Julia is a easygoing girl with a flair for , well, anything! She is open minded, loves to experiment with her look and most of all,  she loves to have fun…

When I told her she would look stunning in a modern pin-up look ( similar to that of Katy Perry) she was excited and happy to let me have my way. I am so glad she did! While they are two completely different women, we could certainly borrow the inspiration of Katy from her makeup style and give Julia a new twist to an already gorgeous face.

Here is the inspiration, the lovely Katy Perry herself:


And this is my lovely Julia donning her new look:

To get this look…

I applied a light layer of Face Atelier Foundation and set with powder. 

A bright pink blusher on the apples of cheeks

Filled in brows completely with a medium brown shadow

Primed eyes and applied a white eye shadow to the entire lid and a light brown in the crease and the same light brown gently through the lower lash line.

A  black gel eyeliner was applied with a dramatic wing at the outer corners.

False lashes were then applied and finished with 2 coats of black mascara.

Lips were penciled in completely with a hot pink lip liner

Lips were then coated in a hot pink lipstick and finished with clear gloss. 

The result? Fun, flirty and modern!

You can also change up the look by adding a vibrant orange lip color, coral blush and/or  a double winged liner.  

So, like other Celebrity Inspired Looks, it is possible to take elements that work for you and still maintain your own unique flair. Julia pulled it off, and in a stunning and confident way;) 

~Here is another look inspired by celebrity Carrie Underwood~

and many thanks to Julia for being open minded to the idea, a super assistant on a busy photo shoot and a fun model with great confidence and a positive attitude. 

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~ Smokey Look ~

January 27, 2010

Shannon is a stunning blonde  and bride-to-be with amazing features but didn’t seem to be aware of just how lovely she was. When she gave me free reign to design her look for her photo shoot I was excited and there was only one look I could think of…the smokey eye.

Shannon has fair skin, amazing blue eyes and beautifully shaped lips. For her focus,  I felt the contrast of dark colors around the eyes would bring a depth to the look while still maintaining a classic elegance.

Here is Shannon with her completed look and beautiful veil accessory. 

For Shannons look, I started with a medium coverage foundation and set with powder. Then I filled in her natural brow shape using a medium brown shadow. Next, I primed her eyes and gave her a smokey look using dark browns and golds and topped it off with a pair of Andrea false lashes in #53 on the outer corners. Finally, a  hint of blush and a neutral lip color completed the look. 

Her final look is sultry and sensual and still exudes a certain softness.

…and to Shannon for being such a wonderful woman to work with and allowing me to be a part of her special day!

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January 22, 2010

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~ Classic Pinup Makeup ~

January 21, 2010

A classic pinup look has five main elements. A flawless base, strong brow, rosy pink cheeks, winged black liner and a bold red lip and it makes a statement of confidence without saying a word…

Tiffany was a perfect canvas for the Pinup inspired look and just as sweet in person as she looks in her photo.

Thanks to Tiffany for opting to do this fabulous look for her bridal boudoir session.


Get the look:


Ben Nye Cream Matte Foundation

Ben Nye Setting Powder ( blend of banana visage and neutral set)

Ben Nye Blush in Dusty Pink (apples only)

MAC pigment in Vanilla to tops of cheekbones for Highlight  


MAC E/S in Vanilla (over entire eye area as a base), and Cork (crease, lower lashline)

MAC Pigment in Vanilla to brow bone and inner corner

MAC Fluidline E/L  in Blacktrack on upper lashline to create a wing

MUFE champagne eyeliner on lower waterline

Andrea ModLash #53 lashes (trim off the inner 1/3) and place on outer edge of upper lashline

Curl lashes and apply one good coat of mascara to upper lashes concentrating on the outer edge

Add a small amount of mascara to lower lashes


Red lip pencil in Hot Pepper by Jordana

Red  lip color  in 514-A by Wet n Wild

Pinup Makeup really breaks the rules  as modern makeup tells us to choose one feature and go neutral on others. However, in and emphasizing every feature of the face in a bold way, this classic look still seems balanced.

The Pinup makeup  is proof that anything that looks so good never seems to go out of style.

This look can go anywhere and do anything from black tie events to holiday looks, bridal and more. Try it for yourself and see just how glamorous and feminine you feel!

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I often get questions about brushes when I talk to women about makeup. What kind do they need? What is each used for? And honestly, there is never a perfect answer that fits all.  Much depends on what makeup you use, what effect you want and what your budget is. In this post, I will share some of my favorite brushes which also happen to be multi-use brushes…see a connection? I will also list some suggestions for affordable alternatives to the most popular brushes.

Home made makeup brush cleansers

FLAT TOP BRONZER/BUFFER ( kabuki-style )  -It has many names but is fairly distinct with it’s densely packed hair. While it can be used for bronzer, mineral foundations and powders, it is also commonly used for buffing in liquid foundation. Yes! Liquid! I first blend in my foundation with my fingers, and then buff it to a soft, streak-free finish. A favorite among some Makeup Artists is the SMASHBOX #19 Brush at a whopping $52 USD price tag. A budget option is the Coastal Scents  KABUKI ON A STICK for a reasonable $5.95 USD. 

ANGLE BRUSH – I LOVE these brushes! I use them for everything! Well….almost. They are great for filling in brows with brow powder, lining eyes with powder or cream liners, creating precise lip lines and drawing a sharp crease with eye shadows. They are also great for  just under the brow bone when you want a thin, clean highlight. I swear by mine which is a MAC 266 and costs about $19.50 USD, but for those on a budget, REXART offers a Loew Cornell brush called the  1/4″ Angular Rose Shader for about $3 USD.

STIPPLING/DUO FIBRE – A synthetic/real hair  brush with black hair and white tips (nicknamed a  “skunk”) this brush is good for stippling on liquid foundations but is also commonly used to dust on powder products including blush and bronzer. MAC makes a brush called the 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush for a hefty $42 USD, but Sigma Makeup offers a similar brush, also called a 187 Duo Fibre Brush for an affordable $16 USD.

FLUFFY BLENDER BRUSH – So yes, this brush can be used for applying eye shadow and blending it, but it can also be used to buff in concealer under eyes and to set it with powder. I have also been known to use this brush to apply a hint of highlighter on the top of cheekbones and/or above the outer corner of the brow, down the nose and above the cupids bow. MACs 224 brush is $28 USD, but an alternative is the REVLON contour shadow brush for about  $6.99 USD.

Fan brushes can be used for everything from powders, blushes and bronzers to highlighting and sweeping away fallout from dark shadows. Some fine tip eyeliner brushes can be used as lip lining brushes too. Concealer brushes are great for applying eye primer and cream shadows…the list goes on an on;)

* When using brushes for multiple things during the same application, it is good to have a bottle of brush cleaner handy. I like Sephora daily brush cleanser as it spot cleans well, is easy to use and dries quickly. It is also anti-bacterial and comes in 2 sizes ranging from $6 USD to $14 USD. 

Daily Brush Cleaner To Go

Now, I tend to use most of my brushes in many different ways, but these are just some ideas to help out a few folks interested in making the most of their investment into makeup brushes. As many of you know, there are no hard and fast rules for how to apply anything anymore, or with what tools. Many adapt to what we have and if we only had Qtips and Cotton balls we would adjust…BUT, having a handful of multi-tasking tools sure helps. Feel free to share your multiple uses for your brushes, or ask questions in the comments section below;)

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I get asked all the time ” What makeup do I need?” from everyday women who are confused about all the items available these days. And truthfully, it really depends on you.  For some of us, everyday makeup starts with a foundation and ends with lipstick and for others, a bit of concealer and some tinted lip balm does the trick.

I figured the easiest way to answer this question was to explain what I have in my day-to-day personal kit, and I would suggest just choosing items that you feel you need and will use. Also feel free to submit questions in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer or make suggestions;)

(Please note this does note contain skin/lip care items nor primers.)

So, here is what it is my makeup bag…

Foundation, Concealer, Powder, and Blusher or Bronzer ( or both for some), 

Eyeshadow Quad ( a pallet of 4 colors for everyday – 3 neutrals and one pop of color and one of my shades also doubles as a brow powder) Eyeliner pencil (Black or Brown) and Mascara

Lipliner ( flesh toned matches everything!) and  Lipcolor

And the final result usually looks something like this (minus the flash):

Now, if you find using disposable applicators is not giving you the results you want, quality brushes are a great investment and some brushes can be used for multiple things. For example – I use the same angled brush to fill in my brows as I use for my eyeliner. At a minimum, these are the brushes I use for a full makeup routine – A powder/blush brush, eyeliner/brow brush, eyeshadow shader brush, and eye blender brush. I have found brushes in drugstores that I love just as much as brushes I have from high end retailers, so just know there are affordable options. Feel free to comment for questions about brushes, and note I will be updating with some brush recommendations/reviews very soon;)

Also, some must have tools for me include – Tweezers, a good sharpener for eye and lip pencils and an eyelash curler. And finally, you can never have too much/many disposable wedges, Qtips, brush cleaner spray ( Sephora makes a great one), makeup remover and hand sanitizer. 

You can build your collection from there based on personal tastes and budget, but for me, these are my basics for a full makeup routine. Feel free to comment and share yours!



Stephanie isn’t a big fan of makeup and well, who can blame her? With a full time job and a heavy college schedule, this lady is lucky she has time to sleep! Well, as luck would have it, she had ONE night to relax and take a break from all the demands and I was invited to come join in on the break….and decided to bring my kit along just for kicks;)

Well, Stephanie was a good sport and a great model. She and I did a casual style makeup session/mini-lesson. Old school – relaxing on the floor, telling stories and talking makeup. For a girl who doesn’t wear makeup often, she was very bold when picking colors and chose some killer colors from my BEN NYE Collection…

Between, makeup, stories, snacks, more makeup, more stories, and then a yummy pasta dinner…we came up with something bold, BLUE and  beautiful! The whole experience was just pressure-free and relaxing fun. So relaxed  that I was completely not focused on technique and even forgot to put mascara on my model of the night;(  While I know I owe Stephanie a better effort next time, I was still so happy to see the results in a few photos ERIC FADDEN took of the final result. 

The majority of this look was completed with BEN NYE products. Please see the REVIEWS section in the menu on the right of this page for more info on some BEN NYE products In my kit;)

And thanks Stephanie for being such a fearless and beautiful model and great company to boot. Sometimes, just a night of  doing makeup for the sheer fun and experimentation of it is the break we all need;) 


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