~ Katy Perry Inspired Makeup ~

January 28, 2010

Julia is a easygoing girl with a flair for , well, anything! She is open minded, loves to experiment with her look and most of all,  she loves to have fun…

When I told her she would look stunning in a modern pin-up look ( similar to that of Katy Perry) she was excited and happy to let me have my way. I am so glad she did! While they are two completely different women, we could certainly borrow the inspiration of Katy from her makeup style and give Julia a new twist to an already gorgeous face.

Here is the inspiration, the lovely Katy Perry herself:


And this is my lovely Julia donning her new look:

To get this look…

I applied a light layer of Face Atelier Foundation and set with powder. 

A bright pink blusher on the apples of cheeks

Filled in brows completely with a medium brown shadow

Primed eyes and applied a white eye shadow to the entire lid and a light brown in the crease and the same light brown gently through the lower lash line.

A  black gel eyeliner was applied with a dramatic wing at the outer corners.

False lashes were then applied and finished with 2 coats of black mascara.

Lips were penciled in completely with a hot pink lip liner

Lips were then coated in a hot pink lipstick and finished with clear gloss. 

The result? Fun, flirty and modern!

You can also change up the look by adding a vibrant orange lip color, coral blush and/or  a double winged liner.  

So, like other Celebrity Inspired Looks, it is possible to take elements that work for you and still maintain your own unique flair. Julia pulled it off, and in a stunning and confident way;) 

~Here is another look inspired by celebrity Carrie Underwood~

and many thanks to Julia for being open minded to the idea, a super assistant on a busy photo shoot and a fun model with great confidence and a positive attitude. 

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7 Responses to “~ Katy Perry Inspired Makeup ~”

  1. iris Says:

    I allllways love her makeup ! she has great taste in makeup. ykou did such a great job with the model’s makeup. would love to see the orange lip color too… maybe i’ll try it one day 😉

  2. Kitten V Says:

    That’s it – You simply must transform me into Katy Perry. Goodness! Julia looks stunning! I think Ms Perry would be envious….

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I hope so…I saw Julia and I couldn’t think of any other look to do;)

      Glad to see you here and hope you are doing well Miss Lady;)

  3. Erica Tait Says:

    You did a great job translating the Katie Perry inspiration image to a non-celebrity, she looks fabulous. I love this modern take on a pin-up look.

  4. Brit Says:

    Look stunning 🙂 I love this look so
    Much . Great job keep it up

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