~ Makeup Artist Kit Building, VERY BASIC ~

September 30, 2009

I know many people are curious to know just how much stuff a Makeup Artist needs to have. Well, it’s actually very little. Now, depending on the kind of makeup you are doing and your personal preferences..it can end up being a lot;)

Personally, I do mostly everyday looks and some special occasion makeup (Weddings etc. ) . I don’t do runway or fashion magazines. My professional kit is rather tame compared to most, but my personal kit…welll, that is a whole different animal;)

If you are just starting out in makeup, and maybe offering makeup looks for your family and friends, here are a few things I would suggest. This is a mix of budget products as well as some pricier items, but ones that I believe are worth it. Just my opinion. Substitute as you feel necessary. These are just ideas based on affordability and not necessarily what I have in my kit. Most items you can readily find at places like TARGET, ULTA, and drugstores. Other items can easily be ordered online.  

NOTE  – I will do a blog post ( at some point) highlighting my personal kit for those interested as well as my storage systems etc. Please be patient as I currently taken on a new position as a Beauty Advisor with a cosmetics/skin care line in addition to Freelance artistry and private makeup lessons. I update as often as possible and appreciate every email and inquiry.


Gentle Cleansing/Makeup Remover Wipes (Neutrogena)

Moisturizer (Cetaphil)

Primer (Monistat Chafing Gel)

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (BOOTS No7 makes a great one in the Botanical line) 

Invisible Setting Powder (Ben Nye)

Waterproof Eyeliner in Black & Brown (Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes)

Clear Lipliner ( Urban Decay Ozone)

Clear Lipgloss ( Any kind in a squeeze tube will do) 

A good set of Brushes (Sigma)

An excellent non-tinted eye primer (Two Faced Shadow Insurance) 

A lip moisturizer (Vaseline works wonders!)

Plenty of Q-tips, cotton pads and disposable makeup sponges.

Plenty of disposable lip brushes, mascara wands.

Eyelash curler, Spoolie brush, Tweezers, Small cosmetic style scissors  and DUO adhesive for lashes.

False Lashes ( Model21)

A Good volumizing/lengthening mascara (Maybelline Great Lash) 

Clear Mascara (To prep lashes for more volume or to set brows) 

Concealer, Foundation, Blush, Lipcolor and Eyeshadows (Coastal Scents Pallets)

Bobby Pins for pinning back pesky hair;)

Foundations (Coastal Scents Concealer Pallet)
* This pallet can be used for beginners who cannot make a large investment in multiple foundation shades. It is cream based and can be blended with moisturizer to make it more of a tinted moiturizer for those who do not want full coverage. 

* Cinema Secrets (for those with a bit more to invest) makes some of the best foundation pallets available. HD friendly, convenient sizes, and great versatility. Around $20 each, 5 shades included and pre-grouped into various levels or warm, cool and neutral tones.

And if you want something handy to carry it all in, check your local Target, Wal_Mart or Craft store for a convenient craft tote.  Small clear pencil boxes are ideal to separate items (ie; Lash/brow items in one, lip products in another , disposables in yet another  etc) . Personalize it how you like.

This is JUST a basic kit for beginners. For my personal recommendations, items I enjoy and use and industry faves, check out the MUA Kit Suggestions and My FAVES  link in the sidebar menu for info and updates as I get to them;) If you are a MUA with a review/suggestion, I would love to hear from you!

So, with that…go out and start building something BEAUTIFUL!



9 Responses to “~ Makeup Artist Kit Building, VERY BASIC ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    where does one get disposable lip brushes, mascara wands? i’ve never known how to apply certain things like that…especially disposables.

  2. KristineMarie Says:

    EBAY is a great source when you find a reliable seller. I like LYNNSEY ( I can get the exact name and info for you if you like by email) as she stocks everything from disposable wands to empty sample jars and more. You can NEVER have too many disposables when working on other people and keeping your kit in it’s best health;)

  3. Anna Says:

    Hi! I’m interested in knowing which seller this is. I’m going to start my training as MUA next monday and the kit they have sold us just has 2 sponges of two different tipes (literally, 2 of each) 2 powder puffs (2 of 2 different sizes) and that’s all!!! I don’t know if they plan to sell that to us or ask to purchase next week or what but they said the kit they’ve sold me today is all that I need!!! (this scares me, plus it’s a good school)

    • KristineMarie Says:

      The seller I mentioned does not sell makeup kits. Sorry for any confusion. She is a Top Rated Ebay seller based in the midwest who sells disposables that can be used in MUA kits. Here link is here:


      I would be contacting your school and getting something in writing about what you paid for, can expect etc. With so many scams out there, you can never be too careful. Kit building is the single highest expense outside of formal training and you should know what the investment entails upfront without question.

      Good Luck and keep us updated! Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps;)

  4. Anna Says:

    I guess I didn’t explain myself correctly LOL I did understand they only sell disposables which is what my newly bought kit lacks of, I do have a detailed list of what’s included.
    I going to wait untill the makeup lessons really start (2 days or so LOL, first theory) to point this issue out at the school.
    I just can’t understand they told us not to use this kit for personal use but we just have one mascara and no disposable wands…
    We have makeup remover but not a brush cleanser… it just worries me the fact that they said “this is all you are going to need” I hope it was not completely true.

  5. KristineMarie Says:

    They may have those things at school;) Let’s hope so!

    Congrats again and good luck!;)

  6. Anna Says:

    Update on my MU school 😛 So they have told me the sponges are washable not disposable. That’s why we only have 2. BUT
    place to put foundation? palm of your hand
    hand sanitizer? we assume you come with your hands clean
    disposable mascara wands? we just can’t include every single thing in the kit or people would find it too expensive and wouldn’t want to study here (great… considering the prize of the kit, a few disposables wouldn’t hurt)

    at least they have told us how to clean brushes and sponges

    a couple more shocking things:

    foundation brush?never ever! we use sponges (wtf?)
    face primer? no! that doesn’t work at all (????)

    Apart from this it has been very informative. and thats all cuz I don’t want to hijack your blog at make it my own LOL ;)))))

  7. KristineMarie Says:

    Oh no! I am shocked actually. I am so glad I didn’t pay all that money for school as I was able to learn so much from working MUAS and put that money into my kit.

    You are welcome here or my inbox anytime. Thanks for the update. Perhaps write a review of your school and we can post it up here as a Guest spot on what to watch for etc. 😉


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