~ RIMMEL Soft Kohl Eye Kajal Pencils, A Review ~

September 26, 2009


What: Rimmel of London, Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencils. (NON-WATERPROOF)

Where: Can be purchased at Target.com, CVS.com, Ulta.com

Cost: Averages $3.75 USD

Packaging/Presentation: 1.2 gram pencil with removable cap

Purpose: Provide definition to upper and lower lashlines.  Make eyes look larger or smaller depending on use.

Application: Very easy. Pencil is creamy and meant to be smudged in for a softly defined look. No tugging or pulling. I advise small dashes close to lashlines and smudging with a small dense brush or qtip. Can be set for longer wear with an eyeshadow in a similar shade for a soft blurred effect.

Wear: Wears well, especially when set with a powder shadow in a similar shade. 

Recommended for: Soft and natural looks, smokey eye looks, everyday wear, those who enjoy variety in colors, affordability and accessibility. NOT recommended for use on waterline as it is not waterproof and will run.

Purchase Again?  I may purchase again. Not a *must have* for me with so many comparable brands available, but when on offer for BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE it is an unbeatable deal for pencils you can use daily. 


*A sharper line creates a thinner application and a blunt pencil will create a thicker line.

*You will need a sharpener for this pencil.

*Keep sanitary by lightly spritzing the tip with at least 70% Isopropyl alcohol once weekly and allowing to dry before recapping.

Jet Black-061 , Sable Brown-011, Green Shimmer-035 and Denim Blue-021


Several other colors are available. I also purchased the PURE WHITE-021 and use it in the inner tear duct area to lighten and brighten eyes on tired days.

Kristine Marie


2 Responses to “~ RIMMEL Soft Kohl Eye Kajal Pencils, A Review ~”

  1. Hi Kristine Marie,

    I’m interested in a makeup artist to come to my wedding site on November 7th. I’m not sure how many of my girls are interested in having their faces done, and some of them will decide based on how much it cost.

    Could you please email me to let me know if you are available this day and to give me an idea of what you charge? and maybe to tell me a little more about yourself?

    Katherine Lee

  2. KristineMarie Says:

    I will send a note tonight with some information as well as my direct line. Feel free to call for special offers for larger Bridal Parties. It would be my pleasure to assist;)


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