~ MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, A Review ~

June 29, 2009

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

I first bought MAC Studio Fix Fluid about 2 years ago. I was in search of a change in my beauty regimen and wanting the best foundation I could find. I had recently turned 30 and my skin was going through changes and I felt I needed to change my base foundation as well. All sources led me to MAC Cosmetics.

I purchased the Studio Fix Fluid in an NC 25 and on the recommendation of the makeup artist there also purchased the MAC 190 foundation brush for application. I quickly learned that I much rather preferred the MAC 187 brush to stipple on this foundation for a more airbrushed look without the streaks of the 190. More on brushes later…

It performed well, though by Spring,  it was feeling a bit heavier than I wanted it to be. To remedy this, I began applying it differently – first dotting a bit onto my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then blending it outward with a dampened cosmetic sponge for a sheerer look and a lighter feel. It made a world of difference. I set it with a MAC mineralized skinfinish in Medium for long wear and it seemed to do the trick.

At my age though, I do find that after a few hours, this foundation seems to settle into the fine lines I have acquired since turning 30. Using a good primer such as SMASHBOX photo finish Primer seems to ease this effect on me.

All in all, I do like the versatility in coverage as well as the many ways this can be applied from fingers to various brushes, sponges and beauty blenders. How it is applied can determine the effect you are going for be it full coverage or sheer. I always get compliments when wearing this foundation and it does provide a nice even coverage for which to apply other products. 

For those looking to stay minimal on makeups look and feel though, this may not be right for you. Perhaps a tinted moisturizer would be best if you don’t have much to conceal or have younger skin. 

At $26 USD for one fluid ounce though, I have found alternatives that work just as well as the MAC Studio Fix for beginners or those on a budget.

For example – REVLON Colorstay Foundation (liquid) retails for about one third of the cost, comes in 2 formulations ( one for dry skin, the other for oily/combo skin) and is more accessible in terms of finances and locations (Ulta,Drugstores etc) . It also comes in a wider variety of colors for the best color match possible. 

So, good luck and stay tuned for more reviews on foundations and more!

Kristine Marie


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