College girls are a busy group. Between a new school, new social activities, plenty of adjustments and  family commitments… All this activity doesn’t leave a ton of time to fuss over how they look much less a lot of leftover cash to buy expensive makeup. Here are a few ideas to speed up that “off and running” beauty routine for college girls or anyone who just wants to save money or simplify on busy days…

Here is a routine to achieve a quick, affordable daytime look using only 5 products and it can be done in about 5 minutes. Add more if you have the time, but here are some key basics:

TINTED MOISTURIZER:  Seconds to apply and just enough coverage for daytime activities. Use your clean hands for maximum blending and time efficiency. Cover Girl, BOOTS NO 7 and Neutrogena all have a range of tinted moisturizers easily found in drugstores. Find your shade and get going!

TINTED LIP BALM:  Just enough color to give you some life but not enough to keep anyone from taking you seriously. All lips need moisture and it’s easy to keep handy in your bag for touch ups when you need it. NIVEA, NEUTROGENA and BURTS BEES all come to mind. Find them any/everywhere!

KOHL EYE LINER PENCIL:  Choose brown or navy – Neutral enough to be *neutral” but not overpowering like black. (Save black for nights on the town.) Even the green would work great for daytime eye definition. Simply line upper lash line and smudge with a damp Q-tip to give eyes some shape ( and a subtle , daytime smokey look) and your face some overall balance. RIMMEL Soft Kohl liners are available almost anywhere, affordable and easily smudge-able.

MASCARA:  A simple, inexpensive mascara like Maybelline FULL n SOFT will give you just enough definition without the flakey, crispy lashes of some mascaras. One coat will do the trick. It does exactly as promised – makes lashes full and yet, still soft. Guess where you can get it…

Product Image Maybelline Full N' Soft Waterproof - Very Black

BRONZER:  A little bronzer goes a long way so don’t abuse it. You want a sun-kissed look, not a sun-abused one. Use a fluffy powder brush ( tap of excess) and place in areas the sun would naturally hit – your cheeks, chin and forehead. If you are concerned that it may seem ” too much”, try just applying it sparingly to the outer edges of your face and blend well.  NYX makes an affordable bronzer you can find in most drugstores.

It’s so affordable, you may even have some money left over for a cute new bag to keep it all in! If not, stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon where you can win an adorable, colorful bag for your makeup and accessories. Subscribe to this blog for updates or find me on FACEBOOK and become a fan for the latest on the giveaway!

Above and beyond anything, skin care is the most important part of any makeup routine so be sure to wash well at night and stay consistent with removing all traces of makeup before going to bed. Plenty of sleep, water and nutritious food don’t hurt, but we all know how hard that is on a busy college schedule so do the best you can.


Because looking great isn’t just for models…

Each and every day, business professionals are having portraits taken for everything from Business Cards to Online Profiles for various Social media sites. Looking your best is essential to a professional image. Professional makeup before being photographed is key to this.

You see, flattening a 3d image into a photo can take away the natural contours of the face making you look less like yourself. The lighting and flash can rob your skin of it’s color, making skin look dull and washed out…and this can age anyone. Proper makeup application for photography can enhance your features enough to keep the shape showing up in pictures and give the color and radiance needed to make your image look it’s best.

In these images, I worked with LAURA EVANS ( photographer) on a client having her photos done for her business cards. As a Realtor, our client understood the value of a professional image and looking her best on her photo business card, and we were eager to work with her.

Here is the before photo: (taken outdoors)


I kept her look very simple as she already had the benefit of great skin and features. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t overdone, but that the makeup enhanced her features and didn’t get lost in the bright natural lights or flash from the photography. My goal was to add color and gentle contour to her face shape, enhance the eyebrows since they define the eyes, and make the eyes appear larger to balance with her naturally full lips…

This is an AFTER photo: (taken indoors)

Using traditional makeup application ( no airbrushing ), I applied a silicone based primer to give her skin a nice even texture making the foundation go on smoothly and be long wearing. I chose neutral colors to flatter her natural skin tones and set it all with a setting spray. The final result was a look that was flattering, gave some healthy glow and made for a great outdoor photo shoot. Her eyes clearly appear larger and more defined and her overall look is healthier and more radiant.

Here are some results during the photoshoot: ( Outdoors in various degrees of lighting)

Even in the brightest of sunshine (hence the squinting eyes, haha) , her skin still looks healthy and radiant, and the color is strong enough to make a subtle statement without overpowering her look ,or her photo.

So, whether you are looking to make the most of an online profile, business card, or portrait of any kind – an affordable makeup application or makeup lessons in how you yourself can make the most of your look are essential to getting the best results. (And remember guys, makeup isn’t just for can even your skin tone, cover imperfections and enhance your look for photos too!)

For information on private or group makeup lessons, please comment below and I will contact you with more info.


Client Photographed:

Autumn Savage, REALTOR (Judy Boone Realty) 757-636-9703