~ Makeup Artist Marketing, Basic Tips ~

October 14, 2009

For those just starting out as a Freelance Makeup Artist, here are a few tips that will help you get off to a great start. As always, please check with your local Business Licensing office for requirements for your profession before making any decisions or investment.

1. Your name is your business name. As a freelance artist, I always suggest using your real name ( I used KristineMarie) or something close (Lisa Freedmans Faces) so that lost clients can always have a way to find you and current clients can easily refer you. Keeping your name unique will also allow you to keep it consistent on all internet profiles such as your website, MySpace, Facebook, and other social media sites you may plan to utilize, making you easier to find. Business names may change, but your name will remain the same. Stick with it;)

2. Get quality business cards and keep those handy wherever you go. A small cardholder will keep them neat and clean. Make sure your cards have your business name, contact number, other contact info ( email address) and list your occupation. It is also wise that your card design reflect what you do. For example, if you do more bridal work you wouldn’t want a bold rainbow colored business card and if you do bold editorial makeup you wouldn’t want a pale pink card with roses. Your card speaks for your style and what you offer and should reflect that in the design.  Zazzle.com has some great options you can customize to your unique style. Check them out;)

3. Create a professional web presence. Keep a business website that lists your experience, your goals, your rates, availability and contact information. It is also a good idea to keep it updated with photos of your work. Your web presence can also be enhanced with other things such as Client Testimonials, Links to other related sites and even a blog you can update. Sites like ModelMayhem.com are also great places t0 network with other beauty industry professionals for more opportunities. 

4. Advertise for FREE. You can begin to find work by using the GOOGLE feature and finding opportunities. Simply put in “Free Ads Insertyourcityandstatenamehere ” and see what comes up. Make sure you check out the first 5 sites listed and see if they can somehow relate to your business. If so, place a few free ads and links to your information. Continue to search for new opportunities every few weeks. When you begin making some profits, you can continue to add to your advertising efforts.

5. Keep updated on advertising/learning opportunities. Pay attention to local news and industry updates. Bridal and Fashion shows are always available in major cities and worth visiting even if you are not a presenter. This is a great way to network, meet new people and create new opportunities to learn and work. Follow up with the new contacts you have made and touch base with them from time to time to keep your name and your service in their minds.

These are just a few quick and basic tips on how to market yourself as a Makeup Artist…

* For those looking for a more in depth business building marketing plan, please send a note for information regarding one-on-one consultations and/or group classes with invaluable tips on how to craft your dream into a reality.



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