~ Sally Hansen by Carmindy, A Review ~

October 5, 2009

For a few years now, I have heard little tidbits about the product line of Sally Hansen by Carmindy Products. For those unaware, Carmindy is the makeup artist on TLC’s hit show “What NOT To Wear”. She is known for her signature simplicity and eye catching mini-makeovers.

I did quite a bit of internet research, and even picked up a copy of Carmindy’s Book “The 5 Minute Face” (sold in Bookstores for $16.99 USD) in an effort to learn more about Carmindy, her approach and her products.

the 5-minute face


Armed with intrigue and a $2.00 coupon (found in the book) I headed off to my local CVS in search of a few of her products to try. I had a small list of the things I was most interested in and hoped for a Buy one, Get one FREE sale the whole way to the store. 

* Keep in mind this is only a few products as Carmindy’s line has a full range of items. You can find them at CVS and ULTA. 

Well, no BOGO offers, but a small display offered more $2.00 coupons for her products so I plucked a few and began my choosing. I being a true makeup junkie had these items swatched before I made it out of the parking lot and was wearing a full face of Carmindy product within a half hour of getting home. I tell myself it’s ok because it is my job;)

Here is what I picked out and  a quick take on what I think of them so far…


It has a silicone feel much like the Smashbox primers but with a healthy does of shimmer. If Smashbox Photofinish primer and MAC Strobe cream had a baby, this would be the result. It did the job and kept the makeup on all day and into evening. Impressing  and affordable for about 10 dollars. Small size bottle at just under 1/2 ounce, but convenient and a nice pump top with cap. Now, I prefer a matte look so I won’t be repurchasing, but for those who enjoy the dewy glowy look, this is for you.



*Infused with goodies for your skin (vitamins and chamomile) this is a light/medium (buildable) coverage foundation. Best applied to the back of your hand first and then picked up and spread about the face with a dampened cosmetic sponge. Gives a more natural looking coverage but nothing substantial. Great for those who don’t care for the thickness of liquid foundations, or for a summer solution. Limited shades. I liked trying it out and may keep some on hand for clients who like this option, but personally, I am loving fuller coverage this season.


*Creamy concealer that easily blends away discolorations and blemishes. When used with primer, it stayed put and evened things out before I applied the spray foundation. Nicely packaged  in a small see-through container and convenient for any makeup bag for touch ups if needed. Highly recommend to those who don’t wear much makeup, but want to conceal some areas with a product that is easy to work with and natural looking in it’s result.


Mistake-proof pallet comes with an insert that clearly defines which shades are to be used where. (Lid, Contour (crease) and Highlight.)  Shades are pigmented fairly well for daywear, buildable for evenings and have just enough sheen (not shimmer) to be versatile for women of all ages. Quite a few color combinations for almost every liking/skin tone. I accidentally picked up the wrong one, but I am eyeing the Amethyst colors that I originally wanted for my next drugstore adventure…


*My pick of the litter on this group! I love the non-sticky formulation and I do use a lip primer with this to promote longer wear. The shine is beautiful and the the feel is creamy and moisturizing. Many shades to choose from ( I love Pretty Pink!)  and a nice brush tip for even application. Great to have in the daily makeup bag or evening clutch and one heck of an affordable option to MAC lipglosses at twice the price. I plan to purchase every color, and maybe backups too! Now added to my PERSONAL FAVORITES list! ( See link on right of page for more information—>)


*Is the name a little confusing to you too?  Well,  I didn’t notice any increases luminosity in my face but then I picked this up in the *neutralizer* since they didn’t have my shade in stock. Maybe thats the x-factor. Anyway, it seemed to go on colorless and set the face well. I used it for touch ups later in the day and no complaints.  When applied  on my daughter  it reduced her redness amazingly. Affordable compact to keep handy and performed well without distorting the color of my makeup or being too powdery looking. A handful of shades ranging from light to dark are available.


*Not normally a daily wearer of cream blush, I was pleasantly surprised as how creamy and sheer this really was. Blended in so fast and easy and looked ridiculously natural. Greater even still as a base for powder blushers to promote really long wear. Love that it doesn’t slide off my combo/oily skin and would suspect it is even better on dry skins. Just a hint goes far, so this little number is more than worth the small asking price. I even plan to pick up a few more of the colors they offer for my kit;)

I am quite impressed and feel like I will be making some of these items not only part of my personal kit, but part of my professional one as well. I love to have options that offer a natural look at an affordable price. For those just starting out or seasoned makeup vets that want some great little options give these a try. Paraben free, cute and compact packaging and affordable. Stock up!

* I will be offering some of the above sampled items (along with items from other lines) for sale soon. Subscribe for updated by clicking the last link on the right side of this blog page—->

I am curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for other products I may enjoy from this line. If so, send me a note or comment below.

I hope this has been helpful and thanks for stopping by!



2 Responses to “~ Sally Hansen by Carmindy, A Review ~”

  1. i lopez Says:

    hmmm i’ve never tried a dewy look but i’d love to try it using that primer. and the powder sounds great as well 🙂

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