~ Holiday Beauty Wish List ~

December 14, 2009

A good friend of mine in Northern, VA always posts a video this time of year that details her Holiday Wish list. The rules are very simple – It must be something material that Santa can put in his sleigh! So, while World Peace and Goodwill to man are nice – they won’t fit into the sleigh;(      So, in her honor , I am doing my very own version.

Here are my items on the Wishlist and feel free to comment or email me yours;)

1. YAZMO LIGHTWEIGHT  rolling train case for makeup jobs ($159.95). I adore the ZUCA PRO ARTIST case , but for $300, I think thats asking a lot…even from the big guy himself. I think I would be quite content with the YAZMO version. The set would be great, but for now I just have my eyes on the large case since I am sure it would work out fine for the size of my current kit. I can always upgrade and pick up the duffle bag portion later. Here it is:

2. ZPalletes ($20) – These great new pallets (designed by an actual Makeup Artist) allow you to actually SEE what is inside your pallets and customize them to your liking. No more limits on blushes for one pallet and shadows for another or fumbling around in a hurry opening up every single pallet…THIS pallet lets you do your own thing AND it fits more (on average) than most others. 2 sizes and 3 designs/colors AND zpallete.com is offering FREE shipping! 

Large Palette

3. No MAC Giftcards;(  Apparently MACPRO members cannot use these with their MACPRO discount and why waste a discount? Pfft!    ULTA Gift Cards, Cash or SEPHORA  gift cards are the way to go this season on gift cards! As a VIB member, I also get great discounts and coupons making it worthwhile and they have some of my favorite beauty items and kit items such as the Sephora spot brush cleaner spray ( never can have too much!) and Urban Decay, Tarte, MakeupForever and Nars…

4. Makeup Brushes! I LOVE makeup brushes and can never have too many. As far as sets, The SIGMA brush sets are a deal that encompass the basics in one affordable purchase ($49.95-$89.95) , but there are still so many brushes by MAC that aren’t duplicated that I love….Oh, the dilemna!  Sigma Brush sets also come with the option of a brushroll and are now available in Black and Pink. They may not be full-on MAC quality, but the price point is certainly affordable in comparison for the differences.

5. Can you ever go wrong with Perfumes? I say “No!”  My top picks are  Donna Karan Cashmere Mist , Very Irresistable by Givenchy and of course….my dear RAPTURE by Victorias Secret which I have never tired of in 15 years;)

6. Ahh, …the MALM Dressing Table from IKEA ($129). A perfect spot to sit and play Queen of Cosmetics. A long simple table with a large pull out drawer for everyday basics. Perfect in every way!

 MALM Dressing table

7. Scarves! Scarves! Hats, gloves and SCARVES! Can a woman ever over-accessorize? NO!   Really, nothing tickles my fancy more than scarves in every color under the sun. Elbow length knit gloves and matching hats are just bonus but with a scarf, you are not only warm but well styled  even in jeans;) These can be found anywhere, but Forever 21 has many styles for $10 or less! Beat that!

8. FLIP Camera Ultra HD ( $199) These handy little video cams are perfect for quick blog updates, visual tips and so much more. Take anywhere, film anything and update in a matter of moments. Love this ! Love this idea!

Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation, 120 Minutes (Black)

9. Comfy Black Shoes! You can NEVER have too many comfy shoes, but these babies are perfect for on the go. Since I am usually wearing all black, it seems the way to go to match and be comfortable all at once. Skechers makes an awesome pair for about $60.

<em>Skechers</em> Womens Premium Shoe (<em>Black</em>) 1718BBK

10. The BOBBI BROWN foundation pallet ($250) . OH MY! This wonderful creation has EVERY shade of BB foundation, corrector and concealer making it possible to paint ANYONES face and have a perfect match. One of the best brands in the industry and a super convenient option in terms of size, quality and options. Im breathless with the thought….

BBU Palette

Oh jeesh, I could go on and ON! BUT, Santa only has but so much room and I am sure some has to be saved for all those good little boys and girls;) Even without all these wonderful little treasures, I am managing to get the jobs done;) Stay tuned for some beautiful photo updates this week with more models….

Happy Shopping to ALL this Season!



2 Responses to “~ Holiday Beauty Wish List ~”

  1. Anna Says:

    oh my! I got my eye on zuca too, I’m doing major savings for it LOL I just don’t like the standard traincase…

    My hubby already got me some makeup I had on my wishlist LOL MUFE’s flash colour palette and I needed some new bottles of HD foundation…

    Guess what! look for z-palette on youtube and you will find me LOL forget about the horrible video editing and monotone audio xDDDDD I’m still getting used to talk to a cam and it’s kinda weird… plus I use my pic camera to record videos so… anyhow I LOVE Z-palette, already got 2 and I need a few more lol

    the first quarter is over at makeup school I can prepare a guest post if you want to with my thoughts on the first three months… we can wait until they give me my qualifications HAHA

    MALM seems to be the HG of any makeup addict LOL

    I’m a one scent person: white musk from the body shop, that’s me LOL

    Gift cards? yes please! haha

    My parents are getting me a reflex cam so say hello to good quality pictures! LOL

    • KristineMarie Says:

      The Zuca Pro Artist is dreamy isn’t it? Don’t get me started…, I have to learn to love the Yazmo Softsided case that is currently in the mail to me.

      And yes, I am totally excited to have you guest post on your makeup school experience and some pictures would be great too! If you have a blog, Id like to link that too;) I am so happy and excited for you!

      I am going to try to find you over on Youtube;)

      And don’t worry Miss Anna…I have a big contest coming next year that WILL be open internationally;) This is just a “testing of the waters” to see how it goes;)


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