~ MAC Studio Stick Foundation, A Review ~

August 21, 2009

Yes, another MAC foundation review…

This convenient stick foundation is in a twist up applicator making it handy and easy for application and touching up on the go. It offers a medium coverage that I find easily buildable and its creamy formulation makes it a smooth application on any skin type.

I didn’t find it to be heavy even with a full face application. For sheerer looks, use a damp sponge or brush to blend. For those desiring even less coverage , just apply as a concealer to spots, press in with warm fingers and go.

For those who like a natural contour look, I suggest using the EVE PEARL Method of applying 2 different shades and blending them out before setting them. This will give definition at the base of your makeup application making for a subtle, natural looking contour that won’t rub off or fade throughout the day.

If you desire a matte finish, set with a colorless powder such as BEN NYE (see review in the sidebar) and for those who enjoy a more dewy finish, let it set on it’s own.

Not greasy, not drying, this foundation can be used year round in the proper shades and still deliver a consistent look. I feel it has brought about a balance to my skin when it wears makeup unlike some foundations that seem to dry my skin over time or make it feel oily with continued use. Day after day, this foundation just delivers reliable lasting coverage, a light feel and leaves my skin soft even after removal.

It is 9 grams and retails for $29.50 USD Available in 15 shades.

This product is quite genius to offer convenience and a formulation that works on most skin types in one easy product. Versatile and a great addition to any personal makeup bag or professional makeup artist’s kit.

Now one of my Favorites!

Kristine Marie


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