~ Using MAC Pigments ~

September 19, 2009

Pigments are basically highly condensed cosmetic powders. Most commonly known for their extreme colour payoff in eyeshadow use, they are not often enough used to their full potential. Here are a few basics on how to maximize the use of your pigments, followed by where you can purchase them.

MAC Pigment

Eyeshadow – Used dry they are true to colour and long lasting when used over a good eyeshadow primer. Use like any other loose shadow making sure to tap excess off your brush before applying. Use wet (do not soak, just dampen brush with water, Fix+, Visine or a mixing medium) before or after picking up colour) to maximize the vibrancy and staying power of your shadow.

Eyeliner – Again, use a mixing medium (listed above) to dampen brush. Pick up colour, tap excess and line those peepers.

Eyebrow Filler – Use dry with your favorite brow filler brush, tap off excess, and fill in brows. Add a touch of a highlighting colour just under the arch of your brow for an immediate eye lift. Use a colour one or two shades lighter than your brows for a natural look, or go deeper or more exotic for a night out.

* Not all pigments are safe for eye areas, so please be sure to check product information before purchasing or applying near eyes.

Highlighter – Use dry for highlighting above or below browbone, tops of cheekbones, center of nose, chin, cupids bow, forehead and or any other area you want to bring attention to. Use neutral/skin tone colours for best results. (MAC’s Provence, White and Vanilla are great for this)

Lipgloss – Mix a hint of pigment with clear gloss, lipbalm or vaseline to make a beautiful gloss. You can also place lip product on first, and tap colour on to your desired intensity. Use any shade you are feeling. Deep shades in berry are hot this fall;)  

Blush – Using your ring finger you can put a dot or two of pigment onto the apples of your cheeks and blend in for a beautiful flush. You can also mix with a bit of facial moisturizer and apply with your fingers as you would any cream blush. Use pinks, corals and bronzes for natural results or magentas, plums and reds for something dramatic and bold.

Nail Polish – Simply drop some colour into a clear nail polish to have a perfect match to shadows, blushes or lipglosses. Mix colors for a unique signature colour all your own;)

Body Lotions/Sprays – Just a bit of pigment in your favorite lotion or spray will give your skin a shimmery glow.  (MAC’s Vanilla, Jardin Aires and Gold Mode work beautifully for this!)

Hair Products – Pigment added to your hairspray, gel, wax or pomade can give you shimmer, colour or both. Have fun with this;)

** My favorites are MAC’s  Vanilla, Gold Mode, and Rose. With these 3 colours, you can complete an entire look. 


MAC is known for it’s quality pigments and the 7.5 gram jars you see pictured will last forever at a retail price of $19.50 USD.  Unfortunately, many complain that they simply don’t use them enough for them to be worthwhile so hopefully this entry will change that. A few strategically chosen pigments can stretch your cosmetic dollars if you utilize these ideas. 

If  you want to try other brands you could look into colours offered by NYX, Loreal HIP, Urban Decay, Barry M, Obsessive Compulsive, Medusas makeup , Makeup Forever and more. Samples are also a great, inexpensive way to try pigments without breaking the bank. Deal with  reliable seller you trust.



2 Responses to “~ Using MAC Pigments ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    I had nooo idea of all the uses for them! wow! i have some jesse’s girl pigments from rite aid (pretty much all can afford now) but i may be getting some by heavenly naturals through etsy.com

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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