~ SEXY CURVES Mascara by RIMMEL, A Review ~

July 5, 2009

While at the drugstore a couple of weeks ago, I was ringing up a quick purchase at the beauty counter when the sales associate pointed out a sale on Rimmels SEXY CURVES Mascara. It was if she was psychic since I was just thinking I needed a new personal mascara and had been debating recent reviews before deciding on one. Well, the last minute “it’s on sale” approach worked and I bought two. One regular (pictured) and the waterproof version for my daughter ( in a teal package). After all, in terms of drugstore makeup, Rimmel does offer some great stuff;)

The next day I packed up to go out of town and took my new find with me and used it while I was away. From the very first coat applied, I was in love. The slender applicator with 3 curves, the formula, the length, definition, volume and curl….wow. Was it possible that a drugstore mascara could actually DO everything it said it would? 

Well, I’d have to wait alllll day to find out..

And at the end of the day, it was still there. No flakes and no smears. My lashes still looked as long, thick and perfect as they did when I applied the SEXY CURVES in the morning. I was astonished. 

I have also found that it works well when I wear false eyelashes too. It really seems to bind them to my natural lashes and not clump up making everything blend in seamlessly. With or without false lashes, never once did I feel like my lashes were heavy or weighed down. Big plus!

Sidenote: Please note that while it seems like not much product is on the wand, it IS there and DOES deliver. Do NOT “pump” your mascara in and out of the tube trying to load it up. Not only does that introduce bacteria into your mascara, but will dry it out. Just move the wand toward the sides, pull out gently as it will take off excess product and apply from lash root to tip SLOWLY for best results. 

When my daughter (she is 17) and I connected by phone, the first thing she said was “Hey Mom. I LOVE my new mascara!”

Ha. I guess “How is your trip going?” was too much to hope for in light of this new wonderful cosmetic discovery….

Anyway, she noticed all the same things I did, and also noted that it was easy to remove considering hers was waterproof. She applied a gentle eye makeup remover to a cotton round, held it over her closed eye for about 15 seconds, and then swiped it right off. 

For my regular version, a simple makeup remover wipe did the trick.

So, about SEXY Curves..

It has a long slender wand with 3 curves that really seem to pull those lashes out for coating. While I am not sure of how it all works, I can say the applicator seemed to do an excellent job of really defining and coating each lash for a very defined look. I was batting my eyelashes all day and tickled pink at how little I paid for this simple cosmetic staple.

Frankly, I knew at that moment I am a serious junkie to have been so pleased. I mean, come on. Mascara. Seriously.

But, I will confidently say I would recommend this to anyone. It is now my holy grail in mascara.  It is available in many locations ( Ulta, Target, Walgreens. etc) and is affordable (on average about $6 USD)  If mascaras were men, I would marry mine;) I am sure my husband would understand…


Check back often for my latest finds, faves, looks and reviews!

Kristine Marie


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