~ Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, A Review ~

September 8, 2009

Urban Decay , known for it’s top quality Eye Primer, has recently offered a few new primer products including an all over face primer and the lip primer (pictured above). What’s a primer you ask? Well, in the simplest of explanations, a primer is a product designed to seal, smooth and prepare the skin for cosmetics giving a smoother application and longer wear. Perfect for days when you want a budge-proof result. Think of primer products as underwear for your makeup;)

I picked up the handy dandy Lip Primer in an effort to make my “cheap” lipcolors stay on a bit longer. I have been experimenting with my Lip Primer and different products from lipcolors to lipglosses and have been quite impressed.

The packaging is classic Urban Decay style -A trendy looking slim metallic tube with the signature purple design and etched design. The product itself is a cream color bullet that twists up and out. It is a bit thick..the consistency of a wax based balm. With a little pressure, this slides right on…invisibly.

I expected it to feel drying, but to my surprise, it was not. I will stress the importance of exfoliated and well moisturized lips to make this your result as well. The product does contain vitamins A, C and nourishing E as well as an SPF of 15.

I usually give it a few moments to set in as I press my lips together gently, then apply my lipcolor on as usual. My lipcolor seems more vibrant, goes on smoother and lasts SO much longer without touch ups. No cracking, fading, or bleeding. I am impressed!

You can find this product here:

So, stop wasting money on buying more lip products. Get the one that makes them all worthwhile and turn any everyday lip product into an *All Day* Product;)

Kristine Marie


2 Responses to “~ Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, A Review ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    wow, this sounds great, i had no idea about it until you mentioned it on a toopic.

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