~ Save on Spring/Summer Looks ~

March 14, 2010

If you are a beauty product fanatic and always buying more than you should with each new season, here are some ways to save a few bucks and stretch the dollars you spent in the fall/winter. Using your current products and a few minutes of your time, you can create fresh spring/summer looks without spending a dime;)

Product Image Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15

FOUNDATION: For those who wear a full coverage foundation in winter, and buy a whole new foundation for summer…save those dollars! By simply mixing your daily facial moisturizer with SPF and a hint of your full coverage foundation, you have now created a perfectly matched tinted moisturizer that is sun-safe and saves money. Mix in a small jar and take on vacation to lighten your makeup bag;)

LIPGLOSS/BLUSH: Save on the blushes and glosses by purchasing a pigment (found at MAC, Urban Decay, Barry M ) you can mix to create new products. A hint of pigment when mixed with an inexpensive clear gloss and you can create a perfect lip color. A tap of pigment on the apple of your cheeks and blended well is all you need to give cheeks a pop of color. Use rosy and coral shades for a fresh spring look, or go for bronze/peach for a healthy summer glow. You can also add the pigment to a light moisturizer for an easily blendable cream blush shade. Mix different pigments to create new and unique colors to suit your style fancy;) Pinks and Bronzes make beautiful blends.

MAC Gold Mode Pigment

TIP! Keep pigment and glosses in small 3g or 5g jars ( you can purchase these at coastalscents.com) and pack them in your vacation bag to save space;)

Shine Eraser

POWDER: Just grab some blotting sheets to keep handy if you are worried about oily breakthroughs. You can purchase a 50 pack from ELF (eyeslipsface.com) for only $1 USD. With your tinted moisturizer doing it’s magic, let your skin shine through and save money. Dewy skin creates a radiant and youthful look perfect for the warmer seasons, so ditch the powder, Skin is in!

NAIL POLISH: ย Just keep a clear polish handy and mix with a hint of your pigments, you can customize the perfect seasonal shade. (For those with delicate nails, put a hint of pigment in a clear nail strengthener)

EYELINER/BROW PENCILS: Skip the harsh liners. Simply dampen your eyeliner brush with a bit of visine (yeah, use it to wake up those tired eyes too!) and dip into your favorite dark shadow for perfect definition to your peepers. Use brush dry with dark brown shadow to lightly fill in eyebrows. A hint of bronze shadow in the brow arch is also nice to add some MMMPH to your summer look;)

BODY LOTION: add a touch of pigment in a Vanilla, Bronze or Peach color to your body lotion to create the ultimate summer shimmer. Add a few drops of essential oil ( lavendar or citrus) if you want to add a scentual touch to your seasonal beauty routine;)

Enjoy these tips and enjoy the upcoming Spring/Summer Seasons!

Kristine Marie


6 Responses to “~ Save on Spring/Summer Looks ~”

  1. Anna Says:

    We always hear about the multiple uses of pigments but you don’t realize how true this is untill you try it yourself! The other day a girl in a photoshoot asked me for a bright purple lipstick, which I don’t have, but what I do have is purple pigment and she loved the mix ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I have been experimenting a lot with mine – custom lip and nail colors and even a shimmery body spray with some vanilla and a bit of cocomotion. LOVE it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And they are SO worth the money when you can do so much with them…;)

  2. Jess Says:


    I am interested in booking with you to do my makeup for a boudoir photoshoot. Can you please email me with a pricelist and we can discuss this further? Thanks!

  3. Iris L Says:

    I have tried MUFE’s mousse blushes and they fade out patchy, i’ve also seen this when i apply nyx or mark cream blushes. Once in a while it happens with powder blush too, but not so often, i was wondering if i can get your imput on this/or maybe see a blog entry on how to correct this? either one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I have other requests/questions:
    – how to get eyeliner to stay (i’ve used ud 24/7, mufe aqua pencils, drug store, and i’ve placed loose powder, black eyeshadow, etc and nothing makes them stay (except glitter liner-but i don’t want to wear that everyday).
    – how to cover dark spots, white spot(discolorations) and very dark undereye circles.

    • KristineMarie Says:

      My first guess on your blush issue is that your skin may be too oily for a cream blush. If you don’t have oily skin, then try layering powder or a powder blush over it to set it for longer wear. Having well moisturized skin and a quality primer go without saying, but I will say it anyway.

      Eye primers are essential to longer wearing makeup, but keep in mind there is no perfect solution as everyones skin is different. No one product or technique is going to work for everyone. The area around the eye ( the line) is prone to moisture so inevitably that moisture will affect your product. I suggest a long wear liner like Styli-style and setting it with a shadow in the corresponding color.

      Dark circles are a matter of the right product and application. For myself, I begin with an eye cream to soften the area so products will not cake-up. Then I apply Benefit Eye Bright and blend. A color corrector is needed for covering very dark purple/blue/green undereye circles. Pink or peach tones work best for this. I then apply my foundation. If you still need coverage – Then apply concealer and blend well. I set mine with a brightening powder. For blemishes, a concealer in the matching shade to your foundation should be patted on with a clean finger and set with powder, and for extreme discoloration a full coverage product like COVER FX or Dermablend most often covers everything resulting in one flat colored canvas to work from.

      One thing to keep in mind is that everyday life isn’t a photo op, and the more things you put on the more you cover the natural you. Enhancement is nice, but recreating a whole new person everyday is unrealistic. We all have flaws. Improving upon them is great, but trying to be perfect is exhausting, time consuming and expensive.

      More than any makeup tip I would say to anyone to learn to work with what you have and enhance what you LIKE. There will ALWAYS be something you don’t like, so stop focusing on that;)


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