~ MODEL21 False Lashes, A Review ~

August 2, 2009

Although I am personally not a huge fan of daily false lash use, they are quite pretty when added for a more dramatic ‘going out’ look,  photo shoots, weddings or any other special time where a hint of drama is desired for your eyes. Personally, I use a few individual lashes just on the outside/upper corner for a flirty flair, but found a great deal on full strip lashes I’d like to share with you.

MODEL21 lashes were recommended to me by a fellow MUA in Richmond who uses them frequently. On her advice,  I did purchase a ten pack for $8.99 USD. That is a SUBSTANTIAL savings considering MODLASH and ARDELL strips are about $3-4 each or more, and come with some serious overpackaging. Best of all? My seller shipped them FREE.  Yeah, thats right – I said FREE! 

I ordered mine from a seller with excellent history and feedback on Ebay ( LUCKSTER7 ) and they arrived within 2 or 3 days. I have worn them a few times now and am impressed with the staying power. These lashes come in a no-frills package and you will have to cut the lashes in half to make a set. (It has 10 very LONG uni-lash strips) The ‘no5-c’ lashes I chose for my first order of MODEL21 lashes were long and very light and natural looking. They weren’t glued onto the packing like some and were really easy to bend and apply.

Personally, I don’t use eyelash glue per say..I only use DUO surgical adhesive found in most drugstores and on MAC cosmetics’ website. Not only did they look pretty and natural (they are made from sanitized human hair) , but they felt light, blended in with my own lashes easily and lasted all day. Best of all, they were easy to pull off. While I don’t re-use my lashes, I have been told they are re-usable for a few times if kept clean and sanitized and depending on if you use mascara on them etc.  

The only thing I didn’t like was that the set I received were purple. That’s right. I said “Purple”. Although it wasn’t THAT noticeable and not noticeable at all once they were coated in mascara, I was a bit disappointed in myself for not noticing the fine print on the site description for the ones I chose. Next time I will be more careful though;)

So, just make sure when you order to choose the color that works for you. Black is universal for drama and depth, but never overlook brown for  daily natural look if you are a blonde, redhead or medium-light brunette;)

All in all, for 9 bucks, 10 sets of lashes, long lasting wear, fast shipping and a beautiful look –  I was pretty pleased. Model21 lashes come in every color, style , volume and  length you can imagine so enjoy!

Kristine Marie



If you have never worn false lashes and are intimidated at the process of choosing them, applying them etc, please note that I am available for full makeup lessons, or Eyelash application/lessons. I am available to come to you, offer affordable rates and suggest having a few girlfriends over to share the fee and fun. Everyone in attendance (up to 4 people) will receive a free gift. Contact me via the comments for details.


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