~ Make Blush Last All Day ~

July 27, 2009

Ever notice how one of the first things to disappear from your makeup look is your blush? What a shame since blush is the balancing act between your eyes and lips and what really makes you look alive and healthy while giving a bit of shape and dimension to your face.

Here are a few tips to make sure that healthy look stays all day…and maybe even into the night for you super social butterflies…

First, make sure that you are always applying a PRIMER before applying foundation to make sure that the products you apply afterward have a base to adhere to. SMASHBOX makes an excellent primer, and drugstore brands work as well. RIMMEL is a good example of a brand that is easily accessible and affordable.

Once foundation is applied, do NOT set it with powder just yet….

Now, for this next step you will want to invest in a good cream blush or cream color base.

My Pick: MAC makes an excellent cream color base that I prefer because I have oily skin. I find that the cream blush is more slick and best suited for dryer skins but that is only my experience and preference.

Using your clean fingers, touch a small bit of product to the apple of your cheek and blend in slowly and evenly. The heat from your skin will warm the cream and help this process.

Thought: Try this process out on a day off or weekend to give yourself a little practice before attempting this half awake and getting ready for work in a rush;)

If you overdo it (it happens!) simply take a damp cosmetic sponge and gently dab off the parts that have excess and/or swipe the edges that may have gone a bit too far. If you have REALLY overdone it, use a bit of your foundation on the sponge to clean up and around the area;)

Once satisfied with the amount and placement, you can apply your favorite powder blush shade…

My Picks: MAC TENDERLING is a great pink shade for light skin tones, SECRET BLUSH by MAC is one I recommend for medium/tan skin tones and MAC FLIRT & TEASE is a great plummy color for dark skin tones. 

Just touch the blush brush onto the color  but do NOT swipe it back and forth or you will likely end up with too much product. It is always easier to add than take away;)   Now, tap off any excess and gently TOUCH the color down onto the apple of your cheek. With the same gentle touch-down motion, work your way back and slightly up toward the temple. Then blend it in well.

Go slowly with even strokes. Be mindful that you aren’t moving it all over your cheek so you don’t end up looking like you are ready to perform in a circus event;) We have all done it. We have all witnessed it. Not pretty…;)

Now, you can set it all with a setting powder. I prefer BEN NYE translucent set powder and MAC also makes a wonderful translucent set powder. For you mineral lovers, BARE ESCENTUALS’ Mineral Veil is also a wonderful option.

And there you have it! Blush to last all day;)

Layering is an age old trick to achieving long wear in makeup and blush is no different. For natural looks, using a cream colored base in a very neutral light color will allow your blush color to be natural and last longer. Using a darker cream color  base with give more depth for a more dramatic or evening look. 

Now, less touch ups through the day, less makeup to haul around in your bag and more bang for your blush-bucks. Smile! You saved money and didn’t even have to switch to Geico!

Kristine Marie


6 Responses to “~ Make Blush Last All Day ~”

  1. AJ Says:

    I too am a makeup artist, a freelance makeup artist and primer is essential to long lasting makeup. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion for a eye primer, have you tried that?

    You can check out pics on my blog at makeupbliss-makeupbliss.blogspot.com/

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Yes. On eye looks, Urban Decay Primer Potion is a great product:)

      I have found that I now prefer TOOFACED Eye Insurance as I am able to get all the product from the tube, save on disposables and still keep the product sanitary;)

      Thanks for stopping in! I’m happy to check out your blog;)


  2. I Lopez Says:

    I’ll have to try this 😉 does it work as well with drug store brands, nyx, etc?

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I did this method today using my Sally Hansen cream blush ( by Carmindy) and topped it off with a Blush from my Coastal Scents Pallet and then some mineralized skinfinish in Refined by MAC. Low and behold, it is 730pm, I just came in from dinner and it is holding on strong;) Blend well and choose colors you enjoy and you can’t go wrong;)

  3. I lopez Says:

    i tried this using a powder with some color (like an msf and it washed out the blush. but i ddidn’t use a ccb or cream blush .

    also, is mac’s prep and prime translucent powder silicone based? i’m not really sure what silicon based means… thanks again 🙂

  4. KristineMarie Says:

    The trick to making it work is using products recommended such as the Cream Base or Cream Blushers. Much like a primer is to foundation, the base is to the blush. I also finish with no-color powders so as not to wash out the blush pigmentation. When using full coverage foundation, I am not a personal fan of using any powder with additional color/coverage since that is the job of the foundation to begin with. If someone needs more coverage than a full coverage foundation…then, I think they need a better foundation;) I am loving the MUFE Mat Velvet as of late and while I haven’t received mine yet…the Illamasqua is getting rave reviews for it’s unheard of coverage;)

    On the MAC P and P powder, it does contain Silica which acts as an absorbant and opacifying agent amongst other qualities. It is also used as a conditioning agent and suspension agent in other variations and formulations. Basically, it offers a blurred look which softens the face and absorbs oil thus, “setting” your makeup;) I love mine;)

    Hope this helps;)

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