~ Face Atelier Ultra Foundation, A Review ~

November 16, 2009

I have been deceived…but in the BEST way! You see, foundations are a tricky thing. I mean, with so many companies, formulas, colors, types, consistencies…it can be mind boggling to decide on the best option. This is exponentially more difficult for a Makeup Artist who requires something that would suit a wide variety of faces. FACE ATELIERS strong reputation in the cosmetic industry certainly seemed encouraging, but when my products arrived and I opened them , well, despite the rave reviews I must admit I became skeptical.

You see, in my experience, cream style or thicker liquid foundations are usually the best in terms of coverage and versatility in coverage…so, when I saw the super thin consistency of the FACE ATELIER I was certain that the coverage would leave something to be desired…

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and have never been happier to say “I was wrong.”  🙂

Porcelain Ultra Foundation - FOU1

So, here are the basics:

WHAT: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation available in 10 color shades, and with 2 additional formulas to lighten or darken 

PACKAGING:  Pump top bottle (1 ounce)

CONSISTENCY: Thin liquid 

WHERE:  www.faceatelier.com (link below)


PURPOSE: To create a smooth and even skintone as a base for all other makeup applications

APPLICATION: Easy. Standard liquid foundation that can be applied with fingers, damp sponge, buffed in with a brush or any other way you prefer to put on your foundation. It blends easily with any application style. I have personally tried them all!

RESULT: A glowing, long lasting finish that seemed to leave me looking fresh and radiant while doing an amazing job of evening my skin tone. Sheer to full coverage is possible based on application method.

MY THOUGHTS: I simply love the effect and ease of this foundation. The oil-free, non-comedogenic formula is very deceiving as it is watery thin..but it performs amazingly in terms of coverage. This silicone based product glides effortlessly over skin and leaves a radiant and youthful finish. A little goes a long way making the price tag very understandable and acceptable (to me) as the quality and performance of the foundation is essential to a beautiful finished look. Good for all skin types, but especially nice for dry, problem, mature and sensitive skins. 

OTHER: The matching is easy with the option of ordering samples first for only $1.oo. Once matched, you can also purchase a darkener (O+) or lightener (O-) to adjust and completely customize the color of your foundation if your skin shade varies through the seasonal changes (ie darker in summer and lighter in winter).  You can blend it with your daily moisturizer for the perfect tinted coverage or apply direct for a fuller coverage. This formula is buildable which offers you control over your result without caking and the silicone base makes flaking a non-issue once set. Face Atelier also makes a concealer and setting powder that work perfectly with the foundations to create that flawless finish. Best of all, it is sans SPF so it photographs beautifully making it ideal for any Makeup Artist Kit. It is no wonder that FACE ATELIER was the official makeup sponsor for Madonna’s 2006 Confessions Tour. 

Helpful Tips:

For a sheer coverage you can blend with a damp cosmetic sponge.

Medium coverage is best achieved using your clean fingers or a foundation brush to blend.

For a full or heavier coverage, buff on with a dense kabuki style brush one layer at a time until you reach the desired coverage. (For myself, I applied only one layer and then a touch more in the T-Zone for a full coverage look. Again, it doesn’t take much product to really see a difference.)

For those who desire a matte finish, simply blot skin with a clean tissue after application and then set with a translucent powder. 

This product is SPF free, so if wearing day-to-day, use a moisturizer or primer with SPF.

* To check out the website and order  some samples , visit the  website by clicking here:  FACE ATELIER   

I hope this has been helpful and feel free to check back for updates and before/after photos using this product.



2 Responses to “~ Face Atelier Ultra Foundation, A Review ~”

  1. Anna Says:

    I did try this foundation but I bought the Pro bottle which is plastic and a bit smaller. I really liked it but when I bought MUFE it was a no looking back xD

    update on make up school now hehe
    we’ve been doing hair for two weeks which has been nice and I’ve learnt a lot, really, no joking. (my teacher loves to apply tons of hairspray xD)
    today we started makeup for photography, well it makes me think my teacher has NEVER really worked as a MUA at least in photoshoots… you should have seen her face countouring! damn I know flashes wash out the colour but that was WAAAY over the top. The hairline countouring should be at the hairline not going down til mid forehead! plus using a reddish brown (WTF?!)oh and ended up with a bit of golden brown (WHAAAAT?!) I thought contouring was to create shadows not to add shimmer?! I might be wrong LOL, just kidding.

    The look we did started great, black heavily smoked out on the lower lashline, black on the outer V going inside along the crease and connecting up to the brow at the inner third. That was fine with me until she added dark blue on top… baby blue at the tearduct and red (yes! red!!!) under the browbone… that is fashion hun? where?!
    The teacher said you have to be quick and do a clean job in order to be booked again, well if she was in a photoshoot I really doubt she would be booked ever again…

    • KristineMarie Says:

      The HD MUFE? I love the Mat Velvet+ myself…still making those rounds though;) Always searching for that “next best thing.”

      I love your school stories and I WISH I had a photo of that eye look you described. We could post it under what “not” to do! lol And that contouring? I can’t even imagine! lol

      I’m very happy and excited for you Anna and hope to see some pics of your work soon! I just know it will look fabulous;)


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