~ Smokey Look ~

January 27, 2010

Shannon is a stunning blonde  and bride-to-be with amazing features but didn’t seem to be aware of just how lovely she was. When she gave me free reign to design her look for her photo shoot I was excited and there was only one look I could think of…the smokey eye.

Shannon has fair skin, amazing blue eyes and beautifully shaped lips. For her focus,  I felt the contrast of dark colors around the eyes would bring a depth to the look while still maintaining a classic elegance.

Here is Shannon with her completed look and beautiful veil accessory. 

For Shannons look, I started with a medium coverage foundation and set with powder. Then I filled in her natural brow shape using a medium brown shadow. Next, I primed her eyes and gave her a smokey look using dark browns and golds and topped it off with a pair of Andrea false lashes in #53 on the outer corners. Finally, a  hint of blush and a neutral lip color completed the look. 

Her final look is sultry and sensual and still exudes a certain softness.

…and to Shannon for being such a wonderful woman to work with and allowing me to be a part of her special day!

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2 Responses to “~ Smokey Look ~”

  1. iris Says:

    just wondering. where do you place the gold ? the lid? where do you place the darker browns? i tried one yesterday but i think it was darker.

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Using the TEMPTING Quad by MAC cosmetics, I placed the dark brown (Dark Edge by MAC) on the outer 1/3 of the lid and blended up into the crease. I added a hint of a deep brown/gold (Tempting by MAC) in the inner 1/3 to bring a bit of light in the inner corner so as not to make her eye appear smaller. Plenty of black liner smudged into the lashline and set with black eyeshadow, black liner applied to the waterlines, false lashes and mascara finished it up…

      Normally I would apply the darkest colors on the lid and work upward with lighter ones (stacking instead of seperating the colors from left to right) but I wanted the eyes to be open and bright despite the sultry effect of the dark colors.

      Hope that helps;)

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