~ SLEEK Divine Palette, Curious ~

October 23, 2009

This mineral eyeshadow pallet comprised of 12 shadows is something I have been checking out for awhile. The delay in my getting it ( and the others SLEEK offers) is that it is a UK based brand that isn’t sold in the United States. SUPERDRUG  is one location in the UK that sells it, and others can randomly be found being re-sold on the internet through EBAY, Private sellers and other beauty related companies. Please be careful who you choose to purchase from and research the validity of your seller.

Note: While SLEEK offers a few palettes in it’s regular collection, a few are limited edition and only released on ocassion and because of the great quality and low low cost they do go quickly.


I did happen upon a UK based internet seller and while the process was a bit more complicated that I preferred and quite slow, I did finally get my CURIOUS palette this past week. My MODERN PINUP LOOK was created using this palette, so you can check it out in the “LOOKS” section in the right sidebar if you are interested.————->

So, what do I think? Well, I love it. The palette itself is tiny…about 7″ by 3″ ( rough estimate ) and the pigmentation is very good. While some of the colors are a bit powdery, I am keeping in mind that these are mineral based and that does tend to be the case with most. And for the price ( about 8USD )They do blend well and the packaging is convenient ( size) and there is a large mirror so you can touch up on the go if you are that kind of girl;) All for the cost of HALF a pan of MAC eyeshadow;)

Here are some photos:



As you can see, the colors are very vibrant and while the shadows are often associated with being popular amongst Women of Colour, they are usable and wearable for everyone. No doubt though, that Women of Colour will get a great color payoff from this brand opposed to most.

Here is another pic:

This photo is in direct light with a flash so while it does look more vibrant in person, the lighting does dull the vibrancy a bit. Sorry about that folks.  I realize I do  need to upgrade the camera.


So, I hope this helps anyone who was “Curious” about the SLEEK CURIOUS palette and yes I do think this would be an awesome addition to any Makeup Artist Kit or Personal Kit for those who enjoy color.

I am still on the lookout for more of these as I would like to get the ORIGINAL, STORM, & CHAOS palettes as well as the other limited edition ones to include the SAFARI and the ACID palettes, so keep me updated if you find a quality seller at a reasonable price. Enjoy folks and visit often for updates!



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