~ Sleek Pallet, STORM ~

December 23, 2009

Just a quick update to show off the Sleek Pallet in STORM. 

The colors are what you would expect of a pallet named STORM..mostly dark with a few lighter shades and surprisingly, 3 of the shades are matte.

The 3rd color from the left on the top row is a nice soft matte brown. The black on the lower right corner is matte, and the dark brown next to the black is also a matte. The rest of the colors are have a LOT of sheen. As with the Sleek shadows I have talked about previously, these are incredibly pigmented and soft shadows, so be sure be gentle when picking up color and tap off excess.

For more info on the basics of the SLEEK brand and these shadow pallets ( and my review on the CURIOUS pallet) , please click the SLEEK link in the sidebar to the right—–>   

Swatches on the Original and Acid coming soon , so stay updated by Subscribing in the lower right corner of this page;)



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