~ Make Lipstick Last Longer ~

August 21, 2009

Your favorite lipcolor formulation wearing down before you do? Here are a few steps toward making the most of your lipcolor. I will warn, this is drying to some, so it may not be ideal for everyday wear. Results do vary, so try this method and see how it works for you.

First, exfoliate lips a  few times a week. You can do this by gently rubbing a washcloth over them, or using your toothbrush to refresh them and remove dead skin. Immediately after, apply your favorite lip moisturizer , balm or Vaseline and allow it about 10 minutes to settle in. 

When you are ready to apply lipcolor, gently pat your lips dry of excess moisture, but do not rub them. You want them moist, but not wet. A soft tissue and pressing motions should do the trick just fine.

Now, you can apply a Lip Primer if you have one. Go lightly. You do not want “slick lips”. I prefer the new Urban Decay Lip Primer potion (Sephora stores / $20 USD) . This is not necessary, but can improve results.

Next, apply your favorite lipliner. Aim for a shade or two lighter than the lipcolor you will wear. Outline the shape you desire and fill in the lip completely. Then work it into your lips by gently pressing your lips together. Now you are ready for lipcolor.

Apply lipcolor and gently press lips together to work it in. Then blot excess on a tissue. Next, lightly apply a colorless setting powder over your lips. I prefer to use BEN NYE NEUTRAL SET, but any colorless formula will do. Now, reapply your lipcolor as normal and gloss if you prefer.

As with ANY product, layering is essential to long wear, so repeat application and set steps as desired. By following the basic steps above, you will find your lipcolor lasting longer than ever before.

Now, keep in mind, all formulations of lipcolor are NOT created equal, so results will vary. As always, be sure to completely remove all makeup at the end of the day (or eve) and apply a generous amount of lip moisturizer to replenish your precious pout. 


Kristine Marie


2 Responses to “~ Make Lipstick Last Longer ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    Very great tips. I really need to exfoliate my lips so thanks for that advice, and i’m glad i read about the lipliner, i’ve always tended to go darker, lol

  2. KristineMarie Says:

    That darker color idea stems from an old trend that never did look quite right;) Don’t worry though. MANY still think that is the solution. I minimize looks with clear or flesh toned liners as often as possible, but since there are no “rules” in makeup, we all do what we think is best;)

    The apply, blot, powder trick is an old Hollywood method that still holds true. It is part of my daily routine so I don’t have to keep relying on longwear colors and don’t have to stop to always reapply;)

    And, I learned it from my mother! 😉

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