~ BEN NYE Powder Rouge Palette, A Review ~

July 11, 2009

I purchased this 8 well palette about 3 weeks ago from a Theatre and Costume supply store close to my home. I recognized the BEN NYE  brand and always associated it with Theatrical style makeup, but hadn’t taken time to explore BEN NYE in terms of everyday makeup. After reading a few reviews of some of the eyeshadows, I decided to explore some other products in the line. The rouge palette was one of them…


With 7 blush colors and a designated contour shade, I have found this palette to be very versatile and useful for my makeup artistry on a number of clients so far, and the feedback they have given is quite positive. At a purchase price of  about $43 USD, I feel it is a bargain in comparison with MAC blush, which retails for about $15 USD per pan. When comparing 8 BEN NYE shades to 8 MAC shades, the cost difference is about $75 USD, not to include what you will pay for a MAC palette.

But, for me, when you can find what you need at an affordable price, you tend to skip the marked up name brands and go with what works.

As far as quality, I couldn’t be more pleased. Unlike some dry blush, it does not take several “swipes” to get product onto the brush. I learned this the hard way when experimenting on myself;) It only takes one “touch” to the color well and the color payoff is AMAZING. You can build color by adding more. I was skeptical about the RED and FUSCHIA in the palette, but amazingly, they are very useable shades when applied properly.

Another great thing is the palette is crafted of an  EXTREMELY durable hard cardboard. Not flimsy AT ALL and no worries of breaking a hard plastic palette. This palette can handle being tossed in and out of makeup bags and still protect the valuable pans of color inside with NO PROBLEM.

It is also refillable with single color shades from BEN NYE that average around $6 USD. So, if you prefer to design your own custom palette, you can purchase an empty 8 well for about $6 USD and pick the shades you want/need. How convenient!

Another plus – The contour shade in this palette is simply named “CONTOUR 1” and it is FABULOUS.  It blends well and provides perfect contour on light to medium skin tones.  The color is a bit lighter than MAC BLUNT (which when swatched side by side the MAC  appears more of a deep reddish brown). So, if you have found that MAC BLUNT is just a tad too dark to contour with, then BEN NYE Contour 1 is a great shade to try.

As far as lasting power, well…BEN NYE was created for the stage. You know – The Stage of a Theatre with it’s hot lights beating down and actor perspiration from being under those hot lights. I figured if it worked for those folks, it would work for Bridal to everyday looks. I figured right;) 

I would suggest this to anyone who seeks a variety of blushes, excellent quality and color payoff, convenient and durable storage and an affordable price.  For personal use, or for the makeup artist kit , you simply can’t go wrong with BEN NYE ROUGE. I have also included a link to the location where I purchased my palette as well as other BEN NYE items.


Questions or comments? Let me know, and as always, feel free to subscribe for auto email updates;) 

Kristine Marie


2 Responses to “~ BEN NYE Powder Rouge Palette, A Review ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    i really want this product as well. thanks for sharing. i’m just trying to decide if i should buy the premade one or not cause i’m not too sure about the light shades and red one .

    • KristineMarie Says:

      I completely understand as I felt the same way until I swatched them. I couldn’t pass up the pigmentation, and I learned to work with them and make the most of the quality and price;) The red ( I have found ) makes a great stain. Simply pat some on over lip balm and you instantly have a pretty pale red pout;) Just light enough to be appropriate for everyday wear;)

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