~ Sigma Makeup Brush Review~

July 11, 2009

Always on the hunt to stay updated on what is out there, I decided about 2 months ago to finally make a small investment in the SIGMA makeup brushes.  I am often asked to make affordable recommendations on brush sets and this was one of the sets I had not yet tried. (More to come on others later)

Since the full set  (12 in total) was not available and hasn’t been for some time,  I settled for purchasing the FACE & EYE brush set for $49 USD just so I could test the overall quality.

It consists of 6 brushes in total. They are:

SS-150 Large fluffy face brush – for all over face powder products or blusher/bronzers

SS-187 A Stippling brush excellent for liquid foundation application and can also be used for blush or powder face products

SS-239 is an all purpose dense eyeshadow brush but works especially well for packing on color to the lid

 SS-219 is a pencil shaped eyeshadow brush that can be used for defining that Outer “V” shape, packing color into the crease, lining the lashlines and smudging eyeliners. 

SS-224 Is a fluffy blending brush perfect for light application of color to the crease as well as blending and contouring of some areas.

ss-182 Kabuki brush is a multi-purpose brush that can be used for mineral foundations, any type of face powders and as an all over blending brush.

Now, I found the idea of naming their brushes after the MAC brushes rather un-original, but for the sake of recognition and marketing I am sure they  ( SIGMA) thought the idea was perfect. Personally, I wouldn’t like it if someone took my idea for profit;( 

As far as the quality of the product ( what realllllly matters) I have personally found them to be quite comparable to the MAC brushes they are named for. I have used them quite a bit recently to really break them in and washed them a few times ( I use SOFTSOAP moisturizing handsoap) and they have not shed or bled color in the least. The hair used is very soft and claimed to be natural bristles (meaning real hair and not synthetic).

What I do not like about them is that the handles seem to be thicker…not that it is a big deal but when you wear a brush belt or have a brush holder, it is a pain when your brushes wont fit. The larger of the brushes (ss150, 187) stretch my brushbelt and brushroll and wear them down faster. 

In defense of SIGMA, they do have their OWN brushroll, and one even comes with a full set  but if they were going to copy the MAC name and capitalize off of remaking their brushes, why not make them fit the MAC brushrolls and belts too? Just one of those little things I suppose.

So, all in all, they do the job and in comparison to MAC prices, they fit into the budget for most. If you are a beginner  and need a starter set or seasoned makeup junkie and need a backup set , these brushes (so far) are more than worth the investment.

Kristine Marie

To the folks at SIGMA MAKEUP, please be more consistent about your stock. While the price may be nice, the wait is enough to make the eye wander;) Especially for those of us with a continuous need for brushes.  Also, the inconsistencies  are enough to make some question your business ethic. For example – I find it odd that the full set is available when you opt to pay more for the one with the brushroll, but is “out of stock” when you opt for the less expensive set that doesn’t have the brushroll. So, the question is – Do you have the full brush sets or not?

**Please see updated SIGMA info on price increase in the sidebar—->)


8 Responses to “~ Sigma Makeup Brush Review~”

  1. simone Says:

    Thank you for your review. We now re-stock every 15 days. The kit without brush roll is out of stock, and will be back at the end of this week. I don’t see an ethics issue in this case, it just happens that we have a stock of kits with and without brush roll and one of them is not available at this time. As simple as that. Thank you for the tip regarding the thickness of the handle and the issue with the brush belt – that may be my future project. Simone

  2. Umber H Says:

    From the looks of Sigma brushes, I am way interested. Can anyone tell me if they are using natural hair, i.e. goat hair or whatever kind of natural hair MAC uses which gives the brushe it’s softness? (besides the ones that are synthethic)

    • KristineMarie Says:

      Well, I can say the brushes are just as soft as my mac brushes, though I had other issues with my brushes (splayed hairs, handle/ferrule coming apart) and no matter how soft the brushes are, broken ones just don’t get the job done;(

      Jury is out on what type of “natural” hair they use, but you can try to email them and see if you get a response.

      For multiple reasons I have not ordered any additional brushes from them. I wish you the best of luck if you do.


      • Jaime Says:

        May I ask why you wouldn’t buy from them again?

        I’m debating over this and Sephora brushes… :/

      • KristineMarie Says:

        Within the first week, one of my brushes came apart, a couple had splayed hairs that really puts a damper on precision work and several of my brushes shed like crazy after just 1-2 washes. They were nice for a short time ( in terms of quality and price) but quickly showed that with consistent use they couldn’t stand up to other brands I have. Perhaps I had bad batch, but I won’t risk another one. Just my experience.

        While I do pay a larger pricetag for MAC and other brushes, I find that overall, I spend less in replacing brushes by purchasing ones of (IMO) better quality.

        FWIW, I have several Sephora brushes and they have done very well. With so many options out there, I understand the difficulty of choosing. Crown brush also has great options for single brushes, so they may be worth looking into as well.

        No matter your choice in brushes, best of luck and thanks for stopping in;)


      • Jaime Says:

        Oh really? Do Crown brushes shed like the Sigma brushes? I have some Sephora ones and they are doing well too. 🙂 Thanks for answering.

  3. Joyce Says:

    Nice review! I’ve a question; what means SS?

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I would think it had something to do with the SIGMA brand beginning with the same letter. I am not an authority on the brand though and not quite sure the purpose of the “ss” other than to differentiate them from they MAC brushes they were copied from.

      That’s my best guess:)

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