~ Cool or Warm Tones ? ~

October 4, 2009

Choosing foundation is hard enough. There are so many types; liquids, creams, gels, powders..and THEN determining what formulation based on if your skin is dry, oily, or some weird combination like most of us;)

Now, determining your “undertones”. I know, I know….as IF it isn’t complicated enough already…yet one more tidbit of information needed to pick the right color for your foundation. 

So, here is a tip that may help you.

Take a look at your wrists. Are the veins BLUE? If so, and you have some degree of pink in your skin,  you are most likely cool toned. Cool toned ladies also tend to look best in Silver Jewelry and sunburn easier than others.

If those veins are more green and you see hints of yellow in your skin, you are warm toned. Warm toned ladies tend to look better in Gold jewelry and do not sunburn easily.

If you don’t find that you can easily relate to either, you just may be a lucky “neutral” gal.

So, that is one quick and easy way to make a determination when choosing shades of foundation, color cosmetics, or clothing.

You can also visit a makeup counter and let a MUA color match you, though make sure not to buy ANYTHING until you have see it on your skin in natural light (outside). 

* I personally feel for daily looks that going with your natural skin tones is a good idea for foundations, powders and blushers. If you want to create a contrast, then go with the opposite toned colors on your eyes and lips. 

For more helpful tidbits, makeup reviews and more,  visit often for updates. Questions and comments always welcome;) You can also Subscribe by clicking the last link on the right side of this page. —->

Kristine Marie


11 Responses to “~ Cool or Warm Tones ? ~”

  1. Anna Says:

    I’ve seen you say in another post you have combo/oily skin, well mine is combo/super oily LOL what foundations/powders/oil control products do you recommend?
    Thnx 🙂

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Well, most certainly a primer or mattifying gel, an oil-free foundation ( too many to choose from) and basic setting powder ( Ben Nye Nuetral set is my miracle). Keeping blot papers or blot powder for touch ups (just in case) is always helpful while experimenting and not knowing what to expect. All skin is so different an unpredictble…

      I am enjoying this MUFE Mat Velvet foundation and Kat Von D concealer combo ( reviews to come) and haven’t even used a primer in the past few days. I am moisturizing more though to make sure it doesn’t feel to drying or heavy and so it will spread evenly. Loving it so far;) LOVING;) If you don’t have a ton to cover, try a waterbased foundation like MAC Face and Body. Sheer, waterproof and light as air!

      Oil-free moisturizers also help and exfoliating twice a week as well. Do NOT overwash your face though….your skin will overcompensate with MORE OILS;)

      Let me know what you try and how it works;)


  2. Anna Says:

    I think I might be overwashing… I’ll try to use only water in the mornings when my skin is “clean”.
    I have tried MUFE’s primer all mat and honestly, my clinique pore minimizer is better at slowing the oil production. I never leave my house without blotting papers NEVER hahaha 😉
    I tried all mat before but I think it gave me cystic acne… got a couple of pimples right after using it… but I’ll ask for a sample to give it another shot, I have a lot of acne scarring to cover up

    • KristineMarie Says:

      OOOH. I have had the Clinique Pore Minimizer and loved it;) Mac had a version of it in the Prep and Prime line as well…liked that one too.

      Yeah, It is not uncommon for people to experience skin changes with new products. I would suggest working them in every other day and keeping skin care consistent during that trial period to ease the transition. The all matte, plus the prep products and oil free skincare may all be too much oil control for you. Try to play around with the same products and skip one here or there and see if you can find your skins zen. May take a couple weeks but it would be worth it. Drink more water too. My daughter swears by this and I swear it does help.

      My daughter has severe acne ( has had accutane) and scarring and stilll experiences breakouts and even dry, sensitive skin in some spots. BOOTS no7 at Target has a few things she has been using and seems to like.( I like the sensitive skin wipes) I will check into those products she used during hard times with her skin and send you a private note with what she saw results with;)

      • Anna Says:

        Okie thanks though Target stuff it might be interesting, it’s unaccessible here. I’m in Spain 😛
        I’ll give mat velvet another shot. First I’m changing my moisturizer, my nivea one was not enough, I think… My skin feels super dry after washing and maybe it’s not enough moisturizing what is making me more oily. I’m using proactive moisturizer now, let’s see… *crossing fingers*

  3. i lopez Says:

    so what is an olive skin color? would that be warm?

  4. KristineMarie Says:

    Iris- Olive is a broad range, but yes, it would lean toward warm toned. It is more of a deep sun colored look. Think tanning, but minus the orange look;) You see it in many kinds of people, but it is most popular (naturally occuring) in those of a Mediterranean decent or Latin american decent.

    Anna- Let me know how the new routine works out for you. I used to use the Proactive line and loved that toner;) The moisturizer is supposedly the secret behind Pro_Actives great success! While I know it isn’t for everyone, that many people can’t be lying! 😉 I hope it works out for you!


    • Anna Says:

      My new rutine it seems to be working nicely, have toned down the harshness in cleaning, I think it was a bit too much but oily skin leads me to overwashing to get rid of oils LOL Anyhow, I do deep cleansing and deep moisturizing at night and light cleansing and proactive moisturizer in the mornings. I think I have a little less oil than I used to.

      I still have to repurchase mat velvet, someday soon…

      Update on makeup school: if you forget the lack of cleanliness, I’m learning a lot. Most of my class mates thinks that dusting off powders from powder puffs and brushes is enough, no people that’s not clean! *sighs* But found a class mate as clean as me. Just one… I know…

  5. KristineMarie Says:

    Sounds like good news for yur skin. Keep at it and hopefully you will see better long term results;)

    That’s interesting about school. It is as if you learn more from what they “dont” teach as you do about the things they “do” teach;)

    Thanks for the update Anna…

    • Anna Says:

      Oh well I learn a lot about cleanliness dont’s there but I’ve leant a lot in terms of technique too :p

      • KristineMarie Says:

        Always a good thing;) Keep us all updated and perhaps when you have some time, you can guest blog about your experience at MUA school. That would be very fun and interesting to read about! 😉

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