~ Help Portrait 12/12/09 ~

December 12, 2009

Well, today is the day. HELP-PORTRAIT 12/12/09 is finally here and the Hampton Roads group is packing and preparing for our big day. We hope to do good things today and make a difference for everyone we meet…

Wherever you are today, it isn’t too late…Grab that camera and take a picture of someone.  Be a part of it. Visit a church, community group, shelter…the single Mom next door. Photograph anyone in need of that connection to make them feel special. 

It’s very simple really. Then, give them their picture.

I am off to my event for now, but I wish you a great day, a great photo and a great chance to touch the life of someone in need – be it someone who is having a rough spot financially, emotionally or spiritually. 


Update: This post didn’t go up this morning as it somehow got stuck in my drafts, but here is an update on how it went…

Our Norfolk, VA group was in action just after 9 am setting up and preparing with the help of our dedicated friends and family. How lucky we all are to have had someone by our sides to support our efforts, myself included. A dear friend of mine even thought to bring 2 dozen roses for our guests (and the ladies lit up like Christmas trees when they were given out) 

All of our lady guests took a turn in the makeup chair before linking up with a photographer for a fun photo session by themselves and with their children. We did some indoors and also took advantage of some sunlight outdoors. It was smiles, fun, connecting and a great way to spend a day – with people who appreciated the efforts and who felt special because of them…

Food was plentiful… fresh baked goods and juices, fizzy cold sodas and snacks, sweet treats and even a hot meal prepared for the crew. It was everything you would expect of a big family get together.

After all the getting pretty and modeling for cameras, I handed out a few fleece throws and some small gifts and we bid a final farewell to our guests and watched them drive off with a smile. A sitdown with the crew to rehash the experience was the perfect end to a perfect day…

As for me, I will never forget the little girl who placed the sticky bow on me and lifted her arms up to be hugged, or the woman who told me she hadn’t had a picture taken since she was a teenager ( she is now 46 and living a shelter with a young son.) It was humbling to be a part of  a special moment in the lives of the people we met. The pictures will remind them how special they are every time they look at them, and hopefully bring back the sense of warmth we all felt today.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to participate at the next opportunity.

Thanks to the entire Hampton Roads team and the Norfolk crew for being such a pleasure to work with, to Kim for the cake, to Sissy for the fresh muffins, RA for the flowers and support ( it was great having you there!)  and the Help Portrait concept for bringing us all together in a positive and productive way that we can all be proud of. 



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