~ Carrie Underwood Inspired Makeup ~

December 18, 2009

Sometimes, I get a model that has a certain “look” in mind. In one of my recent shoots, this was the case. My model was inspired by the beauty and makeup of Carrie Underwood, and though they have very different features, I gave it my best effort to recreate the look to a standard fitting of my model and her features. Here is Carrie’s Look:

The model (below) was a true beach beauty. Well, that was my first impression anyway.  Tall, tan, fit and adorable freckles. Carrie is certainly more pale and porcelain, but that wasn’t going to stop us! The signature Carrie look is often known for it’s well defined eyes and soft subtle lips and cheeks. And so, with a little inspiration and a few products, we were off to recreate Carrie and still preserve the fine qualities of the models natural beauty…

The model still wanted to look like herself ( the photos were for her husband and we wanted him to recognize her..haha.) so I kept her skin natural looking and freckles showing ( freckles really are cool!) By adding definition in the eyes and a soft smokey shadow to lend a sultry look to the otherwise -girl next door- inspiration, I believe we were effectively able to achieve a bit of Carries overall essence. A hint of pink on the cheek and lips and well…

The result was simply stunning. Fresh yet sexy. Soft and yet defined. 

This look was created using traditional makeup application ( no airbrushing) and utilized products from several lines to include MAC cosmetics, BEN NYE and Coastal Scents. False lashes were also added for  length and depth.

This  Girl Next Door turned Bombshell/Carrie Underwood inspired look was photographed by Andi Grant.

For makeup application or lessons/recommendations on how you can achieve a certain “look” , please leave a comment below for more information! I offer affordable rates, convenient on-site service and flexible scheduling.

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5 Responses to “~ Carrie Underwood Inspired Makeup ~”

  1. Ali Jamison Says:

    I am getting married in April 2010 and I like this for my wedding. How do I contact you?

  2. You definitely pulled this Carrie Underwood inspiration off. I see the similarity between the looks! The model looks fantastic! What did her husband think of it?

  3. KristineMarie Says:

    Not sure Mary. I hope he liked it as much as we did though;)

  4. Iris Says:

    what color e/s is Carrie using in that pic ? greys? taupe? i can’t really tell.

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I read it as a blue-toned grey and applied a similar shade to the model;)

      Long time no see Iris. Hope all has been well for you;)

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