~ Teen Fun Look ~

July 9, 2009

This young lady is a 15 year old who is spending her summer enjoying the much needed break and having some fun;) Tonight was *Skating Night*, and she really wanted to stand out in the dimly lit skating rink. She mentioned liking bright colors like Aquas, Blue and Purple as well as a lot of shimmer…and luckily, some handy URBAN DECAY Pallets are just perfect for that… 

Her main concerns were her pale complexion, her skin texture (acne) and some blackheads and pores around her nose and cheek area. Also , significant redness.

Many of us can recall and sympathize with those teen years when our skin did crazy things, but we were able to take some time talking about good skin care, correctors, concealers, primer and a good foundation can help create the canvas we want to add the colorful fun makeup to;)

We began with a clean, toned, moisturized face and here is the before…















And here is the final “FUN LOOK”…


















It’s been a jam packed day, and I will be updating the product lists for this look very soon. Stay tuned, subscribe for automatic updates and thanks for visiting!

Kristine Marie


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