~ Upcoming Reviews ~

July 5, 2009

I have had a few inquiries as to what I am going to review and why and honestly, there is no rhyme nor reason as to how I come up with the order. I do have experience with many brands and many products, so I will be sharing them as often as I can.

Some things that I have on my list coming up are:

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (yes, another MAC foundation..)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor

BEN NYE Concealer Pallete

BEN NYE Rouge Pallete (8 colours)  

BEN NYE Translucent Nuetral Set Powder

BEN NYE Lip Goss Pallete

MAX Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor

LOREAL HIP Duos (eyeshadow)

NYX Jumbo Cream Eyeshadow pencils

Wet N Wild Cream Eyeshadow pencils

SIGMA Makeup Brushes

and so, so , SO much more…

I must admit, I am quite the MAC junkie but not a MAC snob. I do prefer many of their products but stress that there are MANY MANY other QUALITY offerings on the market in all price ranges worth trying and using. I make it a point to always try new things and some of my favorite items are actually the cheapest ( for example: PALLADIO makes a jumbo lipgloss crayon I cannot live without. Sold at Ulta and costs about 2 or 3 USD)  So , I will change up the reviews so as to reflect products from all financial ranges for the beginners as well as the seasoned and makeup junkies with a preference for the brands geared toward makeup artists;)

I do appreciate the notes and inquiries and support and will have my services section coming soon. For now, much to do and reviews to write!

If you have a specific review request, general question, comment or suggestion…please drop a comment and let me know. I will do my best to address it;)

Kristine Marie


7 Responses to “~ Upcoming Reviews ~”

  1. I Lopez Says:

    I’d love to know about good eye creams that help prevent/lessen the look of under eye lines:) i’ve heard of the olay x cream (i think is the name) being good but it’s pricey.

    I’d also love to know about options for highlighting because I’m not sure about using glittery products like mac’s ccb since my pores are large 😦


  2. KristineMarie Says:

    Boots no7 (found at Target stores) has a beauty serum called “Protect and Perfect” in two versions. Regular and Intensive. It also has matching eye and lip formulas as well as a day and night moisturizer. Research has found that it works. Google for more information;)

    CCB is one of those things designed for minimal use and since most pores appear toward the center of your face, and CCB is usually applied on the high planes, this should not attract unwanted attention to, but rather away from your areas of concern. Aim for tops of cheekbones, browbone and just above the cupids bow to start;) MSF’s look BEAUTIFUL over the CCB’s! I love REFINED;) Its my favorite;)

    OLAY regenerist does have a wonderful line of antiaging products as well, though the range is a bit higher than BOOTS no7, but check reviews and look at your budget and try to incorporate a line of care, not just a select product for best results:)

    I have pores too;) I completely understand;)

    Your questions are all great ones;) Thank you and keep them coming!

  3. Anna Says:

    I haven’t seen much (or any) Make Up For Ever on your blog 😛 I love love love their HD foundation and prefer their matte eyeshadows over MAC’s. Just wondering if you tried MUFE and what do you think.

  4. I lopez Says:

    i would also love to hear about the MUFE line. i really wanna get some of their e/s at least since it’s very pricey:(

  5. KristineMarie Says:

    To be quite honest Anna, I have a limited experience with MUFE. I have used their Aqua Eyes Pencils, Lipliners, The matte velvet foundation and the concealers. I am impressed with every item I have ever purchased. Aside of that, I have only swatched the shadows and I do agree, the pigmentation is phenomenal from what I can see.

    I just haven’t taken the time to really go all out and start filling pallets yet. In due time I will be adding more to my MUFE collection, but with so much out there, it would take a lifetime and an unlimited budget to try it all;)

    Check back soon if you are interested in my thoughts on the MUFE Velvet Matte foundation. I will be updating with that review very soon! I am wrapping up the busy bridal season, so things have been a bit hectic;)

    Thank you both for your interest and suggestions. I do appreciate it;)

  6. Anna Says:

    I perfectly understand we cannot try every single brand on earth 😉 (I wish LOL) But here are a couple more I found interesting and I don’t know if you have tried or not.
    Nixie eyeshadows are very pigmented and super silky and easy to blend.
    And Yaby has a great range for MUAs, I’ve got one of their eyeshadow palettes and the pigmentation is very good too, plus small sized, perfect to have a lot of variety in a small palette. And their powder foundation is very nice too.

  7. KristineMarie Says:

    No on the Nixie, yes on the Yaby shadow (sampled from someone elses kit- liked!) and no on the Yaby powder foundation..

    I will look forward to testing out more items in coming months as time and budget allow;) Thanks for the heads up!

    PS. I am SO loving the MUFE Mat Velvet foundation though and the Kat Von D tattoo concealer! Will update with PHOTO EVIDENCE soon! 😉

    Thanks Anna;)

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