~ Fall Beauty Trends 2009 ~

September 19, 2009

This Fall, the trend predictions are not only in, but are being seen coming to life everywhere. From runways to hallways, the looks are dramatic and rich and offer a sense of mystery…

Richard Phillips

(Photo by Richard Philips/MAC cosmetics) 

Here are a few tips to help you fit in with even the trendiest of runway models and some recommendations for affordable/accessible  products that won’t break the bank;)

1. Stick with a sheer matte foundation, or use a light dusting of translucent powder over your current tinted moisturizer from summer. This allows you to still show your skin, but keep the shine away. You want a simple, clean and even canvas for the beautiful color pallet of fall without the distractions of excess shine or too much coverage.

Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturizer  by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/SoftSheerTintedmoisturizer/

Perfect Light Loose Powder by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/PerfectLightLoosePowder/

2. Keep your eyebrows in! Stop plucking. Youthful full eyebrows are all the rage, so fill yours in with a natural colored shadow (1-2 shades lighter than your brows for dark hair and 1-2 shades darker for light hair) and use a brow gel to keep everything in place.

Brow Pencil By Boots – http://www.us.boots.com/BeautifulBrows/

Brow and Lash Groomer by Boots – http://www.us.boots.com/LashAndBrowPerfector/

3. Rich fall colors are in so stick with Greens, Golds and Greys. Play up the season and go deep with the colors. Don’t forget a deep colored liner extended out straight (not curved up in a traditional cat eye) and a coat or two of dark mascara to play up those intense new peepers;)

Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/StayPerfectShadowPalette/

Amazing Eye Pencil by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/AmazingEyesPencil/

Lash 360 Mascara by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/Lash360Mascara/

4. Full lips in matte shades of wine, berry and more. Line lips to create fullness and fill in with your favorite new seasonal shade. Play up the plums or rev up your nights with red.

Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/StayPerfectLipLacquer/

5. Blush it on with a darker shade under cheekbones ( 1-2 shades darker than your skintone) and a pop of light rosy color on the apples. Contouring is back, so start reshaping those faces for fall;)

Natural Blush Cheek Color by BOOTS – http://www.us.boots.com/NaturallBlushCheekcolor/Natural Blush Cheek Color

Beauty professionals suggest one focus feature to play it way up, while keeping the other features more toned down. For example, a dramatic eye calls for a more neutral lip, and a Dramatic lip calls for a more neutral eye. You want to command attention, not overpower . 

Enjoy these tips and try some new looks on your own, or contact me for an affordable Fall Makeover or Makeup lesson. All lessons include basic instruction sheets, skin care tips, samples, and a personal shopping list to customize your new look as well as your budget. Group Makeup Lessons also available. Perfect for bridal showers or a Ladies Night In. 

Kristine Marie


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