~ COASTAL SCENTS 78 Pallet, A Review ~

August 9, 2009

I always hear so much about Coastal Scents products. Since they are more affordable then most, makeup snobs like me tend to worry about quality. Reason being I would rather spend twice as much and know a product will perform to my standard than spend half as much and find that it doesn’t. Simple.

So, after many many months and mentions, I finally broke down and made a Coastal Scents order. One of the items I purchased was the 78 Pallet  pictured here:



Now, I opened this immediately and the first thing I noticed was the nice case is was all enclosed in. A9 inch by 7 inch ( not exact, but close)  hard, matte black plastic that carries the Coastal Scents name on the front. Inside, I found a thin layer of flexible clear plastic covering the shadows. All were intact and vibrant. The top/inside of the pallet also has a handy mirror and 2 double sided sponge tip applicators I will never use;)  

I began by applying some TOO FACED eyeshadow primer to the back of my hand and swatching a few of the shades from each color family. While some of the shadows are very powdery, most are easy to work with. The pigmentation is amazing and more than I expected.

The color range is fabulous for those who love to experiment with different looks. Shades of yellow, gold, brown, purples, pinks, blues, greens and several great highlighting colors are included to total 60 dime sized shadows. Textures vary from creamy to powdery, matte to frosty and everything in between.

The pallet also has quite a few colors (12 shades) that can be used as liners or additional shadows including black and grey for those smokey looks.

You will also see several ( Six total) blush shades in pinks, coral and peach and a very neutral shade as well. Use a small brush when swiping though, else end up with smudges of the liners on your face too (due to the close location in the pallet) .

I find I use this pallet when experimenting by mixing shades and mostly when working with teens and young adults. The various colors and textures are very appealing to this age group  (16-24) and the product itself is affordable and makes a great gift for them, or anyone starting to really spread their makeup wings;) To make the most of the pigmentation though, I do recommend an EYE PRIMER such as URBAN DECAY Primer Potion, TOO FACED Shadow insurance, or even a store based brand such as SEPHORA. Any eye primer should do the trick;)

I recommend this pallet  for anyone who wants a large variety of moderate quality shadows and blushes at a low cost. To top it off, it shipped fast and was in one safe, well packed piece upon arrival. I have placed several orders with this company in the past year and never had a problem. 

All in all, a great deal and priced around $18.95 USD. You can find this hot little number at:



Kristine Marie


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