lisa Freedmans Faces) so that lost clients can always have a way to find you and current clients can easily refer you. Keeping your name unique will also allow you to keep it consistent on all internet profiles such as your website, MySpace, Facebook, and other social media sites you may plan to utilize, making you easier to find. Business names may change, but your name will remain the same. Stick with it;)

2. Get quality business cards and keep those handy wherever you go. A small cardholder will keep them neat and clean. Make sure your cards have your business name, contact number, other contact info ( email address) and list your occupation. It is also wise that your card design reflect what you do. For example, if you do more bridal work you wouldn’t want a bold rainbow colored business card and if you do bold editorial makeup you wouldn’t want a pale pink card with roses. Your card speaks for your style and what you offer and should reflect that in the design.  Zazzle.com has some great options you can customize to your unique style. Check them out;)

3. Create a professional web presence. Keep a business website that lists your experience, your goals, your rates, availability and contact information. It is also a good idea to keep it updated with photos of your work. Your web presence can also be enhanced with other things such as Client Testimonials, Links to other related sites and even a blog you can update. Sites like ModelMayhem.com are also great places t0 network with other beauty industry professionals for more opportunities. 

4. Advertise for FREE. You can begin to find work by using the GOOGLE feature and finding opportunities. Simply put in “Free Ads Insertyourcityandstatenamehere ” and see what comes up. Make sure you check out the first 5 sites listed and see if they can somehow relate to your business. If so, place a few free ads and links to your information. Continue to search for new opportunities every few weeks. When you begin making some profits, you can continue to add to your advertising efforts.

5. Keep updated on advertising/learning opportunities. Pay attention to local news and industry updates. Bridal and Fashion shows are always available in major cities and worth visiting even if you are not a presenter. This is a great way to network, meet new people and create new opportunities to learn and work. Follow up with the new contacts you have made and touch base with them from time to time to keep your name and your service in their minds.

These are just a few quick and basic tips on how to market yourself as a Makeup Artist…

* For those looking for a more in depth business building marketing plan, please send a note for information regarding one-on-one consultations and/or group classes with invaluable tips on how to craft your dream into a reality.


As a makeup artist, if you aren’t concerned with the risks of Swine Flu, then now is the time to get yourself informed and well prepared. Here is some helpful information about how to do just that…

Image of H1N1 influenza virus










Swine Flu, otherwise known as the H1N1 virus  is becoming one of the biggest concerns of the season both for everyday people and service providers who interact with the public. It is commonly transferred through coughing, sneezing and contact with those carrying the virus – many who may be unaware.

The highest risk for Swine Flu are those who are elderly, young children, and people with existing health concerns. Make up artists, while not always in those categories, are not immune to the risks of human contact, and thus, Swine Flu,  so  basic precautions are  necessary and helpful to ease your mind and that of your clients while on the job.

Now, it should be common sense to never take a job if you are feeling ill as you are putting others at risk and your reputation as well. Networking serves a purpose and if you are ILL, find your replacement and get to a Doctor to get cleared before returning to work. Your client will appreciate your honesty and concern for their health.

Here are a handful of tips you should always practice to make everyone a bit safer:

1. Always sanitize your kit before, and after every make up application. Using a misting bottle with alcohol ( strive for the highest percentage you can find – for me it’s 70 or higher%) and go over everything. Tools, work areas…everything! Leave no stone unturned. You can’t be too careful and clients DO appreciate a VERY clean artist;) Using BeautySoClean (found at beautysoclean.com and suggested for ALL MUA Kits!) on your cosmetics will kill bacterias and will not damage your items in the process.

2. Make sure you send a list of proper preparation practices to clients who intend to visit your location, or tell them how to prepare when you are visiting their location. Let them know you want to have the best circumstances for everyone involved. Note signs of illness to watch for, proper hand washing, and it’s importance and anything else relative to the situation you will be in.

3. ALWAYS wash your hands before, after and in between each client. If you feel you must cough or sneeze, do so into a cloth or a sleeve, but never into the open air as this is often how the virus spreads. Wear a mask and gloves if you want to be extra careful. If you are unsure how to do this properly, click here:



4. Do not use your hands to mix  or apply cosmetics. Use a clean, sanitized pallet, transfer and mixing tools only. Keep hands away from your own face as well.

5. Do not blow on your brushes. Learn to “tap” them off  instead if you don’t do so already. Not only is blowing on your brushes pretty unsanitary and unprofessional to begin with, but it risks contaminating your equipment and cosmetics.

These are the basic steps to make your working environment a little safer for everyone involved. For more information about the virus, please do a GOOGLE search for reputable websites with information such as the Center for Disease control found here:


Get informed, stay clean and healthy and take good care;)



There is nothing as fun, fresh and flirty looking as a floral hair accessory.


 With such a wide variety of colours and styles, your choices seem to be endless. Here are  few of my favorite floral hair barrettes.




Each design is a 4-5 inch flower with a 3 inch barrette.


theciara“The CIARA”

(White Only)


Sturdy, affordable and appropriate for any look or season.


thekerry“The KERRY”

(Pale Green, Dusty Pink and Soft Gray)


The easiest way to create an ultra feminine look with a unique flair.


themarie“The MARIE”

(Wine Red(shown), Deep Brown, Golden Brown(shown), Deep Orange, Bright Orange, Pale Orange Dark Purple and White)


Flatters any type of hair or style. Just one easy clip and your set to go!


thevictoria“The VICTORIA”

(Deep Orange and Wine Red  Still available)

Excellent and easy accessory for Bridal looks, and special occasions.




$12.00 USD

2 for $20.00 USD

USA shipping only, $5.00 (up to 2 barrettes) 

$2.50 each additional item

(PayPal Only)

Shipped within 24 hours of payment confirmation. Average arrival time is 4-7 days from shipping date.

For hygiene reasons, hair accessories cannot be returned or refunded. While great care is always taken in packaging,  I am not liable nor responsible for damage incurred in shipping if you choose not to insure your item.

FREE DELIVERY on orders of $50 or more in the Hampton Roads, VA area.

Hampton Roads, VA area Pick-Up available by special arrangement only. 

Styles shown are available now and limited in quantity. Other colors may be available.

New Styles will be updated. Subscribe for updates by clicking the last link on the right side of this page



Dreemcometrue @ AOL.COM 


**All pieces show belong to the models wearing them. Your piece is made just for you!**


I picked up this product after serious scouring for the final solution for my dark , dark circles that always seem to bring down my look – even when my mood is bright. (Thanks Mom for the dark circle gene!)

So, here are the basics:

WHAT: Kat Von D Tattoo Cover. Available in 8 shades. Waterproof, Transfer Resistant Multi-tasking concealer. Concealer brush sold separately. 

PACKAGING:  Squeeze tube with screw on top in a Kat Von D decorated box.

CONSISTENCY: Rich and Creamy  liquid

WHERE:  Sephora.com


PURPOSE: To conceal skin flaws such as redness, blemishes, discolorations and even tattoos.

APPLICATION: Easy. I squeezed a *tiny* bit onto my clean ring-finger tip and patted in until blended. Goes on even and no heavy feeling. 

MY THOUGHTS: I was debating the product based on the cost, but felt I could return it if it didn’t perform as promised. Surely, if this was meant to cover a tattoo, then it should be able to deal with my dark, dark undereye circles, right? 

RESULT: Within a half hour of purchase I was sporting some seriously normal looking eyes. I looked younger, the man of the house noticed and I felt good.  That’s a triple bonus purchase! Highly pigmented and lasted. No settling into creases or fine lines. I’m satisfied!

ADVICE: This is a rich formula with a high degree of pigmentation so be sure to choose the right shade for you. Prepare with a good moisturizer in the eye area or any other area you plan to apply it. Allow moisturizer to settle in. Remember – use a very tiny amount to start. Add more if needed. Set with powder.

*Just for you skeptics out there, I thought evidence would be best, soooo, here is the reality on an actual tattoo:























No editing whatsoever. This is the real deal….


So simply! Just a tiny, tiny bit of concealer pressed in and lightly blended out. I mean, tiny bit. Think the point on a pencil tiny. Let dry for a few seconds, and repeat. Lightly press with translucent powder and that was all there was to it. My tattoo=GONE and Im sure my Mother will be ecstatic when she sees!

Now, the  Dark Circle test. Be warned the initial site could cause nightmares….(no makeup on!)




























Great coverage, matte finish minimal product needed and lasted and lasted…..IMPRESSING!

*Just as a reference, I am a MAC NC25, a MUFE Mat Velvet 35 and a KAT VON D Medium concealer. Your shade may vary.

So, with that, I am off to work on some other things and I hope this was helpful to anyone looking into the quality of the KAT VON D concealers and in my opinion a great addition to any MUA kit.


For a few years now, I have heard little tidbits about the product line of Sally Hansen by Carmindy Products. For those unaware, Carmindy is the makeup artist on TLC’s hit show “What NOT To Wear”. She is known for her signature simplicity and eye catching mini-makeovers.

I did quite a bit of internet research, and even picked up a copy of Carmindy’s Book “The 5 Minute Face” (sold in Bookstores for $16.99 USD) in an effort to learn more about Carmindy, her approach and her products.

the 5-minute face


Armed with intrigue and a $2.00 coupon (found in the book) I headed off to my local CVS in search of a few of her products to try. I had a small list of the things I was most interested in and hoped for a Buy one, Get one FREE sale the whole way to the store. 

* Keep in mind this is only a few products as Carmindy’s line has a full range of items. You can find them at CVS and ULTA. 

Well, no BOGO offers, but a small display offered more $2.00 coupons for her products so I plucked a few and began my choosing. I being a true makeup junkie had these items swatched before I made it out of the parking lot and was wearing a full face of Carmindy product within a half hour of getting home. I tell myself it’s ok because it is my job;)

Here is what I picked out and  a quick take on what I think of them so far…


It has a silicone feel much like the Smashbox primers but with a healthy does of shimmer. If Smashbox Photofinish primer and MAC Strobe cream had a baby, this would be the result. It did the job and kept the makeup on all day and into evening. Impressing  and affordable for about 10 dollars. Small size bottle at just under 1/2 ounce, but convenient and a nice pump top with cap. Now, I prefer a matte look so I won’t be repurchasing, but for those who enjoy the dewy glowy look, this is for you.



*Infused with goodies for your skin (vitamins and chamomile) this is a light/medium (buildable) coverage foundation. Best applied to the back of your hand first and then picked up and spread about the face with a dampened cosmetic sponge. Gives a more natural looking coverage but nothing substantial. Great for those who don’t care for the thickness of liquid foundations, or for a summer solution. Limited shades. I liked trying it out and may keep some on hand for clients who like this option, but personally, I am loving fuller coverage this season.


*Creamy concealer that easily blends away discolorations and blemishes. When used with primer, it stayed put and evened things out before I applied the spray foundation. Nicely packaged  in a small see-through container and convenient for any makeup bag for touch ups if needed. Highly recommend to those who don’t wear much makeup, but want to conceal some areas with a product that is easy to work with and natural looking in it’s result.


Mistake-proof pallet comes with an insert that clearly defines which shades are to be used where. (Lid, Contour (crease) and Highlight.)  Shades are pigmented fairly well for daywear, buildable for evenings and have just enough sheen (not shimmer) to be versatile for women of all ages. Quite a few color combinations for almost every liking/skin tone. I accidentally picked up the wrong one, but I am eyeing the Amethyst colors that I originally wanted for my next drugstore adventure…


*My pick of the litter on this group! I love the non-sticky formulation and I do use a lip primer with this to promote longer wear. The shine is beautiful and the the feel is creamy and moisturizing. Many shades to choose from ( I love Pretty Pink!)  and a nice brush tip for even application. Great to have in the daily makeup bag or evening clutch and one heck of an affordable option to MAC lipglosses at twice the price. I plan to purchase every color, and maybe backups too! Now added to my PERSONAL FAVORITES list! ( See link on right of page for more information—>)


*Is the name a little confusing to you too?  Well,  I didn’t notice any increases luminosity in my face but then I picked this up in the *neutralizer* since they didn’t have my shade in stock. Maybe thats the x-factor. Anyway, it seemed to go on colorless and set the face well. I used it for touch ups later in the day and no complaints.  When applied  on my daughter  it reduced her redness amazingly. Affordable compact to keep handy and performed well without distorting the color of my makeup or being too powdery looking. A handful of shades ranging from light to dark are available.


*Not normally a daily wearer of cream blush, I was pleasantly surprised as how creamy and sheer this really was. Blended in so fast and easy and looked ridiculously natural. Greater even still as a base for powder blushers to promote really long wear. Love that it doesn’t slide off my combo/oily skin and would suspect it is even better on dry skins. Just a hint goes far, so this little number is more than worth the small asking price. I even plan to pick up a few more of the colors they offer for my kit;)

I am quite impressed and feel like I will be making some of these items not only part of my personal kit, but part of my professional one as well. I love to have options that offer a natural look at an affordable price. For those just starting out or seasoned makeup vets that want some great little options give these a try. Paraben free, cute and compact packaging and affordable. Stock up!

* I will be offering some of the above sampled items (along with items from other lines) for sale soon. Subscribe for updated by clicking the last link on the right side of this blog page—->

I am curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for other products I may enjoy from this line. If so, send me a note or comment below.

I hope this has been helpful and thanks for stopping by!