~ Long Wear Lip Color Tips ~

August 9, 2009

Not all long wearing Lip colors are created equal. Not only that, we all have different body chemistry, so what works for some, may not work for all. Here are a few tips to maximize your results when wearing a long lasting lip product. 

1. First, exfoliate your lips by rubbing them with a damp washcloth, using the bristles of your toothbrush when brushing teeth or using a lip scrub. Be gentle! You can do this the night before or the morning of. Again, be gentle so as not to irritate your sensitive lips. Doing this step with allow for a smoother application of your product and even distribution of color and avoid flaking and rough looking lips.

2. Then Moisturize your lips and let that set in for about 5 minutes. This will lessen the drying effect of the product. I prefer LAVENDER MINT Lip Balm by EVERYDAY MINERALS found on their website at: (www.everdayminerals.com) . You can use any moisturizer or balm you prefer.

3. Apply a lipliner in a longwear or waterproof formula. When I need to be absolutely certain my color won’t budge, I use URBAN DECAY Lipliner in OZONE and fill in my lips completely. This serves as my base. You can also use a lip primer or combination of the two products. This is not a step I would advise daily because of the drying, but on special occasions it is a must. 

4. Last, apply the long wear lip product evenly and do not rub your lips together. Allow it to set. About a minute should be fine. Top off with a seal or gloss as needed/desired.

 Now, getting used to the *feel* of a product like this takes some time. You may notice a tightening effect or feel the desire to redistribute your color by rubbing your lips together…don’t. If you need more color, apply it, but do not try to redistribute. It will end up looking a muted mess. NOT pretty;(

Try these simple steps to a budgeproof pout for everyday or special days and stop by again soon for more tips and tricks to make the most of your products and your features;)

Kristine Marie


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