~ The BOLD and the Beautiful, Playing with Blues! ~

January 12, 2010

Stephanie isn’t a big fan of makeup and well, who can blame her? With a full time job and a heavy college schedule, this lady is lucky she has time to sleep! Well, as luck would have it, she had ONE night to relax and take a break from all the demands and I was invited to come join in on the break….and decided to bring my kit along just for kicks;)

Well, Stephanie was a good sport and a great model. She and I did a casual style makeup session/mini-lesson. Old school – relaxing on the floor, telling stories and talking makeup. For a girl who doesn’t wear makeup often, she was very bold when picking colors and chose some killer colors from my BEN NYE Collection…

Between, makeup, stories, snacks, more makeup, more stories, and then a yummy pasta dinner…we came up with something bold, BLUE and  beautiful! The whole experience was just pressure-free and relaxing fun. So relaxed  that I was completely not focused on technique and even forgot to put mascara on my model of the night;(  While I know I owe Stephanie a better effort next time, I was still so happy to see the results in a few photos ERIC FADDEN took of the final result. 

The majority of this look was completed with BEN NYE products. Please see the REVIEWS section in the menu on the right of this page for more info on some BEN NYE products In my kit;)

And thanks Stephanie for being such a fearless and beautiful model and great company to boot. Sometimes, just a night of  doing makeup for the sheer fun and experimentation of it is the break we all need;) 


* The Lipgloss and Lashes Giveaway ends this week, so be sure to check out the post and enter to win. Next month’s prize will be some goodies from MAC cosmetics, so subscribe for updates and check us out on FACEBOOK too!


2 Responses to “~ The BOLD and the Beautiful, Playing with Blues! ~”

  1. annagrmakeup Says:

    I knew there was something missing in the eye makeup! LOL I kept thinking they needed more definition but didn’t know what was missing until I have read you didn’t put mascara hehehe
    Also you could try tighlinning with black or navy blue eyeshadow the top lashes, it would make them look fuller too 😛

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I completely agree Anna. There is so much I could have done to finish off this look with a bang, but … well…

      My 3 things I wish I could fix are the liner, the mascara and lightening the inner corner instead of leaving it dark. While she was able to pull it off, I still look back and think that little thing would have made a big difference.

      I am already planning her face for a pin-up look. With her eyes and full lips, I just think it would be perfect. I’ll update when I can catch her again;)


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