~ Alternatives to MAX FACTOR Pan Stick ~

January 6, 2010

I have been bombarded with search engine inquiries looking for alternatives to MAX FACTOR Pan Stick foundations, so let me give you a few suggestions. Please keep in mind that many of these are not in the same price range ( which is always what gave MAX FACTOR the edge in stick foundations to begin with….) but, there are SO MANY other GREAT products out there, so here are some ideas of who else makes stick foundations:

Kevyn Aucoin

Bobbi Brown



Iman (darker skin tones)

Black Opal (darker skin tones)


Laura Mercier


shu uemura 

Napoleon Perdis

Now, if you don’t need to have your foundation on a stick and enjoy the high coverage and versatility of a cream foundation in general, consider:

Ben Nye

Cover FX


Personally, I love the versatility of stick and cream foundations so I find myself using these a majority of the time both in business and personal use. I do have a full range of the MAX FACTOR pansticks and am hoping that they will be available for online purchase when they relocate out of the United States. I dread running out and never seeing them again;(

Until then, for those looking for more affordable cream foundation or stick foundation options, AVON and MARK  have affordable options in a similar color range to MAX FACTOR Pansticks. Here is a link to an online store I have had successful dealings with:


IDEAL SHADE Mousse Foundation Stick SPF 10 in Sale Shades

*While your in there, check out the GLAZEWEAR glosses. I love those and AVON has come a LONG way in quality over the recent years. 

For other  stick and cream  foundation options listed above, GOOGLE for retailers and good luck!



10 Responses to “~ Alternatives to MAX FACTOR Pan Stick ~”

  1. Mari Says:


    I’ve been looking for max factor panstick 28 for ages, do you know where I could get one?


    • KristineMarie Says:

      My best suggestion is the online companies like drugstore.com, rite-aid, walgreens, etc… or even EBAY. Everything by MAX FACTOR is becoming harder to find lately, but I did recently see pan stick in a few online retailers in limited quantities/colors.

      Good Luck!


    • KristineMarie Says:

      Frankly, the markup is pretty crazy considering they could easily transition into a better quality brand for the same cost ( which we have to eventually do anyway.) and skip the costs of shipping a cream product in the summer heat…

      Benefit playsticks , Iman stick foundation and other brands would be good alternatives in the same price range. Cosmetics Company Outlet stores are also a good place to pickup the MAC stick foundations for up to 30% off and who can beat the price/quality of BEN NYE cream foundation?

      Thanks for the thought though!


  2. Lori higbee Says:

    My mom and I have used max factor pan stik for 15 years. Love it! I got worried about not getting it anymore so I bought 5 stiks at an unbelievable price at drugstore.com. Now I would like to store them properly. Does anybody have any ideas about storing these? In the fridge? Or will they be fine at room temp?

    • KristineMarie Says:

      That’s a really good question…

      The shelf life for most cream products is usually listed at 2 years. If you feel like you will use these 5 sticks within that time, you should be fine. Any more than that, and yeah..I would pop them in the fridge in a sealed bag so they couldn’t become contaminated with anything;)

      My pan sticks ( I used them daily…) would last for a few months, so for me…they wouldn’t last the two years;)

      Good luck and if you hear different storage ideas ( long term) for cream products, let me know! 😉

      Kristine Marie

  3. Cassandra Says:

    I have used PanStick many years as I have a scar that it covered beautifully and just found it it’s not available – I was told at drugstore that Cover Girl bought them out and there is no comparable product by CG. Also do most people realize how much panstick is in the tube afetr it’s down to the rim? Must be 3/4 of an inch almost! I get it out with any small flat object even a plastic knife will work. Most people never realize how much is still in tubes etc. Try cutting one in half & you’ll be surprised!!

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Cover Girl and Max Factor are owned by the same company. Simply put, Max Factor couldn’t compete with the sales and distribution of it’s sister brand so MAX FACTOR is being phased out in the US.

      Indeed that is a great tip for all cream based products – including the pansticks, lipsticks and other similarly packaged items. Scrape out the excess and place in an appropriately sized and sanitized jar for maximum use;) Thanks for the great reminder Cassandra;)

      For scar coverage you may want to try COVER FX or DERMABLEND brands. While the cost is higher, the quality is amazing the she shade range is significantly higher. For a more affordable option , Kryolan makes a great foundation stick too;)

      Also, for everyone – please note that MAC is no longer making Studio Stick foundation;(

  4. Rebel Anderson Says:

    Hi, Do you know which one of the alternatives to max factor panstick would be close to Nude Ivory? I have stopped wearing makeup all together because I cannot afford to pay $75.00 for one stick of Max Factor’s Nude Ivory Pan Stick. It used to be $8.99. It did not hurt my skin and is the only only one that looks good on me. I have never gone without makeup and it has affected my self esteem. I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks, Rebel

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