~ ELF Makeup Brushes, A Review ~

August 3, 2009

I must admit. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to certain things and I have rarely found brushes that meet my demands the way MAC or SIGMA or other quality brushes do…but I TRY to keep an open mind.

Sure, I was hesitant to order brushes from ELF ( eyeslipsface.com) because of the low cost. Now, when I say low, I am not kidding. Almost all products from ELF are one dollar. Yes, $1 USD

My teens are always asking about ELF since it is so affordable to them, so while stocking up on some other basics ( ie; blotting papers, clear lipgloss, handheld mirrors to give to my teens as free gifts etc..) I decided I would pay a few extra bucks and test drive a few ELF brushes. Keep in mind, I did not purchase the STUDIO collection brushes which cost a bit more, but the basic brushes that are only $1 USD.

The brushes I chose to try were:

Flat Eyeliner Brush – It’s ok. Pretty stiff with no give at ALL. Maybe with a few more washings it will soften a little and my teenager can get some use of it.  I am hopeful, but not holding my breath. 

2 Blending Eye Brushes – Totally misrepresented. These brushes look NOTHING like the fluffy brushes on the ELF website. They look like a larger version of a crease brush. Dense and not the best for a soft blend due to the way it is more tapered than flared.  Oh, and did I mention both of them were broken? The top comes right off at the ferrule. 

Eyeshadow Brush – Brush intact, but hairs not as clean looking and neat as the representation on the ELF site. More fluffy than dense. It applies color, but so does my finger. I can’t say much more for this brush. Just disappointing overall.

Defining Eye Brush – I found this one at my local dollar type store. Brush intact so far, and this one actually isn’t terrible. I may let my teenager keep this one. She doesn’t seem to notice the brush quality the same way I do nor does she need professional quality brushes to do makeup on other people like I do.

Brow Brush and Comb – Broken at the ferrule. Do these people know what GLUE is?

Now I KNOW what some people are thinking….

“Why complain about something that only costs $1?”  

Well, thats easy. If it will not be used, then it is actually a total of $6 USD not including shipping costs and tax , not to mention if this happened to me everytime I put faith in what a website advertises it would end up costing me hundreds. If it is broken, not what I saw on the website or doesn’t function then it isn’t worth a penny, nor a dollar. Luckily this experience has kept me from placing another order from ELF until the matter is dealt with and made me a bit more skeptical about the overall quality of other products. 

Now, what I will say is that if you are on a super duper tight budget and want to give them a whirl for your personal makeup application, go for it. Buy some Superglue as well, just in case. But, for my standard and the standard of clients, I will not be budget conscience when my job , reputation and end result relies on quality. 

I will be contacting ELF cosmetics and telling them what I think and hoping they do the right thing by refunding my few dollars, or at least crediting me for my next order of blotting sheets and clear lip gloss. I suppose you can’t mess those up no matter how cheap they are;)

Kristine Marie


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