~ MAC FIX +, A Review ~

July 13, 2009


Ahh, the debate of MAC Fix + …

Some call it glorified water and others (like me!) have completely fallen in love with this product. Here is my myriad of reasons…

1. It is a perfect refresher spray on No makeup days. Yes. On the 7th day, even I rest the makeup and let it all (my skin anyway) hang out and breathe! 😉 After a gentle morning cleansing, a few spritzes sets me until afternoon;) On warm summer days or dry winter days, I touch up with a few spritzes at lunch, and always, ALWAYS at bedtime;)

2. What a wonderful way to treat the “Too much sun” situation. Now, while I NEVER burn ( good genes!) I have fair skinned children who do, and this works wonders at cooling the irritated skin and providing a bit of sunburn relief;) The Vitamin E and Cucumber soothe and promote healing. Yay!

3. It is a perfect setting spray for makeup. I use it on my own face and 99.9% of clients. It makes makeup last longer , look more natural and takes that powdered look down. Everyone seems to enjoy the properties, the results and yes…the scent! Inexplicable, but heavenly all the same…

4. A wonderful after-shave spray for us ladies and our sensitive legs and yes..even the boys;) A simple easy post-shave step for men that isn’t overpowering nor does it burn. Very soothing and comforting;) Who doesn’t love that idea?

5. Soothes bug bites, minor skin irriations, etc. Healing properties of Vitamin E and soothing cucumber and other extracts make this a very easy and all purpose way to ease the discomforts of everyday skin issues.

6. Acts as a toner AND moisturizer. Yes. It does BOTH without the goop of several products. A locking cap makes it travel well too;) Bonus!

7. Did I mention how yummy this SMELLS!?

8. I spritz a bit of this on my foundation brushes when I want to sheer out a look and make the skin come through. Perfect for summer skin looks when you don’t want to drown the skin in product;)

9. Dampen brushes with this before applying shadows for a more vibrant color packed with healthy skin stuffs:) Adds staying power as well, and minimizes fallout. Also use for powder shadows to create a more natural liner look. 

10. I use this spray for everything. Literally. I was eating BBQ for lunch the other day, and dampened my hands down afterward and with a quick swipe of a napkin, my hands were non-sticky and clean. Love it. 

Call me a victim of marketing. Call me whatever you like, but call me happy with a bottle of Fix + in sight;) The only thing I am NOT happy with is the price hike in the last year, but even for as much as I use it, it seems to last a long while and for myself, and my clients…it’s worth it!

NOW retails for $17 USD at MAC stores and counters. Experiment and enjoy!

Kristine Marie


2 Responses to “~ MAC FIX +, A Review ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    i’d heard that mark makes a way cheaper version of this. i was about to try it (only 8dollars) but since i’ve been hearing so much good stuff about model in a bottle i figured i’ll give it a try 🙂

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I recently heard the same and was considering giving it a chance. If you do so before me, update me on how it goes. I would love to hear some firsthand feedback!

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