~ Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner, A Review ~

February 1, 2010

Benefit Cosmetics are not only know for their great quality, but for the colorful and fun packaging. Born in 1976 ( great year by the way since I was born in ’76….) of the creativity of 2 small town twin sisters, it is widely recognized as one of the most popular and distinct cosmetic lines of today. With signature items such as Bene-tint, Eye Bright ( a CARMINDY favorite), Coralista  and Lemon-Aid, you simply can’t ignore the uniqueness of this great brand… 

Now, onto the review!

creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner

What: Eyeshadow/eyeliner in a wide variety of colors

Purpose: To be used as an eyeshadow/eyeliner or as a base for other eye products

Packaging: Glass Jar with screw top, (.16oz)  

Consistency: Smooth and Creamy

Where: Sephora.com, Benefitcosmetics.com or anywhere Benefit cosmetics are sold

Cost: $19 USD

Application: Easy. Use clean fingertips or brush to blend onto eyelid.

Result: Well, it didn’t crease and did a superior job on making my eyeshadow budgeproof;)

Tips: Spread evenly for best results. A little goes a LONG way with the super creamy formula. These are also buildable and blendable , so create your own color combinations and have some fun!

Thoughts: I like these SO much better than MAC paint pots….just had to say it. Ok, now I feel better…

Recommendations: These wonderful little gems are on the “buh bye” list as Benefit Cosmetics ( and at a GREAT price!) so if you like what you see here, better get some while you can at BENEFIT COSMETICS. A steal now for $9.50 USD!!! And save your jars – A cleaned and sanitized jar can make a perfect sized and very stylish pillbox.

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Kristine Marie


7 Responses to “~ Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner, A Review ~”

  1. annagrmakeup Says:

    I hope I could stock up 😦

    I don’t have these but I bought two for my mum LOL see? I DON’T HAVE IT hahaha she just can’t apply makeup on herself properly so I thought this would give her good foolproof results :)I loved the texture when I tested it.

    I got her tattle tale and skinny jeans.

    • KristineMarie Says:

      The colors I have were apparently discontinued or limited edition….and I got them both for $10 USD. I have Hunny Bunny and Recess and use them quite a bit, so I am hoping Benefit doesn’t get rid of them all together…apparently several of their products are going away or being reformulated, so we shall see;)

      • annagrmakeup Says:

        crossing fingers for reformulation or repackaging, please do not take them away benefit ladies!

        I like things in tubes hahah what about repackaging them in paint tubes? and more colours would be sweet too hihihi

        Dreaming is always free haha

      • KristineMarie Says:

        My only issue with tubes is getting all the product out…I am a stackable jar girl;) I like to carry as little as possible and keep it all together. My goal is to have a whole kit in a SMALL bag…now that is a DREAM! lol

  2. Kitten V Says:

    The pillbox suggestion – fantastic!

  3. alexawilson Says:

    I really wanna try these bad boys

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