~ Tips to Wake Up A Tired Face ~

September 24, 2009

Have you ever spent just a liiiiittle too much time playing late at night?

Sure you have. We ALL have;) So, here are a few quick tips to helping you look a bit brighter and more awake when it’s time to go back to work in the morning;) Try a few and wow yourself with results!

*  Wake up your skin with a good morning rinse of warm water and finish up with  COLD water. This will get your blood circulating, tighten your pores and get your skin ready for some glowing.

* Add a luminizer to your foundation or moisturizer to give a hint of radiance to your  “stayed out too late” skin.A  few drops of BENEFIT HIGH BEAM pink luminizing liquid (($24 USD at Sephora and Ulta stores) blended into your product should do the trick!  

High Beam

* Optional Step – Benefit also makes a fabulous product called Lemon-aid. It is described as ” a soft yellow correcting cream that instantly hides redness and discoloration on your eyelids.”  I just call it a little miracle. Found at Sephora for $20 USD. Also can be used as an eyeshadow primer for those multi-taskers out there;) 

* Conceal the evidence… but beware of the reverse raccoon effect. Try to stick with a concealer that is no more than 1 shade lighter than your skin. Applying it with your fingertips will warm the product and allow it to better blend into your skin. Using your ring finger ( as it is the weakest of your fingers) gently pat the concealer in to problem spots and dark circles. Set with a very light dusting of powder. I use BEN NYE Nuetral set (See Reviews in the side menu for more information——->)

* Lighten up! Your eyes that is. Open tired eyes with a soft WHITE eye kohl pencil by lining the lower waterline. You can also add a touch the the inner tear duct area and gently blend it in with your fingertip.  This makes eyes not only appear brighter, but larger and more open. Let the sun shine IN! RIMMEL of London makes a creamy soft eye kohl for around $3.50 USD found at CVS, ULTA and TARGET stores. 

* Use a highlighter such a Benefit Eye Bright ($20 USD at Sephora.com) to wake up and life tired eyes. Dab a little in the inner corner of eyes, just under the eye, just under the browbone and to on the outer corner of eyes for a quick lift and bright, wide awake look. Another affordable option is the Sally Hansen all over Face brightener for around $8.99 USD  (CVS and Ulta) 


Eye Bright


* Add some blush. Using your fingers, dab a hint of your favorite pink toned cream blush or even lipstick to your cheeks. Don’t overdo this. Just a touch onto your apples and using 2 fingers (again, to warm up the product) blend in and back toward your temple. Pink adds a healthy look and is universally flattering on everyone. Sally Hansen makes great cream blushes inspired by the makeup artist Carmindy ( from TV’s  WHAT NOT TO WEAR show) and the color BLOOM is perfect for everyday.  Can also be used over a lip balm for a hint of  tint to get the most out of your $8.99 USD investment.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sheerest Cream Blush 1010-05 Bloom

* Show your smile and follow up with a nude or pink lipgloss. You can find some inexpensive mineral glosses in several beautiful shades at eyeslipsface.com. They are paraben free and have vitamins A and E , and are a steal at only $3 USD, so you can stock up. Au Natural and Pageant Princess are beautiful shades I love.  http://www.eyeslipsface.com/products_minerals.asp?dept_id=1396

* The smile just lifts the face and puts everyone in a brighter mood!

* Drink water!  Flushing your bodys toxins and hydrating properly will get your skin back on track. Until then, the steps above will help you fake it until you make it there;)


So there you have it. A few tricks to add to your routine when you play hard and work hard. Enjoy these tips and try one, or all of them to wake up the overtired party girl in you;)




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