~ Free Senior Portrait Trial Makeup and TIPS ~

July 12, 2009

Yes it is that time again…SENIOR PORTRAITS are coming soon!

I vividly recall the skin issues of teenager-dom and the anxiety over photos when the time came, but keep a few things in mind in the weeks preceding your photos.

1. Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated and flush your system of toxins. It sounds simple, but it does help if you are diligent. 6-8 glasses a day or the equivalent of 3-4 bottled waters a day. 

2. Wash daily but do not OVERWASH your skin. Yes, it IS possible to overwash. If you are doing this, you will strip your natural oils and your body will begin working overtime to produce MORE oil to compensate. Avoid this cycle by washing ONCE in the evening before bed and rinsing well in the morning or vice/versa. Choose a cleanser with properties for YOUR skin type. Gels usually work best on oily skin and Creams usually work best on dry. For those with noticeable pores, a light toner applied over skin (after washing) with a cotton pad will help ease the appearance.

3. ALL skin NEEDS moisture! Yes, EVEN YOU OILY SKIN PEOPLE (like me!) I personally use a very affordable oil-free moisturizer by NUETROGENA and I also like CETAPHIL,  PROACTIVE Moisturizers as well as products by DERMALOGICA. 

4. A deep cleansing mask once a week is sufficient and a once a week light exfoliation. ( I do one Monday and one Thursday) It will keep your skin clean and renewing itself thus showing off the newest, brightest & freshest skin your face has to offer. 

5. When applying makeup, go as light and natural as possible. Conceal ONLY the areas that need coverage and let the rest breathe. Caking on a lot of makeup to cover all your skin often results in uneven skin texture, and if products aren’t chosen carefully… a ghostly white face;(  Also make sure to NEVER sleep in your makeup..always remove it before bed or when it is not needed. I prefer MAC makeup wipes, but any will do. PONDS, ALMAY and EVERYDAY MINERALS  make very gentle makeup remover wipes that are very affordable.

And finally, BOYS can get makeup too! I am happy to do spot concealing on boys who are concerned about skin discoloration and blemishes. It is very common and NOTHING to be embarrassed about. 

Your pictures will last forever. Don’t you want to look your best? If so,  see the “looks” section of my site for examples of some of my work and contact me if interested in sampling my work  for FREE before your photos. No cost and no commitment. Parental permission required for all those under the age of 18. 

Good luck !

Kristine Marie

Check out some recent looks here:



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