I always wanted to have different colored eyes. I think we all have those types of phases be it wanting to try a new hair color, makeup look, or in my case – eye color. I always wanted those deep brown bedroom eyes but a light yellowy-green is what I was given. Well…you hear songs about blue-eyed girls and brown-eyed girls but when is the last time you heard a song about a yellowy-green eyed girl, hmmmm? So yeah, I wanted in on that recognition;)

I finally decided to make a change. I am not getting any younger and am not into waiting for the perfect times to do things anymore. If you wait for the perfect time, you may end up waiting forever. So, I took the plunge today. I went in for my eye exam and contact lens fitting and walked away with 3 new sets of colored contact lenses…

My experience was really good. I arrived a couple of minutes early for my optometry appointment and filled out a quick little form and off to the exam room I went.  I had to stare into 2 machines (one of which sneezed onto my eye – I swear that’s what it felt like.) Then the doctor asked me to read the letters on the chart and next he took a peek at my eyes up close with some pretty bright lights.

After about 8 minutes of painless, albeit eye watering observations, they determined I had healthy eyes, perfect vision and all that was left was to learn everything I needed to know to manage my new adventure. Yay! Finally some fun stuff!

I washed my hands super clean and sat down with a wonderful employee to learn some contact lens basics –  The different types of contacts, how to handle them, clean them, store them, insert /remove them and what products I would need to use to keep the lenses ( and my eyeballs) at their best. It took me a few tries to master getting them in and out of my eye but I had it down before I left;) I am super sensitive about anything near my face/eyes so this was a BIG step for me.

I tried SO MANY colors. Some were just enhancers ( a hint of color) and some were more opaque (complete color change) but in the end, I ended up with 3 trial pairs to test drive. Brown ( a deep dark brown), Honey ( a brown with a strong gold hue) and Aqua ( which on my eyes looks more like a sea-green).

First impression of how they felt? Well, know that feeling early in the morning when you wake up and your eyes are sort of cruddy feeling and blurry? Well, that’s exactly what it was like. My eyes watered for a few moments (most likely from the multiple attempts to get the lens in…) but once everything settled, it felt fine. I could tell they were there, but it didn’t hurt and wasn’t uncomfortable – just a feeling of awareness.

One of the more vibrant green colors actually made the whole room look a different color, but I didn’t experience anything like that with any of the others.

Now, I still have to go back in a week or two for my final “prescription” so I can go forward and order new contacts when the time comes, but already I am bombarded with all the different options out there from solutions to eye drops and even cases…there is a whole WORLD of stuff out there. I am already eyeing ( pardon the pun!) a pink HELLO KITTY case. I know…so superficial! LOVE IT:)

I will update soon to tell you about the brand of my lenses, show photos of the colors I chose and tell you a little about my experience with them so far. Any tips for me including where to buy supplies ( cases, lenses, solutions, drops) at good rates, tips for traveling with contacts, best techniques for removing, warnings – anything is appreciated.

Until then, if you are already to take the plunge into colored contacts, I recommend Dr. Nathan P. Bond, O.D. at EYE CARE OPTOMETRY ASSOCIATES, P.C.  They have 2 locations in Virginia Beach (one in Pembroke Mall near Town Center) and one in Norfolk, VA. They can be reached at 757-497-3205, 757-430-2863 or 757-587-6828. In my experience and opinion they are quick, efficient, very friendly and knowledgeable. Can’t ask for better than that!

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Kristine Marie